How To Light Your Dining Room

We’ll show you top tips and tricks of the trade to illuminate your dining room in style…

The Evolution of Chandeliers

Yes! Chandeliers have been a mainstay of lighting design for Centuries. Did you know that they are also sometimes referred to as a girondole (a French word, derived from Latin) or candelabra?

Glass Lights; In a class of their own…

Glass is by far one of the success stories in recyclables, a material that has been in existence since ancient times right up to today.

Lighting a Living Room: Smarter ways to Illuminate

What are the best lights for a living room? Where do you position your lights in a living room?

Puppeteers of Light

Light fixtures on strings are becoming more available to domestic consumers. You know; the light fittings that evoke an audible ‘wow’!

Lighting Low Ceilings; The Lowdown on the Best Lights for Shorter Heights

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and designing the lighting in rooms which have low ceilings can be as challenging – and as rewarding – as lighting up larger, loftier spaces.