Chandeliers Opulent feature lighting.

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Chandeliers are the ultimate opulent form of decorative lighting. As much of a statement of wealth and taste today as they have always been. The crystal chandelier historically would have multiple arm or branches with crystal beads and droplets adorning each branch, however modern crystal chandeliers are available some echo the styling of the past while others are far removed from the traditional. Modern chandeliers can be organic twisted shapes, crystal encrusted globes or long tiered waterfall styles, all have crystal, glass or acrylic jewels to reflect and maximise light.

Crystal is by far the most impressive style of chandelier giving the most sparkle, typically the crystal is cut much in the same way as a diamond to make the most of the reflective qualities. Crystal cut into faceted shapes allows light to pass through and splits colours this is know as prismatic. These prisms are almost like rainbows, the crystal looks equally beautiful with artificial light and natural light. The joy of seeing a crystal chandelier when sunshine catches it, is very special, you’ll find little rainbows dancing on the walls around your room. Often this style of Chandeliers are called Maria Therese Who according to Wiki was Queen of Austria. Maria Therese, after seeing chandeliers in France in the court of king Louis XIV, was reputed to have super large chandelier made to celebrate her coronation. This was the ultimate chandelier a baroque style with multiple glass arms and droplets. A chandelier style that still inspirers chandelier makers today.

Glass to has lovely reflective qualities and sometimes you can see the rainbow effect, but often the colours found in cut crystal are not so prevalent with glass chandeliers. Glass is a slightly more affordable option for many and certainly looks opulent.

Acrylics are the cheaper option. This is the choice if you want a large chandelier on a budget.

Crystal chandeliers come in many forms and price points you can expect to pay anything from around £50.00 to £5,000.00 and beyond. There is a chandelier for almost every situations from small easy to fit chandeliers right up to chandeliers dripping with crystal that are super sized at over a meter wide. The largest chandeliers are often used in large entrance halls, hotel foyers or above dining tables. Smaller chandeliers are often used in rooms with lower ceilings. In the past chandlers would have been used in the reception rooms, they were a status symbol even the Victorians, edwardians and Georgians liked to show off, they too like there friends to envy their exquisite taste and wealth. We are much the same today although we also want the opulence in other rooms too. Chandeliers are now often used in other rooms of the home. Chandeliers in bedrooms create a romantic fairytale feel, some chandeliers are made in colours red or black or even multi coloured jewel coloured chandeliers, these create a little more of a boudoir feel (think bordello or moulin rouge) a tad braver than the Georgian style. Easy fit small chandeliers can be used to bring a little glamour to the smallest room in the house. When using chandeliers in a bathroom however take care, whilst the chandelier hung low over a roll top bath looks super and evoke the indulgent look many of us crave- they are not always suitable. Any light fitting used in bathrooms should meet exacting standards for safety. Lights in bathrooms need to be sealed against water ingress- The Lighting Company have some bathroom safe chandeliers. Never just buy a light to fit in the bathroom without checking if it is suitable, electricians simply cannot instal lights that are unsafe to use in bathrooms- no matter how much you like the lights.

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