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How to Light a Hybrid Home

I know what you’re thinking. What on earth is a hybrid home? Well, hybrid home interiors have been on the rise, and it’s time you jumped in with both feet and embraced the new way of lighting your home.

Ceiling pendant cluster lights

We all know that our homes are our safe space. They give us a sanctuary to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work – but what if we don’t want tranquillity at all hours? What if we want to open up our home and change the decor depending on our mood? A composed atmosphere doesn’t make for much excitement when you are inviting your friends or family around for a party now does it? Well, by cleverly lighting your home, you are able to change the mood with the flick of a switch (excuse the pun).

LED ceiling pendants

There are many different ways to change the atmosphere in your home through lighting. An LED ceiling light can illuminate your room, showing off your home decor for all to see. Whereas, a luxury table lamp or a dimmed wall washer can create a calmer ambiance – perfect for evenings on the sofa.

Your home’s aura needs to represent you at all times, and no one is the same person for every hour of the day, so why should our lighting reflect only one of our moods? Let us take a look at a few different methods at how your new hybrid interior can help you enjoy a better home experience.

The Cocktail Bar Method

Let us take a bar for example. During the day, a bar will use clever lighting tactics to get you to visit. A nicely lit table will draw you in and provide you with a pleasant spot to grab a drink for a well deserved break. It might give you some down-time to talk to a friend, or it might give you the opportunity to read a book. However, come evening time, this relaxing bar has turned into a social hub that offers something completely different.

Ceiling pendant bar for kitchens

From one extreme to another, this bar is now buzzing with people, all enjoying themselves and creating a whole new tone. It is still the same bar – so how has the atmosphere changed so drastically? It’s all in the lighting. 

The flickering LED candles have gone away and out comes the ceiling spotlights. No more dimmed wall washers – instead the retro ceiling pendants come out to play. It really is amazing how much of a difference lighting has on any setting, so why not incorporate this in your home? Turn your dining room from a family meal setting to a party hub by using LED spotlights and switching out the halogen bulbs for a modern dimmable alternative that can provide the best of both worlds.

Mix and Match – A Shade For All Occasions

Let’s be honest, most homes have those boring ceiling suspensions that consist of a cable and a lamp holder. Sure you can spice it up with a decorative bulb, but the majority of us get an easy-fit ceiling shade and viola – job done. Well, not really. With so many easy-fit shades available, why not mix it up? Why not have a collection of shades for various occasions?

Easy fit ceiling shades

Use your dining room for example. One week you are working from home and you want to use your dining space as a convenient workplace. The next you are hosting a dinner party with your friends or colleagues. Wouldn’t it be great to have a different shade for every occasion? A calming fabric light shade to compliment the relaxed working environment and a sparkling crystal ceiling shade to dazzle your guests.

wood ceiling pendants

Mixing and matching your ceiling pendants with shades can transform your home in an instant and is a great way to keep your home fresh.

Up, Up and Away

Most ceiling lights are height adjustable. Whether you want a low hanging chandelier, or you prefer your ceiling lights flush to the ceiling, the majority of ceiling lights can cater to your needs. However, this adjusting is usually done by an electrician at the point of installation, and you are essentially stuck with the same hanging height. What if you wanted a lower light to create a glamorous display one night and a more relaxed style to open up your room another night? Would you have to call out an electrician every time you want to change your lighting style? The short answer is no. 

multi light Ceiling pendant cluster

There are many different lights that allow you to change the height even after it is installed. Let’s have a look at some options for hybrid home interiors.

Cluster Pendants

Cluster pendants create remarkable displays and are commonly used in dining rooms, living rooms and foyers to create a spectacle. Pendant cluster lights can come in many different styles, sizes and colours, so finding your perfect pendant cluster won’t be hard.

ceiling pendant clusters

Many modern pendant clusters can be hung as an elegant spiral system, ideal for displaying a glamorous touch to your home. By installing some handy ceiling hooks, you can opt to switch between luxury and a broad inviting design style.

Specialty Lighting

Another option is specialty lighting, designed to manoeuvre from one height to another. A rise and fall ceiling light is a great example – providing an easy way to adjust the hanging drop of your light with a weighted balance. Rise and fall lights have been popular for years and are often used in modern homes to add a vintage aesthetic.

rise and fall ceiling pendants

Innovative lighting such as the Spring by Tom Dixon or the Finnley by House of Hickin are also great options when adding an adjustable element to your hybrid home interiors.

adjustable wall light

The Spring can not only be height adjusted, but shape adjusted to! The pliant stainless steel ribbon frame can be moulded into a range of shapes – from wide to thin. This captivating ceiling pendant would suit most modern homes and would certainly turn your home into a hybrid home.

Spring ceiling pendant by Tom Dixon

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