Lighting Through The Eras

Lighting design has changed dramatically over the decades, but that doesn’t mean light fixtures from previous eras don’t have a place within our homes. In fact, choosing a light fixture that’s inspired by preceding trends will create a true statement piece within a room. Looking right back to medieval times up to modern day contemporary lighting, The Lighting Company has created an image slider to take you through some of our favourite picks from several eras that have had the strongest influence on the design of lighting.


Medieval & Gothic | Lighting Catalogue Cartwheel Wrought Iron Pendant

Medieval and Gothic lighting is perhaps the most distinguishable between different lighting designs – mainly due to the materials used and simple arrangement of lights. However, these types of light fittings were originally only for the rich. This was because the light bulb hadn’t been invented and people had to rely on candles made from tallow – which were very expensive.  Medieval and gothic lights are very popular for modern day barn conversions or within period properties.


Tudor | The David Hunt Lighting Collection Ivory Ceiling Light

The Tudors faced the same problem as those in medieval times, since they had no electricity they had to rely on candles. Candles were still very expensive as they were made using fat, oil or wax – and they burnt quickly which meant they had to buy many of them. Modern day, Tudor inspired lighting sees light bulb fittings in place of the original candle holders – as seen with the ivory ceiling light we’ve picked out, which looks great with candle style bulbs to give an authentic, warmer feel.


Victorian | Classic British Lighting Freda Aged Brass Wall Light

During the beginning of the Victorian period, homes were still predominantly lit by candles made from fat and beeswax – along with the occasional oil lamp. However, the period saw a success in technical developments in many areas, including the ability to light an entire room with a single light fitting – something that was unheard of previously. This could be achieved through gas lighting. Originally only used in street lighting, gas made it’s way into Victorian homes in the 1860’s – often as wall lights to provide light to staircases.


Art Deco | New York Lighting Collection Mackintosh Duo-Mount Bronze Pendant

From the early part of the 20th century, The Art Deco movement started just after the First World War and represented elegance, sophistication and modernity. It was influenced by many of the Ancient Egyptian discoveries made around that time – characterised by linear symmetry.


Art Nouveau | Classic British Lighting Elizabetta Tiffany Table Lamp

The Art Nouveau movement came slightly later, however the designs are different to those of the Art Deco pieces. Lighting from this time takes its inspiration from nature such as flowers and plants and includes bright colours. As can been seen in our range of Tiffany table lamps, which were very popular at the time and are still to this day.


Mid- Century | The Lighting Book Gaucho Black & Wood Ceiling Pendant

Mid-century designs started making a comeback a few years ago now and their popularity is growing each day with no signs of slowing down. During the 50’s and 60’s, light fittings became a style statement distinguished by visual simplicity – highlighting clear lines, sculptured forms and smooth curves. Mid-century modern designed light fittings, such as our black and wood ceiling pendant, look excellent placed over a dining table or kitchen worktop.


Contemporary | The Lighting Collection Aztec Concrete Finish Ceiling Pendant

Mid-century, Art Deco and industrial lighting trends have had a heavy influence on today’s contemporary light design – so much so you’d be forgiven for mistaking modern lighting for light fixtures from previous eras and design movements. Today, modern and contemporary lighting is often used to create a statement feature within our homes – such as large pendant light fixtures above our dining tables.


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