Lighting Up Animal Magnetism




We’ve got the latest lights that are perfect to add some animal magnetism in your home. In this blog, we’ve put animal table lamps firmly in the spotlight.

Here at the Lighting Company, we’re taking you on a trip through the continents to show you the best animal lights. The choice doesn’t end there; we have hundreds of lamps on offer, so if you’re interested in unusual table lamps, come and see our extensive range!


Elephants conjure up a powerful sense of family ethic, we often think of a line of trekking elephants linking tails and trunks whilst on a journey. Adding these large and impressive animals in to our homes brings a feeling of nurture alongside a touch of exotic lands.



The Enrique table lamp is an elegant sculptural depiction of an elephant. The aged silver finish is textured to provide a lifelike skin effect and comes complete with a grey shade. A superb piece of ornamental lighting that looks as good lit as unlit!

The Jerakeen table lamp is a cute, contemporary option. The rounded shapes are reminiscent of a childish drawing, making it ideal for use in children’s bedrooms or for adding a friendly, relaxed edge to your room.


The Tantor table lamp is an innovative design, utilising the trunk to attach the base to the shade for a seamless look. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this has an excellent attention to detail that sees this work as an artistic sculpture as well as a lamp.

Stags and Deer have been depicted as an important part of the English countryside for many years, they are often associated for their regal features and kind eyes. They are often depicted on clothing and in home décor as a prestigious nod to a love of the rural life.


The Gulliver table lamp is the epitome of a picturesque country walk. Finished in a metallic bronze finish, the deer stands atop a replica rock on the base and leans against a crafted tree trunk which forms the stem of the lamp. This is perfect in a traditional home.


The Jenny Worrall range of traditional table lamps take inspiration from the archives of the Royal Horticultural Society and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Using the time honoured Victorian technique of potichomania, the image is painstakingly hand painted on the interior of the mouth blown glass. Each lamp is a unique work of art that adds a quality touch to traditional and vintage rooms. This table lamp comes complete with the shade shown and depicts a collection of deer, stags and birds against a creamy white and distressed gold background.


Another offering from Jenny Worrall shows a stag and deer in a forest setting. It’s perfect for adding interest in a neutral colour scheme to traditional homes.


A decorative chic design fabric table lamp with a cylindrical shape and deer and bird pattern detail. When lit the tree, deer and birds silhouette against the lit fabric and the cut out leaves shine brightly. This is sure to add a decorative ambient light to any lounge or bedroom.

Long referred to as ‘man’s best friend’, the loyal and attentive dog has formed a significant role throughout history. From helping early man to hunt, being trained to assist police or military personnel and providing companionship or therapeutic roles, the domesticated dog has earned their right to our affections.


The Rover dog sculpture table light is in a bronze metal finish and supplied complete with the gold textured faux silk shade illustrated. A warm table lamp that would work well in a period or country setting. Makes a great table lamp for a sitting rooms or for using on a table in an entrance hallway. The lifelike sculpture of Rover sits on a bronze base and the shade is carried on a thin bronze stem that is also fixed to the base.

Few scenes are as calming and hypnotic as those from under the sea. Elegant, fluid motions with bubbles catching the light and muted sounds as fish swarm along is a wonder to behold. Fish have long been depicted in bathrooms and kitchens and we are now seeing this move into other areas of the home to bring a calm and soothing accent.


The quirky table lamp Rio features brightly painted exotic fish which sit in isolation a dark background. The lamp is bordered by guilt detail giving an antiquarian look to this ceramic lamp. We’ve teamed this with a faux silk pleated shade for an altogether heritage feel.



A traditionally shaped porcelain ginger jar table lamp which is finished by hand with a shoal of fish motif in a white finish upon a deep blue backdrop. The lamp is topped with an antique brass shoulder plate and comes complete with a tapered white shade. This would fit well into both a modern or traditional setting and looks great in a lounge.



Jenny Worrall expertly captures the fluidity of water in this table lamp. Pastel coloured fish swim amongst the sea plants against a pearlescent soft blue and distressed gold background. Simply stunning in any room!

The penguin is an intriguing creature, a bird whose wings have evolved into flippers to allow for an adapted life in the water. Spending as much time in the water as they do on land, they are a source of amazement as part of the evolution process.


The Rookery is an ornamental table lamp in a white and gold finish, the lamp base depicts a family of penguins and comes complete with a white cotton shade. This would be great for lighting in a lounge, bedroom or child’s bedroom. The combination of the matte white and the shiny gold ensures that this will work well in a modern home.


Native to the wilds of Africa, they are a unique looking animal which stands tall above all others. Elegant and exotic, they bring a peaceful element to your home design.


The Sophie wall light is a decorative and unique design wall light with antique gold finished giraffe wall attachment. It’s a great alternative to a table lamp and will free up needed space on sideboards and end tables. With excellent attention to detail including the instantly recognisable coat texture and the light comes complete with a natural linen shade. This would be great for lighting in a lounge, bedroom or hallway in a traditional home.



The Citadel table lamp is finished in a dark bronze with a pair of giraffes in an antique gold effect with intertwined necks against a tree, which forms the stem of the lamp. It comes complete with the natural linen shade shown and looks great in a living room or on a sideboard.

Recognised by their distinctive black and white stripes, they are a social animal, renowned for their large herds. They have often been the subject of artwork and the use of them in lighting is sure to bring a friendly focal point to the room.


The Savannah is a great fusion of traditional and modern with it’s traditional shape and pleated shade in contrast with the striking monochrome zebras and zebra print surrounding the base of the lamp. It’s of an impressive scale, being 65cm tall (including the shade) so makes an ideal statement lamp at the end of a sofa.



The Abby is a decorative rustic gold zebra wall light in a textured, rustic gold finish. It comes complete with the semi-circular natural linen shade and is perfect in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Known to be fast runners, the hare has become an admired animal, with all the cuteness of their rabbit counterparts but with a wilier nature. Rabbits and hares have been associated with the countryside for centuries so are sure to add a country charm to interiors.


The Hopper is a charming statue sculpture made in cast bronzed resin, depicting a hare in an alert attentive pose sitting on a stack of books. He has been teamed with a taupe silk shade which is included in the price, however there are 12 silk colour shade choices available. A lovely engaging lamp, this would look great in a country home or hotel, perhaps in a library, on a desk or sideboard.

Nothing is more angelic than a bird gliding through the air, instinctively reminding us of the outdoors and freedom. Their elegance is second to none, with a vast array of colours in their plumage and feathers. A characteristic addition to a room and can be an excellent way to inject a splash of bold colour in to a room.


The aptly named ‘Birdy’ table lamp is designed and manufactured in the UK by David Hunt Lighting and is a quality table lamp which would work in both traditional and more modern settings. It is quite a tall table lamp, measuring 99cms in height overall including the shade. The lamp sits on a realistic dark stone effect base and the stem is formed from the legs and body of the bird. The base incorporates lots of detailing in the body of the bird which we think looks like a cross between a heron and a flamingo. The taupe silk shade is oval in shape and sits on a thin metal pole that is carried on the back of the bird


The Bertha ceramic table lamp is an opulent oriental style table lamp with a deep red ceramic ginger jar style base that sits on a dark brown circular plinth. The base is decorated with a repeating bird pattern featuring beautiful tall elegant crane like birds in gold with black detailing. A super eye-catching table lamp to add a extra dimension to a traditional room setting. Supplied complete with the neutral taupe coloured pleated faux silk empire shade.


The Ayaan table lamp is a decorative treat based on the shape of a traditional tea caddy. An opulent gold finish with a floral pattern complete with a delicate bird sitting on a branch. This is perfect to add a touch of glamour to sitting rooms.


The Topeka table lamp is hand finished and based on a traditional Chinese porcelain ginger jar table lamp with a flamingo motif on a pale green background. It comes complete with the shade shown and is ideal in a classic style drawing room or lounge.



The Puna lamp is a unique and decorative design table lamp with a pink flamingo base complete with white cotton shade. The vibrancy of the colour and the topic team together to offer a fun and vivacious design flair to your home.

Perhaps you want to add a magical touch to your home? Unicorns are a legendary mythical creature symbolising purity and grace; there’s no better way to add a mystical appeal to your home.


The Quilin lamp features the iconic depiction of a unicorn with a golden horn. Perfect in modern rooms, it adds a quality statement to any room.

So, which light gets your vote for getting animal magnetism in your home?

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