Top 5: Back to School Lighting

It’s this time of year that we start to think about the term year ahead, although we may still be enjoying the lovely weather and summer holidays.

It’s the perfect time to think about investing in a table lamp for your desk. A companion that will shine a light through your productive times, be it school or university.

If it is both highly practical with stylish charm, you are more likely to enjoy times busying away at your desk.

Reap the rewards of your wise decision that will see you through your studies.

5. Kyomi

The Aptly named Kyomi desk light has a minimal shape with striking curvature, simple lines and contemporary polished chrome effect finish.

Kyomi is a Japanese word meaning pure and beautiful.

A smart desk lamp, to inspire you to take your studies seriously and be the best you can be.

An intelligent light with integrated LED technology and touch dimmer which recollects the previous light intensity chosen.

A space saving lamp who’s style is distinct and unique. An appendage to help you bring those meanderings of the mind into fruition!

4. The Ashworth

The Ashworth Desk Lamp is modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

A circular base leads to a smart, straight stem and conical, adjustable shade.

A beautiful and smooth matt black finish with polished chrome details is a key desk accessory which you can take with you when you move easily as it is double insulated.

3. The Arki

The Arki Table Lamp is an invest-able desk lamp where retro style and functional necessity interact.

This desk lamp can be un-clamped and used as wall light too.

A sage choice for a study lamp with designer quality which will see you through your life long learning journey for years to come.

2. The Ranger

The Ranger Desk Lamp

The ranger study lamp will delight your academic inklings. A pragmatic choice of lamp due to the adjustable head and middle joint features.

The style is very on point too, with a retro-industrial appeal and charming antique brass finish.

A perfect light for reading and writing at your desk, reminiscent of a high class library look.

1.The Serp

The Serp desk lamp is one of our top selling desk lamps and we can see why! With affordable designer quality it is a great choice for illuminating your work space.

Smooth curved and minimal lines sweep with continuity from the base to a flexible stem and top light section with integrated LED light with a cooler, natural style light output (3000k) than some very warm colour temperature bulbs, more suitable for ambient lighting.

It is also guaranteed to be energy efficient. Available in classic black or two metallic colours, a lustrous copper or matt finish nickel. You will elevate not only your mind and concentration but the style of the room too.

Top Lighting Study Tips

  • For lights with bulbs choose cooler colour temperatures to aid concentration and reduce eye strain
  • The right lighting is key to concentration and productivity
  • Choose a lamp that speaks to your personality if you love it you will love your work too
  • Minimise shadows when studying
  • Whiter or natural light makes you more attentive

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