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A collection of smart bulbs from The Lighting Company. Retro fit light bulbs which can be controlled by remote control and or though Wi-Fi connection.

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Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are a popular go to option when it comes to smart lighting and they’re becoming ever more accessible. There are many versions available which can fit straight into your existing lights. Smart light bulbs are LED lit, this makes them very energy efficient because an LED bulb uses very little power to light. Of course a smart bulb has a little more to offer than that…

A great starter kit for smart lighting would be remote control smart bulbs. These are simple plug and play versions that require no pairing or technical know how. The bulbs work via a remote control and allow you to control your lights with the touch of a button. Smart bulbs are perfect for mood lighting allowing you to change the colour temperature from warm white to a brisk white light, or of course change the colour entirely - pink perhaps? The simple plug and play smart bulbs are great for everyday use but are also good considerations for children’s bedrooms.

If you’re looking for something a little “smarter” then you’ll want to consider the wi fi enabled smart bulbs. These open up a whole new world of possibilities. Many of these can still be controlled via a remote however they also have the ability to be operated by your phone or tablet with an App! You can use this to create schedules for your lighting, choose presets, colours and more. “More?” We hear you say, yes. These smart bulbs can also be operated with your voice! That’s right, voice controlled lighting. If you have an Amazon Echo (Amazon Alexa), Google Home or simply a Google Assistant then you can turn your home into a smart home with voice controlled smart bulbs.