If you have found this vlog, the chances are that you are aware that some homes need their lighting to be double insulated. You may have gone out and found your perfect lights, only for your electrician to say that they’re not suitable. But what does double insulated lighting actually mean?

Double insulated lights are also sometimes referred to as class 2, and what it means is that they are insulated for use in homes where there is no earth wire. Most of us would have to admit that we have absolutely no idea whether our home has an earth cable or not, but homes that were built before 1970 were completed before the introduction of a regulatory requirement for an earth cable to be used, so many houses before this era will need these double insulated lights.

For those non-electricians amongst us, an earth cable is a green and yellow cable which protects you from getting an electric shock by allowing the electricity to flow through to the earth should the live wire touch any conductive material. This could cause the light and light switches to become live and would use the person touching it to become the earth – we certainly don’t want that! This is why these homes will require the light fitting to have an extra layer of insulation which prevents any shocks when touched.

In the past, there are lots of assumptions about what these lights are and traditionally they were plastic and wood which wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. Thankfully there are now a huge range of metal lights in all styles that are double insulated for you can choose from. It is also completely safe to utilise these lights in more modern properties where an earth cable is present so you can buy with confidence knowing that these lights will be safe in all homes.