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What are the latest looks in lighting?

In this edition of the Latest Looks from the Lighting Company, it’s globe shaped lights which are setting the trend. These timeless designs are guaranteed to stay in style so they will work well with any future room updates that you may implement. Adding spherical lighting is sure to give a soft and ambient feel to your home with curved edges and a calming tranquillity to all settings.



Globes have been a design choice in various guises for over a century, they compliment all eras so you’re not limited to any particular theme. They are also easy to implement into any room in the home as a globe ceiling pendant is just as well suited to a lounge or bedroom as it is to a dining room or kitchen, this is partially down to their great mix of form and functionality.



Many of the globe lights that we are able to offer you are made in glass and metal, the delicate sheen of the materials working with the subtle shaping offers an ethereal and calming effect that enhances a peacefully decorated room.



The simple styling lends itself to minimal ornamentation to achieve a look that works with more structured designs too, one of these is with the Art Deco era which is synonymous with simple forms being teamed with more ornate decoration to make it instantly recognisable.



For period homes and vintage styles, you really can’t do any better than to incorporate etched glass globe lighting that is reminiscent of early Victorian gas lighting. When teamed with filament LED bulbs, the light seems to ‘flicker’ as you move about the room, making an interesting effect as you move around the room.



You could say that they’re great “all rounders”! The smooth shape is easy on the eye and are often available in an array of colours and designs. Of course globes are not always pendant lights, the spherical shapes are used in wall lights, table and floor lamps. They are really versatile and have transcended into the modern and contemporary styling with ease. We’re seeing a real focus on contemporary bathroom lighting utilising this shape to great effect.



Come and see more of the vast range of spherical and globe lighting on offer from The Lighting Company.


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