The Definitive Guide to Floor Lamps

For those looking buy a floor lamp, the definitive guide provides much needed insights, tips and inspiration helping shoppers buy wisely.

Topics covered include standard style choices, material considerations and lighting effects. We’ll give tips on the positioning of lamps, to gain the best results. You’ll be amazed with a little expert knowledge your home will be bathed in beautiful lamp light.

Floor lamps often referred to as standard lamps, have been around for many years. This article came about as we’ve been asked frequently “are standard lamps still fashionable?”

A quick yes on that one. Floor Lamps are very much in vogue. Floor standing lamps have remained high in popularity since way back when -it’s no wonder they bring practicality in an array of styles. The choice of style has grown organically over the decades and now the choice available is so large it can bewilder.

The type of lamp you choose depends on the room the lamp will be used in. What function you want it to perform, is it for decoration- simply to bring a modern edge to the decor or a functional task or reading light?

Floor standing lamps come in a plethora of guises. The most universally known and recognisable are the iconic styles such as Tripod Lamps and Arc Lamps.  The super stylish retro lamps capture are hearts and our attention, but are they right and relevant for every room?

Not every home has the luxury of surplus floor space, and both Arc and Tripod style do encroach a little into a room be that via a large footprint or extra-long reach. However, if you have the space and purpose for such a statement piece, they look amazing. If you haven’t the space it detracts, and the room may look awkward and cluttered.

Iconic floor lamps styles.


The effect the light gives:

task lamp floor lamp

Floor Standing Task Lamps such as searchlight, spotlight and pharmacy lighting all fall under the category task lamps. Normally metal cowls or fabricated shades direct light forwards. Sometimes there is a small amount of light allowed to escape through holes. The little holes were there to allow heat to disperse although largely irrelevant when LED light bulbs are used. The holes inadvertently allow a little light spill. The spill of light effect is attractive and has become common place.

Even in ultra-modern task lamps such as mother and child the light spill effect has been manufactured into the lamps, the effect is very pleasing. This light spill is softened by glass diffusers normally frosted. This category also includes swan neck lights so called because the neck is super flexible and bendy making the perfect for reading by. The focused beam of light illuminates small areas, normally designed for one person’s use.

Positioning should be considered for example next to an armchair or sewing bench.


The effect the light gives:

uplighter floor lamp

Tall single stem lamps with a shade pointing skywards throw light towards the ceiling. This brings supplementary light to a room, a soft diffused ambient light. The major benefit with this style is it’s glare free, tall enough to put the harsh brightness above eye level. Uplight works best for taller ceiling heights discount this as an option if you have lower ceiling of below 7 foot.

Another version called Torchiere Lamps give the same effect although they are normally rather more ornate bringing an elegance from earlier eras. The heavier robust look suiting period homes and larger rooms perfectly. This is a style of staying lamp that has a theatrical grandeur making it a great choice for hospitality applications too.

Positioning should be close to walls and in corners of the room. Occasionally they could be used at either side of sofa’s in hotels to soften austere spaces. Be aware sockets should be installed so that the cable does not trail across walkways.


The effect the light gives:

stick lamp floor lamp

Tall elegant lamps in metal or wood topped by a fabric shade. These can be deemed traditional or contemporary dependent on the choice of material and shape of the lampshades chosen. Perhaps the most often style of lamps chosen for hotel applications, large bedroom and living rooms. Lighting above and below the lampshade it brings plenty of light to a space. If the shade is light and unlined, you’ll have a soft light coming through the fabric. With darker fabrics may will simply appear different warmer colour, changing the mood delightfully. Some lampshades have a lining moreover this is reflective either white or metallic foil this magnifies the amount of light upwards and downwards though does little to let light through the fabric. This can be beneficial if you handpick that perfect colour match but equally it’s lovely see the variation in richness from an unlined shade.

Positioning can be corners of the room, behind a sofa, at the side of a chair. Be conscious that you may get light in your eye from below the shade. Moving the lamp further away will lessen the harsh glare but there is a formula for working out the height of lights.


The effect the light gives:

tiffany standard floor lamp

The stained-glass effect brings characterful charm to a room. Surely there is nothing more enchanting that light through coloured glass. Tiffany is a generalised term for any stained-glass art nouveau or art deco style lamp. The art glass is lead or welded together bonded into works of art. hand made with intricate details they can be no doubting Tiffany lamps are priceless objects. Often people ask if our lamps are ‘Real Tiffany Lamps’ what they are really asking is are they the highest quality and that is a resounding yes. However originally the lamps were designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany are sold at action for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Whilst our ranges are sure to be as collectable, they are not originals. They are multi-dimensional beautiful and highly recommended pieces the name Tiffany is used to describe the style not to be confused with originals, they are faithful highly desirable reproductions.

Positioning as with all standard lamps where you need additional light, however with lamps of this calibre you’d really need them to be in a showoff position where the can be admired by all. We state clearly below the effect this light gives in a word ‘magical’


The effect the light gives:

swing arm floor lamp

Swing Arm Reading lamps have a hinge or elbow joint allowing the light to be moved whilst the lamp base remains in a fixed position. The lower stature of the lamp means the light bulb is lower too this can be advantageous for keeping glare just below eye level. Why not check out the handy guide -What height should a standard lamp be? The swing arms have fabric shades normally the lamp is topped with traditional shaped shade such as a coolie or empire shape. However, in later years shapes are shifting to tapered empire or drum shapes which does bring a little modernity to the look.

Shorter than some floor standing lamps, making them a super choice for cottages or rooms with low ceilings. They quaintness is charming, bring a homely feel to the space. They suit period homes such as Victorian, Edwardian Georgian yet look equal at ease in many other settings.

Position next to a chair, sofa or beside a desk.


The effect the light gives:

tripod floor lamp

Three legged lamps known as tripod lamps are available in modern or traditional task lamps designs. The later features in many interior decors and often dubbed retro or mid-century are surely one of the most iconic lamps designed. Whilst the 3 strutted legs bring stability without being heavy based. Super stylish, they do take up rather a lot of floor space. The best uses are in larger rooms or open-plan rooms. They have always given an element of modernity to a space.

Positioning is important they do require more floor space than you anticipate.


The effect the light gives:

arc floor lamp

Arc lamp have a far-reaching arm normally curved, are extremely large imposing pieces. When the arc is high the lamp may be used as over table lighting. They do have a decadent feel. Again, retro style the imposing iconography speaks of the swinging 60’s.

These are a perfect choice for lighting over dining room tables where a ceiling light may not be possible. Of course it is also just as good over an armchair or sofa for use as a reading light.


The effect the light gives:

multi branch floor lamp

Multi branch floor lamps are great choices for those looking to add a little extra light. They house more than one light source with many of them able to be slightly adjusted to direct light accordingly.

Whether the purpose is to add some ambient light, or for reading and other tasks, a multi branch floor lamp is a great choice and available in a multitude of styles.


The effect the light gives:

statement floor lamp

A statement floor lamp is exactly that. A statement. They often feature elaborate and impressive design that is out of the ordinary, creative and or designer made. Perfect for siting in a lounge or often frequented living space for all to see.

They provide a good ambient light and can vary drastically in style. If you’re looking to add impact to your interior then a statement floor lamp is a must.


The effect the light gives:

led floor lamp

LED floor lamps can come in all kinds of shapes due to the nature of LED strips. This allows for some incredibly intriguing structures suitable for use in both modern and traditional settings.

LED floor lamps are also extremely energy efficient using only a fraction of the wattage seen in other forms of lighting, but maintaining a high level of light output. The benefits of LED lighting are vast so incorporating an LED lamp into your interior design will not only look good but save in the long run.


The effect the light gives:

telescopic floor lamp

These floor lamps are great for versatility. They feature a stem structure which can be adjusted when required to make it taller, shorter or longer. This is perfect for reading and task lighting or simply for adjusting to fit into the desired space.

They come in a variety of styles for both modern and traditional homes.


The effect the light gives:

counterbalance floor lamp

A counterbalance floor lamp is a floor lamp which has a cross stem structure which allows the shade arm to be adjusted in angle and length. Great for reading and task lighting this versatile lamp comes in a variety of styles. Often the shade is also able to be angle adjusted for further precision.


The effect the light gives:

compact uplighter floor lamp

A compact floor uplighter is a perfect addition to any living space looking to add a little more ambient lighting. They’re great for highlighting structures and other home features. It’s also great for space saving because they take up minimal floor space.


The effect the light gives:

column floor lamp

A column table lamp features a tubular structure which emits light in all directions along it. These are great for additional general room lighting. Available in various styles theses lamps often feature LED light sources due to the versatility of LED strip lights.