The Definitive Guide to Bedroom Lights; Your Best Bedside Manner

When you think about buying light fittings for bedroom spaces, the mind goes straight to a bedside lamp. The obvious choice a lamp at the side of the bed gives a little extra light for those who read in bed and dresses the bedside table nicely too! However, good lighting is somewhat more that a reading lamp.

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Let us guide you to a bright new beginning; a bedroom that rivals the swankiest hotel. A room where you can escape the stresses of the day, relax, unwind and recoup. Read a little, listen to music or get ready for a night out. Choosing the right lamps and overhead fittings, considering how the lights are used will broaden the usefulness of the room.

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Bedrooms are no longer places simply to crash out and sleep, they are treated as living rooms, watching a film undisturbed. A place of privacy where you can escape the family and have a little ‘you’ time. As such places of sanctuary, we need to bestow a little more attention on them, interiors are now becoming much more akin to hotel style guest suites. Lighting for relaxing has become the order of the day or should we say, night!

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In this guide we explain the sheer variety of light fixtures and fitting available to brighten bedroom. Show you some useful styles of lights for bedrooms including those best suited to the way we live today. Lighting to grace the smartest master bedroom, luxury for glamming up the guest bedroom, good lighting for children’s rooms, that doesn’t look too babyish, along with suggestion and considerations that will help avoid the pitfalls, problems and mistakes of choosing bedroom lights.

The recent trend for modern bedrooms has advanced somewhat with some tech based bedside lamps catching our attention. Making bedside reading lamps able to charge phones and e-readers whilst bringing a comfortable amount of illumination to boot.

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A great idea as these little gems fix to the wall, freeing up the bedside cabinets, and many have additional shelves, making the most of storage space to boot.

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Are you aware of all the variety of light fixtures you can choose from? Let us enlighten you!

What lights do you need in a bedroom?

You need 3 levels of light in any room and bedrooms are no different.

General Lighting, task lighting and ambient light (often called mood lighting) is all that’s needed functionally this often is made up as an overhead light, a pair of lamps next to the bed, and maybe a lamp near the dressing table.

How much light is needed in a bedroom?

Below, we have prepared a lumens guide for a quick and easy approximation to the number of lumens required to light your size of room. It’s important that you spread the number of lumens across the number of lights that you have in your room. It’s also a good idea to install a dimmable light with a dimmer switch and dimmable bulb too, so you have complete control over the ambience required.

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It varies how much light is required depends on the size of the room and the occupants. If the room is a child’s bedroom, you may need a brighter light for cleaning the room but a softer light for night-time feeds. Consider how the room will be used. Do you need brighter lighting over a desk or dressing table for homework or make up application?

You can also refer to our resident lighting geek, Ellie D who helps to explain light levels in a room.

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Wall mounted lights we’ve mentioned, but which is best, a spotlight or dual light bedside lamps, uplight, downlight, single or double headed lights?

Do you choose a ceiling lamp dangling lights in the centre of the room or pendants hanging either side of the bed, maybe spots sunken into the ceiling is more your style or an elaborate french style chandelier. So many choices but which is right for you?

It you prefer a modern simple style of lighting for the bedroom you may be tempted to opt for sunken lights. Recessed lighting in a bedroom can be a great choice, not encroaching to much into the available space however, take care not to position directly above your head, it can a form of torture having full beam shone in your face. Instead have them toward the lower end of the bed or the corners of the room. This not only avoids the glare making it a bit kinder to sleepy eyes but also brings less predicable look to the space. Think carefully before adding spotlights to a room, functionally they do give a nice bright light but do take great care to position them correctly to avoid harsh light, be less prescribed and think creatively as spots can be deemed a little dull and boring. The solution is opting for fewer recessed and accent with with lamps.

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I guess there is a plentiful array of types to choose aside from the mandatory bed head lights. We all think bedside lamp but lamps on dressing tables or adjacent floor lamps help to lit areas from applying make up or a little work. Many of us don’t have a dedicated office at home and the bedroom doubles as the workspace when you need some peace. This is why a freestanding lamp in the bedroom is used in hotel rooms. It also allows for extra light where it’s needed. Often know as task lamps, freestanding lamps this style of light keeps a focused level of light where it’s needed without it being overly bright in other areas of the room.

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