The Definitive Guide to Ceiling Pendant Lights

Total guide full of practical advice for you to get the best out of your ceiling pendants.

Pendant Light fittings have never been so desirable and with that popularity comes a fabulous choice of styles suiting every room in the home, but which style should you choose?

Our definitive guide will answer the most common questions about pendant lights. Why amongst a multitude of ceiling lights does a sole hanging lamp shine so brightly?

We explore the forthcoming trends whilst providing comprehensive styling tips to put your home in the limelight.

On a practical level you’ll gain insights into which size of hanging pendant shade suits the space. Helpful best practice for positioning lights above tables and kitchen islands and a whole heap more. We shine a light on all the frequently asked questions about pendant lights that we ever been asked to help you know all there is to know before making your ultimate choice.

Of course you may just reach out to us too by clicking the contact us button; we are happy to help. Whether you choose phone, email or our online chat, you’ll be getting the best advice from industry experts.

The guide is a must for anyone looking to buy new pendant lamps for the home. These are often investments, as lights are fixtures that once installed tend to stay in place for many a year. We aim to help you, as don’t want to make a mistake when choosing your pendant lighting.

Just looking for some inspiration? Browse the entire collection with several thousand variations of pendant and hanging lamps suiting every space in the home!

For those who want to consider the options and find the perfect light to hang, the ultimate guide to pendant lights is a bright choice for the considered savvy shoppers.

The Ultimate Guide to Pendant Lights

How to use the guide. We’ve attempted to make this comprehensive yet easy to understand. You can choose to read the entire article or skip straight to the part the most interests you by clicking the micro topic title below.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 PEYTON 1 Light Pendant Satin Nickel And Textured Glass

Are Pendants Lights still fashionable?

Of course! The most sought after lighting there is, pendant lamp fixtures are:  excuse the pun, ‘highly’ fashionable. Be they clusters or single bell shapes, the hanging lamp look really chimes and resonates with today’s interior styles.

Pendants did go through a slight slump when the light bulbs had their temporary ugly phase. You’ll remember those loopy fluorescent light bulbs? Thankfully, since light bulbs have become LED, they are super stylish and much brighter, pendants are soaring high in the ‘must have’ stakes once more.

Partly due to the latest trends where, styles like mid century pendant lights and industrial luxe lamps have become synonymous with stylish interiors. Some of the more robust pendant lights are even suitable for the rigours of a family life. In days gone by, we paid no attention to lighting, simply accepting whatever was there! Save for maybe putting a shade over a light bulb, it was rare that we chose to invest in something pretty. Today however, no room is complete without a stylish light fitting, and it seems none are more in vogue than the perfectly balanced single pendulum shapes.

What is a pendant light?

Pendant Lamps can be any ceiling hanging light, often suspended by a single cord but depending on the weight and/or style some have chains too. Pendant lights are normally lights that can swing rather than be rigid but a few examples of lamps can be found with rigid rods.

In truth any light that hangs from a ceiling is a pendant light. They can multi branch lights or a single bulb lamp, so what makes some pendant lights popular and some not? We’ve pondered this too! We think that the answer lies in hanging lights offering so much more flexibility. They look great in any room of the home and can be shortened to the perfect height to suit the room and fixed at that point. Some such as Rise and Fall lights can be adjusted up and down at a whim. More about these later.

Glossary of Pendant Lamps

Single hanging lamps

Where a single light hangs from an electrical point or rose on the ceiling. There are a few names for pendant lights, sometimes referred to as pendants, hanging lamps, or pendulum lights , the commonality is that there is normally a single light source or bulb (sometimes more than one bulb can be contained within the shade part of the lamp).

The Lighting Book YELENA gold and opal glass ceiling pendant light

Pendant Cluster Lights

From a single electrical point on the ceiling a group of pendant shades can be clustered together sometimes bunched tightly, sometimes staggered heights and sometimes cascading down in a spiral effect. Clustered pendant lights can have multiple bulbs all powered from a single electrical outlet. 

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 CRYSTAL 18 light chrome and crystal ceiling pendant cluster

Pendant Bar Lights

By bar lights this doesn’t mean they are for pubs! It refers to a row of pendants all attached to a bar or ceiling plate. Not only do they look good as a row of pendants lined up neatly this saves you using multiple electrical points from the ceiling as bars only need one set of electrical cables to power 3, 4 or more lights. These lights are pre-wired at exacting heights for millimetre perfect lining up of the lights could also be adjusted to stagger the drops if it suited the space better.

Pendant bar lighting from Lighting Company

Swag Lights

These are lights hung on a slightly longer cable that can be hooked up securely at a height that suits the position. Initially swag lights were used when the ceiling rose was not exactly in the right place for the furniture position. As an example you see a ceiling rose or electrical point off centre above a table. Swagging the cord up would allow you to make use of the offset electrical point whilst the lampshade part could be position directly above the table top. Having said that there is no reason it needs to be an electrical point on the ceiling and creative designers made use of redundant wall lighting points. A innovative trend for swagging or hooking lights emerged.

The David Hunt Lighting Collection DALLAS traditonal style polished chrome ceiling pendant
The David Hunt Lighting Collection DALLAS traditonal style polished chrome ceiling pendant

Globe Pendant Lights

Globes are any kind of sphere be they clear glass or white glass that contains the light bulb. Globe lights are enclosed, to replace light bulbs you will need to remove the glass.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 BOMBAZINE 5 light natural brass pendant with opal glass globes

Open Globes Lights

As above, however open globes have a cut away section at the bottom allowing replacement of light bulbs from below without having to remove the shade.

The David Hunt Lighting Collection COSMOS Extra Large 8 Light Ceiling Pendant Butter Brass Sputnik Style

Open Pendant Lamps

The open shades are perhaps one of the most practical styles. Easily to change the bulb, perfectly balanced, adjustable height, plentiful array of shapes. Here’s a few to show a small sampling of the host of pendant lamp styles available. Domed, bell shape, fluted, faceted, box, coolie and cone.

Original BTC TITAN Size 3 Pendant Light, Olive Green/White Interior

Drum Pendant Lights

It’s evident how the drum shade got it’s name the cylinder shapes are often used on table lamps and floor lamps too, however a word of caution here not all drum shade have reversible gimbals, which means unless the shade was designed for a ceiling you may find the pattern is the wrong way up.
CORRECTION: Whilst this sometimes makes no real difference, such as if the shade has a stripe pattern. It would make a big difference if it had a motif picture of a bird upside down!

DRUM pendant with black shade and polished chrome suspension

Supersized Pendant Lights

Very large pendant lights normally over 60cm or 2ft. Larger oversized light fittings can add a little drama to a space. You may wish to consider which size lampshade is right for your room?

What size light for my room chart
HUE-IN extra large tapered ivory ceiling pendant

Mini Pendant Lamps

Are normally very small diameter ( the measurement across the widest part of the shade- not the circumference) as a rough guide below 20cm or 8 inches. Mini pendants can look perfect in small spaces or over bijou tables singularly or en-mass for a twinkly dotted effect for larger spaces.

Mini Pendants from Lighting Company

Metallic Pendant Lights

Anything that is the colour of metal, which can include metal lamps but equally it could be a glass lamp in a metallic colour such as chromate or copper coloured glass.

JAVIER hammered textured design ceiling pendant in polished nickel

Spun Pendant lamps

Metal spun pendant lamps are formed in much the same way as a potter forms a bowl, it’s an artisan process requiring a skilled maker. Metal spinnings are shaped by a mix of , human creativity, human strength with heat and a centrifugal force utilised to bring a smoother symmetrical balance to the lamp. So important in pendants if you want them to hang perfectly. Spun pendants can be further customised by painting, coating or beating for decorative effect.

STANLEY Large Pendant Light, Hammered Copper Lighting Company

Glass Pendant Lights

Glass Lamps can be made from clear blown or moulded glass where the light bulb can be seen within or coloured, textured, tinted or making the light semi opaque or translucent.

Glass pendants by Lighting Company

Rustic Pendant Lights

The term rustic covered a breadth of variations, from imperfect chipped and dinked to a smarter wrought iron country house style lights. When ‘rustic’ is used on our website it’s to reference a relaxed less formal style. All Lighting Company lights in the rustic category are made new to the highest standard and artistically distressed.

MIDDLEFIELD 5 light distressed wood and rustic iron chandelier by Lighting Company

Factory Pendant Lights

Industrial style lamps are sometimes coated in enamel, painted, or tarnished patina. These lights are mainly metal, have reflective inners (the white you can see below) that directs the light downwards as in old style factories where big lamps hung above benches.

ARDLE modern factory ceiling pendant in powder coated yellow

Utility Pendants

Utility pendants are functional task lighting. Not only functional, he designs are proving very popular as stylish. Practical lighting seems to fit well into kitchens and dining rooms when a industrial look is so trendy.

RECLAMATION ceiling pendant in matte white with copper inner

Ship’s Lanterns

Nautical style lamps that have a light on the top within a jar glass which may but not always be contained in a cage. Sea fairing crafts had robust metal lamps at the time most commonly these would have been solid brass but brass is very expensive and alternative metals such as aluminium coated lights are both inexpensive and lighter which suits domestic applications perfectly.

Lighting for a coastal home by Lighting Company

Cage Pendants

Very trendy lights echoing the metal fabricated cages that surrounded inspection lamps or work lamps. Cages were then used to protect glass lamp shades.

Cage lighting from Lighting Company

Hall Lanterns

Styled to look like oil or candle lanterns which were hung in the entrance hall of smart Victorian or Georgian homes, lanterns were simply a glass storm lantern to house and stop the expensive candles being blown out when the front door was opened to the breeze. Whilst termed ‘Hall’ these lanterns can and are being used in various rooms of the home most often above kitchen tables and in conservatories. 

Hall Lights and Lanterns Pendant Lights from the Lighting Company

Tiffany Pendant Lights

Tiffany is now the generic term for anything that looks stained glass. Named after the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany styles, the lamps are reproductions whilst made by artisans piece by piece crafted from handmade glass using the same techniques as the originals, they are just not antique Tiffany lamps.

ANDERSON Tiffany stained glass ceiling pendant light (large) by Lighting Company

Inverted Pendants

Rather than being open at the bottom inverted pendants are open at the top (sometimes called uplighters), they direct light towards the ceiling. This is a good way to minimise glare if you are looking upwards at the light.

ASTORIA Tiffany large inverted pendant

Wired Lamp Holder Pendants

Not all pendants need to have shades sometimes just a simple lamp holder and a decorative bulb is all that’s needed especially when a decorative feature light bulbs is being used.

A collection of decorative, oversized and giant LED light bulbs from Lighting Company UK

Mix and Match Ceiling Pendants

Lighting Company offers a range of lamp shades and wired Lamps holder pendants that can be teamed up to create any combination. A single pendant could have a choice of hundreds of shades. This is a great idea if you like to swap and change up the look of your room often as once the wired lamps holder suspension is installed you can swap your lampshade when ever you want. Lovely idea for seasonal updates to your room.

Make a lampshade in your style Mix and Match Lights by Lighting Company

Customisable Pendants

These are lights that can be altered slightly to suit your home better. As an example we extending the length of cable fitted as standard to allow for a longer drop for extra tall ceilings. Or have the lights made in a colour that matches your decor exactly.

Pendant Lights by The David Hunt Lighting Collection from Lighting Company UK
Pendant Lights by Monaghan Lighting from Lighting Company UK
Pendant Lights by The David Hunt Lighting Collection from Lighting Company UK
Customisable Pendant Lights by Monaghan Lighting from Lighting Company UK

LED Ceiling Pendants

I guess there cannot be many people on the planet who don’t know what LED is but few understand that LED is a light source rather than a light bulb. As such LED can be formed into a variety of shapes opening a whole host of creative applications for lighting designers.

The Lighting Book ALONSA sculptural white LED ceiling pendant (large) by Lighting Company UK

Rise and Fall Pendant Lights

These are lights you can alter the height by pulling the lamp down or pushing it up. Typically above a table you could pull the light closer to the table top when in use and pushing it back up out of the way when you have finished eating.

CHRISTIE natural white bone china rise and fall pendant with braided flex from Lighting Company UK

Fixed Rod Pendants

These look like pendant lights but instead of cord, or cable hanging the cable is covered by a solid rod.

HAMPTON modern antque nickel mini ceiling pendant with off white linen shade from Lighting Company UK

Long Drop Pendant Lighting

Some lights are designed to be used in very tall rooms and spaces such as stairwells, the lights have a long drop typically over a meter but some can be as long as 5 meters. There does seem to be two distinct looks for long drop lights either traditional or modern lights for higher ceiling heights. At the Lighting Company we have such a large collection we’ve actually split the ranges into modern and traditional to aid your selection. Bespoke or modular lights may also be worth considering for large rooms or hospitality sectors.

PLYMOUTH large 15 light old bronze chandelier with shades from Lighting Company UK

Is there any reason a Pendant Lamp Shouldn’t be used for Lighting a room?

All rooms can safely accommodate a pendant light (providing there is sufficient head height), even specially designed bathroom rated pendant lights can be fitted.

Supremely effective pendant lights take pride of place in kitchens above surfaces such as above tables, breakfast bars, peninsulas or kitchen islands They can be hung as single units or in a cluster, grouping or row. Refer to the guide contained in this article for positioning a pendant in a room. There are no rooms indoor (or indeed outdoor rooms with the necessary IP protection) where a pendant lamp would look out of place. Take care to choose the correct specification of light for the right application and period of your home. See IP44 Pendant Lights for bathroom lamps , Outdoor rated ceiling pendants or porch lights, and see Double insulated Pendants if your home has no earth cable. 

Lighting The Fashion Trend, Rise of Pendant Lamps

We’ve mentioned already that pendant lights are by far the most trendy of all lighting fixtures. This is because there are so many variations with examples that sit nicely within all home decor themes and trends. But what are the latest looks? You’ll be delighted to know that Lighting Company boasts the largest array of trendy lights available. You can browse by trend from mid century modern to the distinctly maverick quirky lights. Explore the full range of lighting trends.

To give you a flavour of what is trendy right now. Currently, Retro, Scandi, Mid century and Industrial styles have remained popular and we see no signs of this slowing, although industrial has shifted from rough to a more refined luxury look with copper and gold being most desired. Whilst metals are luxury shimmery copper, Golds are slightly more matte and toned down, and brass must have a slight authentic tarnish. We are also noticing that bauhaus style lights in bright pops of colour is most definitely on the rise.

Other styles gaining traction within the design industry is lighting with a more unusual whimsical take or a design element that allows creativity. Like the modular ranges, we love the custom elements but have put together some kits that offer amazing statement looks for living spaces. Customisation uptake is clear indication that as consumers we want to bring a whole heap more of our own choice and creativity into the mix for our next  home project.

Personality and personalisation has gained momentum. We are no longer content with look-a-like interiors, we want to take a maverick approach to our homes. For those at the inspiration stages, you may not yet have decided what your style is. We have some fabulous blogs and inspirational articles that can be sent direct to your inbox! When you sign up to the newsletter, you can let us know what you you want to do next and we’ll send you the best inspiration for that room.

We recognise this can be mind-blowing to figure out what look suits your own style. We have come up with a novel way to find your style. A fun quick quiz. Just knowing what suits your personality can often help be at least a starting point for creativity.

Free Personality Quiz to shed Light on your Interior Style! By Lighting Company UK

Some shapes are sure winners, the globe pendants are great all rounders and geometric shapes are also still as trendy as ever. We are seeing a gentle drift towards natural, artisan and ethically sourced lighting. Textural elements such as tinted pressed and blown glass, wood, rattan, cardboard and clay textures are also on the rise.

We did predict that imperfections as in the wabi sabi trend would emerge and it seems we have arrived at the point; we don’t want totally identical. We quite like a weathered, rustic, textured, aesthetic. Details such as twisted braided cord on our hanging lamps, big (very big) old fashioned filament light bulbs in whacky shapes are captivating us all and sparking creativity.

Dive in and explore the latest lighting looks!

Explore the world of lighting trends... from Lighting Company UK

Ambience and Light Distribution of Pendant Lights.

All too often, a great light can do a poor job if it’s not used for the right application. In this chapter we’ll look at lighting effects, create a blanket of light in a space.
Both are wonderful, if that is what you set out to achieve.

Hanging a pendant light high above a table, gives a wider flood of light whilst a low hung light brings the flood to a narrower beam of light. If the light is a solid metal shape like the factory styles then the light is all thrown downwards, dropping the overall light level and increasing the ambience, bringing a more intimate feel whilst eating. A glass one may not have the same effect, as light will also be pass through the glass; this may well be a little stark because there will be more glare. This can be combated by fitting a dimmer switch so a light can be hung in a fixed position and the light dimmed to bring that mellower amber tone. Of course dimming is only possible if the bulb can be dimmed. Hopefully you can see that the type of light selected will alter the effect you get, dependent on the positioning of the fixture.

All materials being equally hung, will give off a different effect. Solid lights will only allow light to escape into the room through the opening at the bottom. The inner part can afford some reflected light. Metallic inners can alter the colour of the light for example a white inner reflecting gives a ‘better’, truer reflection of the bulb colour, whilst a gold inner will reflect a warmer yellower light. Both equally beautiful depending on what is right for the application and mood you wish to create.

Positioning a Pendant Light within the room.

Kitchen Diner

What is the right height to hang a light above a table?

It’s about 2ft or 60cm above the surface of a table. At this height most people can see the person opposite whilst both are seated. Higher is fine when you have a larger light fitting or a row of smaller lights, but do keep in mind a clear glass light or open fret light may give glare if the bulbs are within your eye line. We’d suggest using a tinted or textured light bulb in a clear or open fret work shades to mitigate the harshness and glare of an exposed light bulb or use a dimmer as in the above example.

Opal or semi opaque glass diffused whilst still allowing plenty of light to reach the table top. Fabric too can diffuse light well but we would advise that you avoid fabric shades in kitchens, as they are harder to keep clean with the cooking grease.

You may also wish to consider a rise and fall as these can be pulled down and retracted as and when needed. Swag lights are great too to change the feel and function of the light fitment. The swag lights on long cords and also very useful if you move the table to  different spots in the room.

Dining Room

How far apart should pendants be above a long rectangle table or island?

Basically anything goes, but for a rough guide odd numbers are best. Three in a row is by far the most popular. The grouping should be tight enough that the edge of the outside lights does not overhang the table, ideally at least 20-30cm in from the edge.

If as suggested you are using an odd number of lights lights first mount the centre pendant first as this gives you a visual queue as well as mathematical one. Don’t forget this should be central to the length and width of the table.

Above a round table or indeed a square table where the width and the length are the same, you should opt for a pendant that is larger or perhaps a pendant cluster but avoid a row as this will look out of proportion.

Calculation to hang multiple pendants over a table or kitchen island

  • Measure the length of the table in cm
  • Use the number of pendants you’d like to use and add an extra one (for calculation purposes only)
  • Divide the length of the table by the number of pendants (including the extra one)
  • This will give you the measurement to hang the ceiling pendants apart (starting from the central point)
  • The shade diameter should be no more than half of the measurement you use for your spacing.

Hanging A pendant Light in a Lounge.

Positioning your ceiling light in a lounge is relatively easy, in the main your positions of electrical sockets will determine where to position the light unless you are starting from scratch. If so you may wish to look at doing a basic plan to establish the positions. Normally ceiling lights in a lounge area are either roughly central or one at either end of a longer room.

What Height should you mount a pendant light in a Lounge?

The quick answer is high enough to stop someone bumping their head. But not as clear cut as that sometimes, is it? Some lounges having very low ceiling heights and some very high. There are some lounges with vaulted or sloped ceiling that have a few more considerations too.

With years of experience the very basic rule is:

Don’t go so low that the light drops below the height of a door frame and don’t go so high you need to put up scaffolding to clean it or replace a light bulb. You’ll be delighted to know that we’ve already written some really helpful articles giving lots more help and guidance and have sections on the website dedicated to lighting suitable for:

You may also be interested in reading a little about the basics of good light which extols the virtues of using three types of light General Lighting sometimes called ambient, with mood accent lighting and finally task lighting. This gives a lovely balance and spread of light which is perfect for home lighting applications.

If you’ve opted for a pendant in the lounge ensure that you select one that has more than one light bulb in it. A single bulb will do little to light a large space unless you have plenty of other lights in the room a multi pendant may be better. Consider pendant clusters or a larger globe such as the ORB may be a better idea if yourceiling height permits.

How big should your light be in a living room?

  1. Working in feet and inches; multiply the width and length of your room.
  2. The result is the diameter or width that the light should be in inches.

For a quick guide, you can consult the chart below:

Pendant Lighting for hallways and stairwells.

Hanging lights can be super useful in halls and stairwells as matching lamps is easy due to the fact the cord can be shortened for the lower parts of the space and left longer where ceiling height becomes taller. The consideration here is how the light is distributed. Downward facing light is great at the lower levels in the entrance hall or landing areas but in the stairwell you may require light that spread light from all angles.

Here’s an example of matching lights which could be perfect for coordinating your style in a room with varied ceiling heights.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 TOWER 6 Light Box Frame Ceiling Pendant Cluster Gold
The Lighting Book Vol: 2 TOWER box frame ceiling pendant in polished gold

Can Pendant Lights be used in a bathroom?

Bathroom Pendant Lights

If you have a higher ceiling height, a flush light may not be suited to the space as much as a dangly light could be. Not every light is safe for use in a wet room, bathroom or shower room. However there are still a plentiful selection of lights to choose from.

Bathroom Pendant Lights | The Lighting Company

Positioning your bathroom light

Bathroom Pendant Lights need not be restricted to a central location the can be used either side of a mirror too instead of wall lighting but should you choose to do this make sure the pendants are suitable they must be splash proof and fairly resilient in case they get knocked.

Pendant Lights for a porch or undercover area.

If you have a porch or covered arbour it can be lovely to have a hanging light. An exterior grade pendant light will have safety ratings to ensure it’s safe to use outdoors choose your exterior light from a trusted retailer who clearly displays the IP Rating.

HOMEFIELD outdoor square box lantern pendant from Lighting Company UK

If you are mounting a hanging light outside you may also like to think about the height. The longer the light hangs down the more it’s likely to swing in the breeze. In strong winds it may be prudent to protect any glass lights by ensure they cannot bash against a hard object and break. Exterior grade lights will cope with most weather conditions but strong winds.

Bedroom Pendant Lights

Hanging a pendant above your bed or in the corner of a room can bring a less predictable scheme to a bedroom space. It also means you could potentially go a tiny bit larger than you may in an area which is used as a walk through, or a high traffic space such as a lounge or kitchen. Generally there are fewer people given access to the sanctuary of a bedroom and walkways are limited because corners and bed spaces don’t normally get walked on.

Bedroom Lights Guest Room and Hotel Bedroom Lights Pendant Lights from Lighting Company UK

Pendants at either side of the bed can be good to especially is the bedside cabinet is small or crammed pack full of other stuff. Avoid fragile flimsy lamps and opt for something robust or you could risk damaging it when you battle with putting that duvet cover on!

Material, Finishes and caring for your hanging lamps.

In this chapter we’ll explain some of the materials used in pendant lights and give some guidance to how you should care for your pendant light fittings. Whilst the list below covers a broad selection of materials it is by no means exhaustive. Most manufacturers will issue instructions for caring for the lamps but we appreciate that over times these get lost. We’ve pulled together a common sense guide to help.

Safety First! Before you begin any cleaning of your light fitting we’d suggest you turn the light off. If cleaning involves any polish, water, or spray you must turn the light off at the fuse board. If possible, remove the shades prior to washing. If the shades cannot be removed – even if you are only using a slightly damp cloth – switch the light off at the fuse board and do not switch back on until completely dry.

Lighting does not require daily cleaning aside from a light dusting. Reserve cleaning for the annual spring clean or as and when required. Never pull or apply downward pressure to a light fitting as this may cause stress on the fixings or loosen electrical connections.

If this happens consult your electrician immediately and do not use the light. Leave switched off at the fuse board until you have had the light checked.

Metal Ceiling Pendants

Metal pendants are very practical and easy to clean. Most need little more that a light dusting periodically. Cable may be dusted with a dry cloth or feather duster (see above safety warnings) alternatively a damp cloth could be used being careful not to pull the cable as this potentially could loosen the electrical connections.

Monaghan Lighting NERISSA industrial antique brass bathroom ceiling pendant from Lighting Company

Some times in a kitchen the light may become greasy due to cooking oils in the air, this will require slightly more cleaning. Most mild washing liquids may be suited but test a small area first. If the metal is raw (uncoated) ensure you dry this completely. Then dry and lightly seal with WD40.

Solid Brass Ceiling pendants

Solid brass will tarnish gradually over time unless polished, with a brass polish. However most brass used in light fixtures are lacquered so that cleaning save for dusting is not required.

Monaghan Lighting AMINA Single Moroccan Pendant Antique Brass from Lighting Company UK

Gold Ceiling Pendants

By gold, we know that most gold coloured lights are not made from actual gold, but may well be a painted often referred to as ormolu, this will be chipped or rubbed away with successive cleaning for that reason only lightly dust the fixture. If stubborn stains left from flies (normally little black spots) are visible, a damp cloth may be used.

Project: Lighting RUBENS satin brushed gold 6 light ceiling pendant from Lighting Company UK

Fabric Ceiling Pendants

Never wet fabric shades as this can often stain or water mark. This is especially important with fabric that have a sheen such as silks or satins. The vacuum tools bag can can be unearthed from the hiding place you have, sort out the brush attachment and gently vacuum around the edge of the shade. Shade linings may be ripped with a damp cloth but a dry cloth should suffice unless spotted by aforementioned fly splattering.

HUNTER 4 light pendant in butter brass with swan shades with gold inner from Lighting Company UK

Rope Ceiling Pendants

As above or alternatively a light brush with a medium soft bristled brush should remove dust and freshen the look. But rope shades are fairly rustic please do not be tempted to try to obtain perfection as over brushing may break strands of the rope causing bits to stick out.

The Lighting Collection COAST brown rope wrapped ceiling pendant by Lighting Company UK

Glass Ceiling Pendants

If you can remove the glass shade, you may wash the shade in soapy water, rise and dry before replacing. Ensure you have secured the shade before letting go! Most glass shades get broken whilst being cleaned, so do take great care here. Not all lights have replacement shades available as separate items. Metal work or cable suspensions may be dusted with a dry cloth or feather duster.

DISA tapered amber glass pendant with antique brass suspension by Lighting Company UK

Crystal Ceiling Pendants

Crystal may be treated as glass. The exception is chandeliers with many faceted droplets removing and cleaning each one can be labour intensive.

The Lighting Book WONDER double tier crystal and chrome rings LED ceiling pendant by Lighting Company UK

Plastic Ceiling Lights

Plastic pendants can normally be wiped with a damp or dry cloth. But if the plastic is coated in a film, dichroic coating or metallic coating do not use any chemicals, not even a mild washing up liquid as this can cause damage. Only ever dust plastic coated lights. Unless the manufacturers leaflet states otherwise, coating can discolour with moisture.

NUCLEA Italian design white ceiling pendant by Lighting Company UK

Cardboard Ceiling Pendants

Inventive designers use a myriad of materials to make lighting, and cardboard is one such material. Whilst this, along with paper is far more durable than you imagine, cleaning and even dusting can spoil the appearance. Pieces of cloth seem to stick to the material and it can look worse after cleaning than before. To remove dust from a fibrous material try blowing it off with a cool hairdryer. It works, but you may be sneezing for a while afterwards! I guess you could always get a helper to stand along side with the hover nozzle to capture floating particles.

DROP recycled scraplight ceiling pendant light by Lighting Company UK

Feather Lights

There are some beautiful feather lights available but may have questioned how on earth do you clean a feather lampshade. Out comes a cool hairdryer and gently blow the cobwebs and dust away. If dust causes you to sneeze, see above.

 EOS white feather shade (mini) by Lighting Company UK

China Ceiling Pendants

We love material such as china for it’s delightful delicacy; when lit a beautiful translucent effect shines through, but delicate is what china is famed for. Smashing as your light may look when completely intact, it won’t be as beautiful if it becomes chipped or cracked. Whilst in place the light is out of harms way. If the china is glazed ( a bit shiny) you may be able to get a way with simply dusting it in whilst it stays hanging there. Make sure if you have lights grouped together you don’t bash it against another. Sounds obvious but at the annual spring clean is when most lighting gets damaged. If you can remove the shade to wash it do so carefully as you would your best your best cups or glasses. If your china is unglazed (which will look a little more matte) treat as unglazed ceramic (see below).

CRANTON decorative hexagonal white bone china ceiling pendant by Lighting Company UK

Ceramic Lights

Lighting that is unglazed looks more matte, like plaster of Paris. This may attract slightly more dust that an glazed lamp but maybe brushed with a clean dry paint brush to remove dust particles. Avoid using cloth as the fibres cling to rougher finishes such as unglazed pottery.

TERRA ceiling pendant light in terracotta finish by Lighting Company UK

If your ceramic lamp or pendant lamps are glazed, dusters feather dusters or a damp cloth may be used to wipe the surface clean.

Coated Ceiling Pendants

Some pendants even glass can be coated with decorative elements such as metallic gold, silver or cooper coatings. Most times, a dry duster will clean perfectly, you may also wish to buff up shiny surfaces with dry lint free cloth to remove finger prints but don’t use any chemicals, we’d even suggest avoiding washing up liquid as this can sometime strip away the coatings. Should you be tempted to – stop! Try dampening a cloth with plain warm water firstly, if that does not remove all the surface grime, and you must try a washing up liquid, patch test a small area first.

ECLIPSE 3 light flush ceiling light chrome plated and clear glass ceiling light by Lighting Company UK

Iridescent Glass Ceiling Pendants

As above, rainbow effect glass has a coating, so buffing with a dry cloth will normally be enough.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 CESARIO 12 light LED pendant cluster in chrome with multi colour glasses by Lighting Company UK

Painted Ceiling Pendants

Use a feather duster to gentle flutter away the dust, if the painted effect require further cleaning slightly damped a lint free cloth and lightly sponge the area.

The Lighting Book NANTUCKET retro putty coloured ceiling pendant light from Lighting Company

Stone Lights

Smooth stone may be cleaned with a damp cloth or a daily marble/granite cleaner, the kind you get for cleaning stone counter top or work tops. Rougher hewn stone or cement lights should be brushed with a clean dry stiff paint brush to remove the dust. Damp cloths may be used be cautiously as some ceramics may become water marked. If you are insistent that it needs to be dampened, patch test by using a rinsed sponge rung tightly so that it’s barely damp and sponge a very small patch test first.

Tom Dixon STONE white marble ceiling pendant light by Lighting Company UK

Wood Ceiling Pendants

It’s best to use the curtain nozzle on the vacuum cleaner, that’s the little normally round one with the bristles on it. Use gentle circular motions if the wood is craggy (like it would be naturally). If it’s smooth wood effect, this will work, but a flick with a feather duster may be quicker.

ALLIER contemporary light wood large globe frame ceiling pendant with inner diffuser from Lighting Company

Top tip for getting settle dust of your light fitting is simple; blow away the particles with a hairdryer on a cool, gentle setting. Don’t blast away on gale force setting as this may cause lights to move and lighter fittings may clank together.

Cleaning Light Bulbs

We are asked often if you should clean your light bulbs when cleaning you lights? If the light is turned off not just at the switch but at the fuse board too, or unplugged if a table / floor lamp, you may dust the glass part of the lamp -do not wet light bulbs. If a light bulb becomes wet whilst it’s out of the lamp make sure it is completely dry before replacing.

Never use any cleaning product on a light bulb. Do not touch halogen light bulbs with your finger tips as this transfers natural oils from your finger tips to the bulb. Not that this is going to be dangerous, but it will though shorten the life of the light bulb.

The power of pendant lights.

In this chapter we focus on getting power to your pendant light. We looked at previously how groups or rows of pendant make a  great addition to the decorative appeal of your home. It’s plain to see that pendant lights work really well as a feature but we haven’t yet discussed how they work.

You’ll know they need electric but do the need a separate lighting feed for each lamp? This depends in each fitting, a single light needs a electric point but does a triple light need three? No, if you have 2, 3, 4, 5 lights in a row, providing they all feed into a single ceiling rose, you’ll only need a single electrical point on the ceiling.

Here is a row of pendants that will only need a single supply:

LIDEN 3 light pendant bar in glossy white and chrome by Lighting Company UK
Lighting Company UK LIDEN 3 light pendant bar in glossy white and chrome

If your electrical point is slightly offset on the ceiling, you maybe able to use a pendant bar effect like this:

These have power coming into one of the ceiling cups but the others are just for balance and support. If the ‘live’ or the end that has power lines up with this, your ceiling light may line up better above the table. It’ll take a little measuring to be sure.

Another solution is when the ceiling plate is a linear shape as shown below, you can connect anywhere along this line if your cable is long enough, if not it’s possible to extend the cable coming out of the ceiling, you can join it to the the wiring on the light, and then hide that connection within the ceiling plate. Joining cable in this way should be fine as it will not stress the join.

ASPEN rustic 3 light wooden pendant bar with clear glass shades from Lighting Company UK

Can you extend cable on a pendant light?

Not as easily as you may think, joining cable makes the cable weaker and it causes risks that shades may pull the join apart causing risk of shock and or a light falling on you. If you need a pendant with longer that standard cable length you can consider looking at lights that could be customised. Normally a cable on a complete pendant light could be anywhere between 50cm to 200cm as standard. Some styles are designed specifically for higher rooms (Lights for high Ceilings) and may be unto 3 or 4 meters long.

Lighting Company stock a range of lights that can be customised and made much longer if required. Longer drop lights can be used to hang straight down or swagged up.

A little earlier we explained the term swag lights “What are swag pendants?” they are sometimes called hooked pendant lights because invariably a ceiling hook is used to support the pendant shade in place. But we though swag lights required another mention as they can really solve a problem of getting a light where you want it by utilising a power point from elsewhere in the room.

Hanging Pendant Lights; Hanging Height More than 4m & Hanging Pendant Lights; Hanging Height More than 3m Pendant Lights Lighting Company UK

Do pendant lights look odd with very long cable?

No it’s actually very trendy to hook lights up to the ceiling. Don’t pull or hang on electrical cable though – it may look a little like rope but it does carry electricity.

Can pendant light be shortened for low ceilings or does it look silly?

Sometimes people feel pendant lights that come with longer cable will be too long for the room and whilst you can shorten cable they worry it will spoil the look, or that the cable is provided so should be used. If you are not a fan of swagging the cable, it’s very simple to shorten it. Pendants lamps look great on short cable too. They can look just as nice with 2 inches of cable as the do with 2 meters.

I guess we cannot talk about power without leading on to LED light bulbs.

Led pendant Lights, to integrate or Retro Fit?

Creative light fitting designs have emerged with LED light sources integrated into the actual design of the light fitment. There are a few benefits to the LED light source; it can be shaped to forma fabulous shapes, swirly, geometric, circular lights that don’t require a light bulb, never! These are dubbed ‘integrated’; the light source is integrated into the fitment.

Lighting Company UK: Project: Lighting ARIA contemporary LED polished chrome ceiling pendant

We in the industry, have been captivated as things moved on a little further still. For instance, you can configure the light to be whatever you want. Like a giant mechanic kit for building your own light.

Connects by Lokuko Lighting from Lighting Company UK
Link by Lokuko Lighting Modular LED lighting by Lighting Company

Modular fittings like this opening up many new opportunities for our customers. In the past this type of concept was reserved for those with big budgets, the realms of bespoke lighting for hotel foyers.

LED modular lighting: Connects by Lokuko Lighting

“Amazing, exciting times in the lighting industry! With the new breed of modular LED lighting, the opportunities to be creative with lighting is endless.” Greg Hickin, Director Lighting Company.

LED Modular Lighting; Link by Lokuko Lighting

The industry technology is fast moving and the upshot of this is, that consumers have barely understood that light bulbs are LED, before being asked if they’d like integrated or retro fit. Even the terminology confuses. In an effort to educate the lay person, the Lighting Company has produced a number of video’s explain what LED is? How wattage differs compared to old style bulbs and explaining lumens.

But is there any benefit to buying an integrated LED compared to buying a normal light and using it with an LED bulb (retro fit) or replacing your old style bulb with an LED one?

Both have pros and cons.

LED is the best form of lighting available – fact. It provides good light level and is better for the bank balance and environment. In both integrated LED and retro fit this benefit is clear.

On the downside, not all LED lights are dimmable and those that are must have a dimmer switch that is compatible with LED. But that’s no more complex that it’s ever been, so why are people still unsure about integrated lights?

I guess people feel that LED will blow like an old style light bulb did. They don’t, they will last for thousands of hours which equates to years. Would longer warranties assure shoppers LEDs will last? Potentially, but no warranties last a lifetime, mainly because of normal wear and tear, and accidental damage. LED pendants with integrated light sources will last as long as any light fitting.

The Lighting Company offers double the warranty of any other
manufacturer to offer assurance to consumers.

We are biased, as we are think the traditional shaped LED bulbs are marvelous – old fashioned good looks with the efficiencies we all want, but equally we cannot deny the shapes and creativity of integrated LED brings a modernity that shines brightly as the lighting styles of the century. History has been made! We love modern led light fittings. LED pendant lights can be any style you like; ultra modern or terribly traditional.

Are there hanging lamps without earth cable?

If your home does not have an earth cable you will need to buy lights that are double insulated. Known as class 2 (written often as class11) the lights have a second layer of protection against electric shock.

There are plenty of decorative lights including metal lights that are safe to use in homes without earth cable. A whole section of them can be found here. Should you require further help please contact us.

Styling your Home with Pendant Lights.

Just wow! If you’ve read this entire article, thank you! We hope that you feel confident in choosing and fitting your new ceiling pendant.

Inspiration galore for clever ways to use pendant lights in your home. From Country Kitchens to expansive converted barns pendants lights bring the stylish light touches to dress your home perfectly. Great lighting is so crucial in a house it brings light, a warmth from a cosy glow and endless pleasure when is done right. Enjoy discovering the possibilities you have with Pendant Lighting!