Baked Ceramic Ceiling Pendants

Adding texture to homes has never been easier. Tactile and textured, these ceramic ceiling pendants are sure to make a welcoming impact in interiors.

Ceramic Ceiling Pendants

Handmade by Artisans, these natural clay ceiling pendants show the process of the baking. Producing a baked-earth aesthetic, they take on an almost quartz effect that gives the impression of being made aeons ago.

They are sustainable and hardwearing, robust, and assured in their setting. They complement a myriad of interior styles from Boho through to adding a grounding sense to contemporary interiors.

Each pendant can be height adjusted when you install them, ensuring the perfect height for your chosen setting.

A variety of shapes are available to choose from to allow flexibility to choose your look, and in turn, the lighting effect that they produce.

Coolie Shade:

These are shallow and wide in shape. These are great for showcasing a decorative LED bulb as you can see this beneath the shade. These shades push the light down and out to the sides, creating a wide spread of light onto surfaces below. They are therefore ideal over dining tables and kitchen islands, creating additional ambient light.

PYRUS Ceramic Pendant Light 28Cm Black Clay Antique Brass

Fluted Flat Shade:

Similar in aesthetics to the coolie shade, this offers an even wider spread of illumination. With a slightly more raw, industrial nod, the shade starting halfway down the metallic lampholder is reminiscent of a cog.

KAPOK Ceramic Pendant Light 27Cm Blue Earth Antique Silver

Domed Shade:

The classic domed shade is always a popular one and evokes a slightly more retro vibe. This starts to focus the spread of light more in a downwards fashion, making this ideal for more intimate lighting over a shared table.

KAURI Ceramic Pendant Light 20Cm Red Iron Antique Brass

Angular Cylindrical Shade:

This is a more modern shape and is ideal to be used in rows over tables, work-surfaces and breakfast bars. This offers a narrow, focused light which is why it’s best used in rows. It would also be ideal over small bistro kitchen tables.

SENNA Ceramic Pendant Light 12Cm Black Clay Antique Brass

Curved Cylinder Shade:

This is similar to the above shade but offers a slightly softer silhouette that brings in more a retro vibe.

OSIER Ceramic Pendant Light 11.5Cm Blue Earth Antique Brass

Vase Shaped Shade:

This is really elegant and is reminiscent of earrings, or skittle shapes. Featuring a band in matching metal around the waist, it offers a more traditional vibe that will add gravitas to any interior setting.

PANDO Organic Ceramic Pendant Light 14Cm, Black Clay Antique Silver

The colours are rich, earthy tones which include a terracotta red, which adds a warm tone to rooms, reminiscent of baked earth on a Summer’s day.

A deep blue, which is the colour of the deepest ocean, bringing a cool look to the 2020’s and beyond.

Deepest black, with flecks of gold mimic the night sky, full of wonderment and texture gives the mystical effect of galaxies beyond.

Complimenting these gorgeous colours of lighting, you also have the option to choose the colour of the metal lampholder. Choose from:

  • Rich and Warm Polished Copper,
  • Cool Antique Silver
  • Warm Antique Brass
  • Bright Polished Brass
  • Soft, Brushed Brass

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