Chandeliers – Lighting up a Statement Piece

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Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes but have one very similar thing in common. Status. Chandeliers have always been a statement piece, often a way to show wealth and or importance giving preference to decoration over plain functionality.

Chandeliers are used to create an impact rather than just “light a space”. However, worry not, they are very good at that too! There are many different shapes and sizes which creates numerous options of modern chandeliers and traditional chandeliers and more!


Nowadays you don’t have to be rich or famous to get the look. Being able to create a look of importance is quite appealing and evidence of chandeliers providing this is quite clear in many settings.

beach wood chandelier.

This traditional chandelier emanates elegance with its curved design, fitting in beautifully in period settings. The distressed chalk white finish and Beachwood detailing offers a rustic country feel, giving this chandelier more versatility.

Chandeliers are used to light grand rooms such as entrances, stairwells and dining rooms or halls. Although more and more we’re seeing smaller versions used in other rooms, from bedrooms to even bathrooms! Yes there are even bathroom chandeliers available which are IP rated to give that option of adding sparkle and class to quite literally every room.

Victorian Chandelier

So what can you do for your home to create a sense of high status? If you have a long drop stairwell or entrance then this is an ideal place to display a chandelier, there are many different styles and sizes so finding one to match your interior décor shouldn’t be difficult.


In your bedroom, a small chandelier can be used to provide a decorative elegance. Adding a chandelier above the bed can really add character and class to the room, it’s something many people envisage but don’t normally expect. So go with it for that “ooh!” impact.

Low ceiling chandelier.

Don’t leave out your bathroom! As said before there are IP rated bathroom chandeliers which allows you to glitz up your bathroom and give it the class and status it deserves. Don’t feel restricted to a basic flush ceiling light, the options are far more plentiful than you think.

Bathroom Chandelier.

The bathroom shouldn’t feel like a let down or disappointment, so make sure not to leave it as one. An impressive bathroom would be an unexpected delight for any guest, and for yourself too of course. This Vela chandelier wouldn’t be a regular occurrence in a bathroom, but now you can add elegance and style to every room of your house!

We all have an idea of the traditional style of chandelier, but how about something more modern?

This modern chandelier is a jewelled statement light. The suspended French gold hoop holds slim metal wires with delicate crystal discs poised at the ends forming an undulated crystal halo effect. The light bulbs are intermingled allowing the light to bounce around reflecting and refracting from the faceted crystals, creating a spectacular effect. This modern chandelier sparks joy even when sunlight catches this light and sends a rainbow prism dancing around the room.

Gothic chandelier

Not finding your style so far? Not a problem! There are so many different designs of chandeliers available. Here we have a gothic inspired chandelier, with a deep ribbon affect base this could really be the ‘wow factor’ chandelier that you’ve been looking for.

The open candle bulbs can provide a cosy and warm amount of light, which would be perfect for use in a hallway, dining room or living space. Matching wall lights and chandeliers are available to create a cohesive look.

Antler stage light

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to see this Antler ceiling pendant included here but this light certainly makes a statement and would be perfect in homes with high ceilings. This British made light is made of cast resin, hand painted by artisans to replicate the feel of stag antlers whilst reducing the weight.

So what style of chandelier will you choose for your home?

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