Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents who have everything.

What do you buy someone who has everything?

We all love buying a lovely gift for our parents, however finding that perfect present can be fairly challenging. Most parents who have grown up children, will have bought everything they want. Often you feel you have bought it all before too. What some fresh new inspirations this Christmas -we may be able to help, ‘shed some light’. Sorry the pun it was intended.

Want to find that perfect gift for Mum, Dad and the In-laws, let us enlighten you! Ok, ok no more lighting puns! The old adage “it’s the thought that counts” rings true. A well considered gift shows you care, that you have in fact been thoughtful. That’s thoughtfulness that really does count. Oh but finding the thoughtful gift can be easier said than done.

Here’s a few suggestions and tips. Matching the gift to the personality of the parent is the fail safe way of making sure your gift is wanted. If Dad likes crosswords, puzzles, or is a frequent reader, why not get him a good task lamp to stand beside his favourite chair. Eyesight gets worse as we get older but a decent reading light really helps. Saving Dad from straining his eyes- surely that is a lovely gift idea. Task lamps range from a small clip on spotlight (expect to pay around £25 for a good quality one) to tall LED reading lamps which are a little pricey. Which are fantastic, cool to the touch and energy saving. The price can be higher for this style of lamp, but if the budget stretches or you have a few sibling who may want to chip in too, it may still be an option worth considering. Lots of older parents will like modern lamps. Remember they will have made do with what they deem to be old fashioned whilst raising their family, now they’d like fresh modern and new.

Magnifying lights for the serious hobbyist are a great gift idea.

Magnifying Light with Clamp fixing.

Great gifts for serious hobbyists a magnifying light #Giftidea

The magnifying Light can be clamped to a desk if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated hobby area, but if not a base can be purchased as a separate item.

For animal lovers, and twitchers there are lamps featuring dogs, stags, horses and delightful lamps with pretty little birds. A great idea for a joint present for Mum & Dad is a pair of bedside table lamps. Is the kind of thing that you don’t think to buy yourself. If you’d like to buy a lovely lamp but simply do not know what to choose, you could opt for a Lighting Company gift voucher, If you like having something wrapped why not print off a page from the website and gift wrap this.

Table lamp bonze effect sculpture horse

Gifts for Equestrians. Animal Lovers Gifts

Greyhound Rover Gulliver chester

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