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We can bring your lighting ideas to life with bespoke made lights!

Thinking of a Bespoke Light



Have you browsed through our thousands of light fittings and still not quite found what you’re after? Perhaps you’ve seen two lights, that each come with characteristics you want but just don’t quite deliver the full package? If so, contact us! We just might be able to put something together for you, something that’s entirely bespoke and quite possibly not found anywhere else.



We have a range of products which can be altered to your specification; whether that’s a change of colour, simply extending the chain and cable for a higher ceiling or creating a brand new fitting. Got a colour in mind? Let us know what light you’re interested in and we’ll see if we can have it coloured in that finish for you.


Ceiling Pendant with Bespoke Colour Options


If you’ve got a high ceiling, for example a long drop stairwell; then the ceiling light you want may need to have the cable or chain extended to accommodate. We can normally get this added by the half metre. So the sky is quite literally the limit!


Our most recent bespoke piece came from a customer who had found the light they wanted, a beautiful rustic chandelier. However it was a 12 arm fitting and the customer wanted an 18 light. Incidentally an 18 light of this particular fitting didn’t exist, only a 12 and a 6 – until now!


Bespoke Chandelier Merge GIF


“Looking stunning. We are delighted with them. Beautiful quality, and a great choice for our building too.” – Annie


Creating an entirely new light fitting through the combination of two existing ones we made the perfect piece for this request. Sometimes it takes your imagination to bring some of the most beautiful lights to fruition.


Customise Lights


To get started today simply look through our vast collection of lights to get ideas or decide on a suitor. Whether you find a fit or not get in contact with us and we’ll do our best to help. We’ll let you know what can be done and get a quote together for you for your bespoke fitting. Once we’ve got your unique piece safely to you we ask only one thing… May we have a picture? We absolutely love to see these thought up pieces shining brightly in their new home, we may even (with your permission) feature it in a blog or our free digital magazine!


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