First Class Top Brass; Lights to Polish up your act!

MAIN IMAGE Bold as BrassWhat’s are popular lights to buy?

Lights in metallic sheens have always been popular in our home décor and whilst they always offer a timeless sense of style, they do have peaks and troughs of popularity.

In recent years, contemporary style has veered towards the cool and chic statement of stainless steel and chrome lighting, with a popular variation being copper to add a warm accent.

Well, as you will already be aware, here at The Lighting Company, we love to stay abreast of what’s currently trending and we’re telling you that there’s a new trend in lighting – it’s as bold as brass!

Brass has been used for centuries and is in fact, a metallic alloy made up of copper and zinc, the latter providing both strength and malleability to the material.

Its versatility knows no bounds; it is extensively used for decorative locks, door furniture and ornate musical instruments, yet it is equally prevalent used in the making of gears, plumbing and electrical applications and in valves. Did you know that brass is also antimicrobial and inhibits the growth of bacteria within a couple of hours? A study is currently being undertaken to see if the use of them in our hospitals may help to prevent the spread of infections.

Whilst this is great to know, we have to be honest that we really like brass for its decorative qualities in lighting alone. The decadent shine, subtle texture and warm tones make this such a great addition to so many settings. In the past, we may have associated brass with more traditional forms of lighting, but with the reemergence of its popularity, we are seeing some great modern and contemporary lights on offer.


The Jaxen ceiling pendant features a decorative brass mesh inner shade in a clean and contemporary cylindrical shape. Encased by a clear glass outer shade, this looks great over breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Full of intricate detailing to engage the eye, it comes suspended on luxury black braided cable which can be adjusted when installing to suit most ceiling heights.

the-lighting-book-puglia-modern-6-light-ceiling-light-in-antique-brass-with-opal-glasses-p16230-21395_imageThe Puglia is a decorative and modern design 6 light semi flush ceiling light in an antique brass finish complete with opal glass globe shades. Perfect for homes with standard and low ceilings, this would be great for lighting in a contemporary lounge or bedroom.



The Cairo is a modern 8 light chandelier made from solid brass in a polished brass and powder coated white finish. The shades are in a powder coated white finish each suspended on a polished brass arm, the shades can be angled accordingly to direct the light where needed. A sleek and modern design that would be ideal for lighting in a contemporary setting and great for hotels and restaurants. Also available in black, it’s a great alternative to a more traditional chandelier. It would fit perfectly in contemporary homes as it would in a vintage or retro setting.

The warm tones of the brass make this ideal to team with alternative materials and textures; whilst each material can be appreciated for their own merits, they manage to do so without overshadowing the other. The decadent, gold-like colour immediately adds a quality to home decor that is reminiscent of regal designs but without the fuss and fanfare of nostalgic chandeliers.


Technically, this is finished in gold, but it looks so like polished brass that I just had to include it. I mean, just look at it! Gorgeous natural materials have been used together for a sublime effect. This decorative and unique feature light showcasing pieces of sliced agate rock highly polished to a shine fixated to the polished gold sputnik arm fitting. The agate pieces form a globe like shape and is suspended on a wire and cable suspension which can be shortened at the point of installation for use in rooms with lower ceilings. This would look great in any room, but I love it when used in a long drop stairwell, lounge or dining room.


Teaming brass with the contrast of midnight blue, makes for a dramatic style statement that is very on-trend.


The Cristen is an elegant and contemporary design 4 light ceiling pendant in a satin brass finish with a navy blue coloured hand wrapped ribbon surround shade. The pendant is suspended on a chain suspension which can be shortened at the point of installation for use in rooms with lower ceilings. This would be great for lighting over a dining room table or in a modern lounge or bedroom.






The Fianco is a traditional style buffet lamp in a gold finish complete with navy blue linen shade. This would be great for lighting in a lounge or reception in a hotel setting. This light is double insulated for safe use without need of an earth wire. The light is individually switched by an inline rocker switch.



Whole family ranges of lights are available to maintain a cohesive look and the brass cuts through designs and trends for a look that can be described as eclectic, yet they still work really well together. This also works with tones of brasses in that you can mix satin and polished finishes and even add some antiqued finishes to the look.



The Stanford range of lights in brass ensures a classic, traditional look for your home with a liberal sprinkling of French glamour. The elegant pleated shades ensure a soft, glare free illumination that is simply perfect for a lounge, bedroom, stately study or library. Mix and match for the perfect level of illumination for your needs!

Andre Range

The Andre range is new for this year and has already proved that it’s a modern classic design set to grace many homes for years to come. An aged brass finish (this hides the dust brilliantly, if you don’t find cleaning fun!) with opal glass globe shades, it exudes a timeless appeal that will work in traditional or modern homes.

The durability of brass ensures that you can use them safely in any area of the home, but one that we especially love is in a kitchen. The nature of the material is also able to withstand high temperatures, so whilst we would strongly advise against using them near heat sources, you know that they will not misshapen when the kitchen hots up.


The Rio is an industrial style, adjustable wall light made in solid brass in an antique brass finish, great for lighting in rustic settings and ideal for kitchen or lounge lighting or picture lighting. It is also suitable for use on a dimmer switch providing the bulb used is also dimmable.


The Elegance is an industrial style single ceiling pendant in a hand finished polished brass finish, the light is suspended on a braided black flex which can be shortened at the point of installation for use in rooms with lower ceilings, this would be ideal for lighting over dining room tables or kitchen islands. It is also suitable for use on a dimmer switch providing the bulb used is also dimmable.

Nautical design and brass lights are synonymous with historical ships and these lights were chosen mainly due to their resistance to biofouling ( the amalgamation of plants, algae and microorganisms on to saturated materials). Today, we see a vast array of lights that represent the nostalgia of ruling the waves.


The aptly name Ship, is a small decklight styled wall light, inspired by ship’s lights in a polished brass finish with black swan neck bracket and clear glass shade. This would be great for lighting in an industrial setting and would be ideal for coastal themed settings. It is also suitable for use on a dimmer switch providing the bulb used is also dimmable.


A traditional circular bulkhead style exterior wall light in a polished brass finish with a frosted glass shade complete with a protective guard. The operational wing nuts allow access from the front for ease when you need to change the bulbs. IP54 rated, this is safe to use in all exterior settings and in bathrooms and comes with glanded surface cable entry. The frosted glass shade ensures a warm, glare free illumination which is dimmable when teamed with a dimmable bulb and dimmer switch.

If you are after some traditional looking lights, you really can’t do any better than using a brass light. In times gone by, our ancestors have used their lighting as a showcase of wealth, with intricacy and scale being the most important factors. Brass, with its malleable nature, is ideal to form the intricate shapes in the metalwork that our fore-bearers craved, so adding these styles of lighting to more traditional settings, really helps to add authenticity to the design.


The Cambridge traditional chandelier is made in solid Brass highly polish brass chandelier with lovely regency Edwardian detailing which includes tall candles with decorative brass tops. The metal work is scrolled and beaded brass edges shows that this light is a quality item. It’s hand made to a very high standard. It’s very seldom that you find this quality of materials and craftsmanship. Ideally this light is to be used in very large spaces such as hotel function rooms, churches, castles and listed buildings. The light works perfectly with Regency styled Architecture. A solid brass chandelier fitting of grand proportion and gravitas.


The Zelda light fittings are a comprehensive collection of classic ceiling lights, chandeliers and wall lights in a choice of finishes. Quality stylish lighting designed in the USA that sits well in both traditional and modern interiors. Taking its inspiration from the timeless elegance of the Art Deco lighting of the 1920’s and 1930’s with sleek rectangular angled arms and decorative spherical detailing that increases in size as it descends. It is the 7 light chandelier in the vintage brass finish that is shown here. This chandelier is supplied with 1.5 metres of link chain to give a maximum drop of just under 2.1 metres making it an ideal choice if you have high ceilings. Links can be removed from the chain to adjust the height before finally fitting. Finished with the tapered frosted glass shades which complete the look perfectly.

The industrial trend has been popular for a number of years and looks set to stay. With a number of inspirations from lighting around the early 20th Century, brass was the material of choice so is the natural option for the continuation of this look.


The Imahn is a minimalist industrial style wall light with exposed pipe detailing in black and natural brass finishes. This would be great for lighting in an industrial setting and ideal for a dining room or kitchen. It is also suitable for use on a dimmer switch providing the bulb used is also dimmable.


The Rigby is a small ceiling pendant has that magical mix of function, quality and nostalgia. Really nicely put together, the light is made in a deep rich bronze colour and design elements such as the lamp canopy and edge of the mesh shade are picked out in brass tones. It has a unique knuckle joint just below the ceiling rose which allows this light to be mounted on uneven or even sloped ceilings and still hang straight. It’s also supplied with different length rods enabling you to customise the height at point of installation.

To add an element of lightness (excuse the pun!) to the look of your brass lights, they look resplendent teamed with glass, whether it be clear or frosted. This transcends eras and trends and is therefore assuredly a timeless combination.


The Ray is a retro, vintage design 3 light ceiling bar pendant in an antique brass finish complete with a clear tapered glass shades, this would be suitable for use in any vintage or industrial setting and would be great for lighting in a kitchen over an island or table. It is double insulated for use without need of an earth wire and can be switched by standard switch or dimmer.


So, polish up your act and buy some first class brass lighting in your home!

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