Glass Lights; In a class of their own…

Are Glass Pendant Lights practical?

Glass is by far one of the success stories in recyclables, a material that has been in existence since ancient times right up to today.

The fragility and reverence attached to glass makes you ponder why it is used in lighting; but used it is. From early days we’ve all appreciated the beauty of glass. The flexibility in it’s molten form offering unique options; it can be moulded, cut and shaped into glorious shapes or simply lain plain flat for windows. We are captivated still.

Glass Lighting | Clear, Textured, Coloured and Classy

Aside from the intrinsic beauty of glass, it’s is also Eco friendly. Glass is made from a seemingly endless raw material, transformed from sand. A bountiful supply can be made and remade from the initial material, glass is high on the list of sustainable materials as it can be recycled infinite amounts of times.

The sustainability of glass and our later realisation that whilst it is precious, it’s certainly not a single use material. This opens up a choice to consumers. Is glass lighting too precious for normal family life? We’d say no, as it literally doesn’t cost the earth!

Smykke by Copenhagen Glass Collection

Enjoy the beauty, the light and the artistry gained from beautiful glass lighting and don’t be too pessimistic that it will get broken. It’s so very rare that lights get broken, but the fear of that happening sometimes prevents us from making the choice we want. You just can’t help but love glass lighting. I’ve never yet met someone who says no, it’s plastic all the way for me! Yet to label glass lighting as impractical or not right for a family home! Tosh!

Glass is already used daily in the home. Every celebration sees us raise a glass and we clink them together shouting ‘cheers’! Yet some people shy away from a glass ceiling pendant for fear that glass is not resilient enough. It’s got a bad rap for breaking, yet we have thousands of light fittings displayed within reach of real people and no breakages. To further stress the point, very old glass produced to make bottles has been discovered buried by tons of earth. Washed up on beaches  bottles presumably after being battered by the seas vicious current, but often they remain intact too! Why would a glass lamp hanging way above head height fair much worse in your home than it would  bobbling along the seven seas?

New York Lighting Collection ASTER 3 light deco ceiling pendant in polished nickel with ribbed glass

I guess we’ll never convince everyone that glass lighting is the perfect light for their homes, but then again some people buy clothes for ‘best’ and don’t wear them. It’s really a bit of a waste. Why buy things to discard them in landfill sometime later? Glass is fine; of course you’d need to treat it with respect and be careful but no more carefully than any other type of light fitting.

Glass Lighting is worth having, be in no doubt aside from the environmental benefits of opting for sustainable products it’s just so practical to care for and beautiful to look at, you’re missing out if you discount it for fear of breakages.

It’s a super material; highly reflective and transparent making it ideal to use in lighting applications. The manipulation of the material seems infinite at the hands of a glass artist. The sheer number of variations, nuanced texture, shapes, colours and in rare cases fused or infused with colours, is spectacular and gives so much scope for creators to play.

Linspiration Lighting OMBRE Smoke 3 Light Ceiling Pendant Bar Black, Smoke, Clear Ombre Style

If you are interested in the use of sustainable materials, glass is clearly the right choice for lighting your home. We love glass; the artistry, luxury and authenticity of each piece.

Why is glass held in such high esteem?

Glass has always been regarded as precious. In the ancient worlds Romans and Egyptians made glass in 3600 BC but this is thought to be replicating earlier works. Glass beads were made as early as 2000 BC. This was not a material for common folks, this was for Pharos and Emperors.

It’s alchemy, art and ingenuity combined, and that amalgamation makes an item worthy of being cherished.

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Coloured glass fills us with wonder. How do they even do that? There are densely colour rich colours like those used in Tiffany lamps or the delicate hints of pastels from the Copenhagen Collection. The mixed colour ways and diverseness of styles will leave you captivated. The rarity of the medium when clear and colour glass is fused seamlessly invisibly makes us question how the concept became reality.

Copenhagen Glass Collection LUTE gold smoke glass table lamp base with metallic gold detail

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