Glass The History and Timelessness Of Glass

Glass it used liberally in light fittings and no wonder the intrinsic beauty of the precious natural material provides high end looks like no other material. Glass refracts and amplifies light beautifully, it’s not a static flat light but a dancing shimmering artwork.

We pondered the fluidity held captive, changing and being enlivened by the addition of a light source. Be it crystal clear, tinted or textured, the future of lighting made with glass shades and embellishments is a bright shining vision born of experimentation and proven successes.

Manipulation of the most natural resources on the planet ‘sand’ has undergone a metamorphosis akin to a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Who on earth thought of the possibilities of glass?

Glass or manmade glass was first crafted in 3500BC in Mesopotamia and Egypt

Blow or formed glass was in the 1st century BC. Whilst researching we discovered that glass can form naturally, who knew? Volcanic eruptions generated enough heat to melt, sand and rock and when cooling takes place rapidly glass can form.

Modern glass made from liquid sand can be formed and shaped an indefinite amount of ways. Early glass would have been solid much like the solid droplets of a chandelier such as the raindrop shapes shown in the rather delightful light fitting shown here.

Once blowing and pressing techniques developed this opened the scope and use of glass beyond recognition. Early pioneers in Murano took the art form to another level.

I don’t think the world has ever lost the fascination for glass. We use as a utility object such as  tableware. The humble drinking glass! Would wine be as good from a plastic cup? I think not, the tactile perceived fragility, encapsulating something wondrous making everything held within somehow more precious.

Lighting supply is what we do, at The Lighting Company we have lighting in our DNA. Our dialogue and narrative is all around illumination and the innovative ways we can play with light to enhance our lives and the lives of our customers and clients.

Upon reflection, whilst broadening our extensive lighting ranges we looked back at some of the clear winners we stock and in doing so impressed ourselves! Discover the magic of gorgeous glass lighting here: Glass Lighting

We have hundreds of timeless beautiful designs. We discovered a plentiful amount of our lamps and fixtures feature glass, it’s timeless elegant modern or traditional. Can you have too much choice -we don’t think so! but if you do, allow us to spotlight a few key new looks to shine a light on the lighting styles going back through the decades but encompass the latest advancements in efficiencies when teamed with LED light bulbs. It’s apt to use LED in glass lighting both glass and LED are king to the world. All Modern Lighting that nods to the past.

Modern Deco. A new interpretation of art deco lighting refreshed and brought right unto date.

Mid Century Glass Pendant Lights

Modern Chandeliers. creative expressions derived from early crystal chandeliers. View our collection of Crystal Lighting.

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