Great Danes – The Best of Danish Inspired Lighting

Artist pendant

Danish design in various guises has been gracing our homes and inspirational magazines for years, yet far from being phased out in favour of the ‘next big thing’, we are seeing this trend evolve and meta-morph into twists on the original theme, keeping it exciting and relevant.

What are the best ways to keep Scandinavian style timeless?

  1. Adopt a little Hygge
  2. Level out with Lagom
  3. Amalgamate with other trends
  4. Add easy-to-change accessories in contemporary colours and refresh regularly
  5. Allocate some tech-free zones around the home
  6. Use multi-functional furniture
  7. Try a little Koti Cottage Culture
  8. Add worn leather and suede to the room
  9. Feather the edge to your design
  10. Avoid fussy curtains and keep as bare as possible

A huge key to this design is getting the lighting right and one of our Designer Brands; award winning ‘Design for the People, have ensured that they are at the forefront of this design innovation.

The cool, contemporary and sophisticated look of Danish interiors offers so much flexibility, allowing for personalisation on the theme, making it easy to achieve the perfect balance of a recognisable trend with the familiarity and comfort of your own personality.

The traditional Scandinavian style utilises pale, cool colours with clean lines and no clutter teamed with pale woods and plants which help to add some warmth to the design. Nonchalant and contemporary, this is a perfect design for bedrooms and relaxing rooms, but some may find the overall look just a little bit austere.

Hygge is less of a ‘theme’ and more about teaming the Scandinavian look with pockets of luxury that make us feel happy. A little gratification, be it spending quality time with family, an indulgent hot chocolate or adding touches of metallic or velvet to your room, hygge is purely to evoke a feeling of well-being.

The Lighting Book GAUCHO

The Gaucho ceiling pendant features a reflective sheen, where traditionally a matte finish would have been used which adds a subtle vibrancy. In addition, the Pyramid table and floor light set, feature a red cable which adds a hint of modern effervescence.

Another concept of ‘living well’ which is being embraced is the Swedish word; Lagom. Rather than being indulgent, lagom is more about achieving a balance in life, and in home interiors. Sustainability is important, welcoming nature into a room helps to endorse this. It’s about having the things that you need, displayed in harmonised simplicity, with the items that you want being hidden away for when they’re required. A balanced style for a balanced mind!

New York Lighting Collection DANIKA 3 light mid century modern ceiling pendant in white with wooden accent

The Danika range of ceiling pendants elegantly teams function and form which is the epitome of lagom. The 3 light pendant can be adjusted to ensure that the illumination is always where you need it, along with the ability of being able to customise the look of the light.

Amalgamations of styles or themes are ideal to add into a room where there is no defined design as they hint at the styles whilst effortlessly collaborating with other accessories within the room. One of our favourite blends of styles is the Scandinavian colours teamed with the strong lines of Mid-Century retro shapes for an effect that works in vintage, retro and modern settings alike.

New York Lighting Collection DANIKA mid century modern white ceiling pendant with wooden accent

The single Danika ceiling pendant is an excellent example of successful incorporation of mid-century design within the Scandinavian look. It also includes a hint of shaping inspired by factory pendants, making it an option to use in retro homes too.

Colour is a way in which we often choose to inject our personality in to our home decor, so just because the Scandinavian style is generally associated with muted colour palettes or sometimes monochrome, we can still use colour to effectively accent the design. Keep it simple with a few pieces and fabrics adding the accent colour, then when you’re ready for a change it’s not expensive or time consuming but you still get a completely new look!

Nordlux POP lighting range

The aptly named ‘Pop’ range of lights offer the clean lines that are key for the Scandi look, whilst adding some vivacity and dynamism to your look.

The Danes place a huge importance upon having some technology free zones and whilst we are generally a nation who eat round the table uninterrupted from external sources, that can sometimes be where it ends. Encourage family and friend time without the constant interruption in other areas of your home for an ultra calm space.

Design For The People LUNA 18 modern white sanded glass ceiling pendant

Adding lighting that encourages reading and other relaxing pastimes will help you to zone these spaces with ease. Keeping a pale and calm refinement with regard to your lights and furniture, will help to encourage quiet contemplation.

In line with keeping things simple, you could choose multi-functional furniture which also helps to minimise clutter. Floor lamps that also have a table attached are great as at the end of the sofa, or you could choose furniture that makes makes a display of some treasured possessions.

James Floor Lamps x 3

Koti is another great Danish word, that means ‘home’ in Finnish. The Finns rank amongst the happiest nations in the world, so we have something that we can learn from them. Adopting a simple way of life, they believe in a ‘cottage culture’ approach to hospitality and place great importance in sharing. Allowing the style in your home to be more eclectic, a simple collection of things that you need proudly displayed.

Glossy Brass Ceiling Pendants

The addition of polished brass in different shapes pushes the boundaries of the conventional design and adds a touch of glamour without being ostentatious.

Whilst natural materials have always been used in Danish design, a more modern addition is to add leathers and suede into the room. It’s better to select worn and comfortable accents, as simply plonking a brand new leather sofa in the room will definitely not work!

Design for the People Strap Ceiling Pendants

Effortlessly simple, the Strap range feature all the classic design features of the look, with the added design of a leather look strap at the top of the shade. Supplied with a pale brown and a black strap, you can choose the one that best suits your decor.

Feathers are a welcome contemporary edge to the design. Whether you choose to add pictures, prints or three dimensional feathers to the design, they’re sure to offer a welcome softness.

Hübsch Home NATURAL oak picture frame with feather picture

VITA Copenhagen EOS white feather shade (large)

The Eso, by designers Vita Copenhagen is an easy-fit lamp shade with feathers that overlap for a full and textured look. An instant soothing impact to any modern design.

The Danes love nature, so ensure that you don’t cover your windows. If your view is not particularly inspiring, then try adding simple pot plants or window boxes to the windowsill to keep the focus on your design instead.

Design For The People CAGE design ceiling pendant in a brass finish

This caged ceiling pendant is perfect for ensuring windows can be viewed without interruption, yet it still creates a powerful, contemporary statement that works in a Scandi inspired room.

So, get creative and up-cycle your Scandinavian room!

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