How To Light Your Dining Room

If you don’t have the lighting in your dining room quite right, it’s something you’re really going to notice. This is a room where you’ll want to entertain guests, help the kids with their homework, or enjoy a peaceful meal with someone special, dining room lighting can make a huge impact, and therefore you need to get this just right.

You may often ask yourself how to light a dining room. However, you don’t need to worry, we have all the information you need to get your dining room lighting exactly the way you want it.

Cayden light

Dining Room Ceiling Lights

If you’re wondering about what the best positioning would be best when hanging pendants above a table in your dining room, we have a guide to help.

If you’re thinking about having a cluster light above your dining room table, as a rough guide we would say that usually odd numbers work better, with 3 being the most popular.

What height should lights be above a dining table?

The grouping should be tight enough that the edge of the outside lights doesn’t overhang the table, ideally at least 20-30cm in from the edge.

How To hang Multiple Pendants Over A Table:

  • Start by measuring the length of the table in cm.
  • Use the number of pendants you’d like to use and add an extra one (for calculation purposes only).
  • Divide the length by the number of pendants (including the extra one).
  • This will give you the measurement to hang the ceiling pendants apart (starting from the central point).
  • The shade diameter should be no more than half of the measurement you use for your spacing.

Lights For Dining Rooms With High Ceilings

Rise and fall

Rise and fall ceiling lights are perfect for lighting dining rooms, its adjustable feature enables you to alter the pool of light depending on the setting. You might want the light positioned lower if you’re working at the table and higher when having a meal, spreading the light out to cover a wider area.

Ceiling cluster

A circular cluster pendant such as this one would be perfect for round or square dining room tables, enabling an even amount of light to be spread throughout the area.

brock ceiling pendant

You don’t necessarily need to choose a cluster pendant for above your table, this 5 light ceiling pendant would give off plenty of light, it can also be adjusted to suit a variety of ceiling heights.

Dining Room Lights For Low Ceilings

Spot light

This spotlight bar is a perfect solution if you have a low ceiling in your dining room. You can also adjust the spotlights, enabling you to alter the direction of light to exactly the way you want it.

Dining room ceiling light

This 6 light semi flush ceiling light would enable you to add a decorative element to your dining room and creates a wide array of light.

Ceiling light

This ceiling light is ideal for low ceiling heights and still gives of a lovely amount of light. This light adds elegance and style to your dining room.

Dining Room Wall Lights

Wall Light

Wall lights are perfect for when you don’t want your ceiling light on, perhaps later in the evening when you’re winding down.

Wall light

You can also use wall lights to create a decorative feature in your dining room, like with this large, nature inspired light.

Table and Floor Lamps For Dining Rooms

Not everyone has room for table and floor lamps in their dining room, but if you do, then adding these can really make a difference to the lighting in your dining room.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps are ideal for adding extra light to corners of your dining room, and making a cosier atmosphere if you don’t want your ceiling light on.

Table lamp

Table lamps are perfect to sit on a sideboard to brighten up other areas of the room or ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

A combination of these light fittings can help to create a lovely ambience. So which will you choose to light your dining room?

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