Lighting 100 years of Art Deco

Art Deco lighting; A century of interior style.

From original inceptions to the latest bright new interpretations from the 20’s to the 20’s are the decades that changed the way we light our homes.

In celebration of the birth of art deco lighting, we look at the bright new stars, “Modern Deco”, launched for 2020; a shiny new take on old classic lighting styles of the past.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 INDRA 9 light natural brass chandelier with opal glass globe shades

Art Deco has most definitely returned, we see the signature geometric motifs used liberally in home interior sectors.  Wall covering, floor coverings, accessories, soft furnishings and lighting has all gone decidedly deco. Far from rolling back the years and recreating looks of the past; we are turning on to a brighter streamlined take on the original deco. Art deco lighting is reworked into a fresher, altogether more contemporary deco style.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 PAULITA Bathroom Light Flush Polished Chrome And Clear Glass IP44

Much admired 1920-1930’s light fittings were all the rage in the 20’s. This was true, original Deco but in the 2020’s, modernity has taken over from nostalgia. With advanced technology and superior materials, the scope for refinement was blindingly obvious. Can you improve upon the classics of the art deco period? Oh Yes!

Modern lighting standards in the UK have advanced in the last 100 years. One of the benefits is that lights now afford much better protection. Lamps and light bulbs have reached much higher standards of efficiencies too, one of the biggest leaps forward is the introduction of LED, which is altogether a much better form of lighting than the old-style lamps and bulbs.

Davey Lighting PILLAR offset LED wall light in polished chrome

It’s Deco; styled up and relevant with modern lights for modern homes. Modern Deco is awash with bright new styles and represents the fresh new breed of deco inspired lights. These offer the perfect solution for those that admire deco style but live in a modern home.We see this style stealing the high society looks that we associate with decadent cruise ships of the raring 20’s, reinvigorated with smarter contrasting textures and restricted colour ways. It has become smarter, more modern, with subtle decorative effects that lend an air of quality to a room. 

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 ENSIO Table Lamp Matt Mid Century style Black & Opal Glass

You’ll begin to see the glass elements of lighting becoming the predominant feature of the new look deco lighting. Be intrigued by the vast array of glass and their varying effects. You’ll see iced, frosted, opaline and textured glass, all utilised to great effect. There’s a deco style to appeal to every taste.

Varying glass styles including mouthblown glass, moulded glass, prismatic glass and holophane glass bring a wealth of choice to the table. Refractions and reflections illuminating every room in the home. Lighting ceilings, walls with opulent rich warm light can only be attributed to gorgeous glass light and light shades. Glass has a luxury like no other material.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 AVARI Ceiling Pendant Satin Brass And Clear Frosted Ice Glass Globe Shade

What benefits does glass lighting bring? Plenty; it’s decorative, doesn’t tie you to set colours -anything goes with clear glass and it’s easy to clean and durable. Lighting and glass have always worked well in partnership and the new look deco is sure to be a clear winning combination, bringing a fresh vitality to enliven your home.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 PHILLIPA Glass Ceiling Light Pendant Textured Glass And Polished Chrome

Original art deco lamps and select quality replica’s will always have a place in the hearts and in the homes of the purists. If you have a 1920’s home you may wish to opt for the real thing, or an authentic looking reproduction. However, lamps of the era or historic replicas of ceiling, wall, floor and standard lamps can look out of context in a modern home, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t borrow a little of the high society looks to bring a touch of Deco Glam to our homes.

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