Lighting a Child’s Room; Ideas and Tips

ryerpillar-ceiling-pendant-light-p934-881_image Childs Bedroom LightBabies Room….Every parent wants the very best for their new baby. Their world should be filled with colourful fun things to stimulate them. A colourful light can act much as a mobile does by attracting and entertaining the child. The Lighting Company has a super range of children’s lights to choose from. Top tip – choose a light that looks toy like for the ceiling and make it part of the bedtime routine. Saying “nighty nighty to Mr. Light” can help the very young if they know that the light also goes to sleep. Many of the children’s lights to buy from The Lighting Company have names.  ‘Ruby’ is a lovely little caterpillar light (shown above). Some parents prefer to have a dim light so they can peep in and check on their baby during the night. Also some children want, or need, the security of a dim light. If this is the case fit a dimmer switch on the wall and dim the light down low when it’s time for sleep. Alternatively invest in a small dimly lit lamp. Please take great care that it isn’t positioned near the cot or bed as any trailing cables can be dangerous.

Room to Grow…….You may prefer to have a lighting scheme that is suitable for both younger and older children. The basics of this type of lighting is getting a core scheme that is suitable for small children and will still appeal to the older child – we call it giving them ‘room to grow’. Lighting for a child’s room isn’t too difficult when you think about it. We all want a light that can be switched on as you walk into the room and this will generally be a centre light. We want a good reading light and some mood lighting for relaxing. The key is to opt for sensible ceiling lights which can either be fun coloured spotlights or a brightly coloured shade. Both of these types of light will be colourful enough for the young and can work well with the ‘Barbie’ bedding’ or the boutique hotel bedroom or alternatively ‘Bob the Builder’ or Body Builder! We recommend fun and functional but not too tied to an age group. Team the ceiling light with a bedside wall light in a matching style ensuring that it is cool to the touch. If you can have a wall light that switches on and off from the fitting, it will give you the opportunity to reduce the light level if needed. It may also a good idea if this type of light can be mounted on the wall above a desk or table to be used as a study light when the child gets a little older.

Any free standing table lamps should be out of reach of toddlers. Lighting a child room or play room consider how hot light bulbs can be, when ever possible choose lights that are cooler to the touch. Some of the coolest bulbs on the market are also the most energy saving too. LED bulbs are both energy saving and cooler to the touch. Most parents and Guardians with older children to care for will agree, kids just don’t think about switching lights off. Low energy could save you money as your child grows.

Grandparents often wish to be involved too! At The Lighting Company we have noticed a growing trend for Nanny & Gramps buying babies first light. Why not, there really wasn’t this type of cute lighting when they had their babies.

If you have any specific questions about lighting, you may find the answer on our Frequently asked questions page alternatively email us we’ll be happy to help.

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