Lighting | Go Upwardly Mobile with Structured Statement Lights

The Lighting Company, experts in decorative lighting encourages us all to see our ceilings in a new light.

In recent years, we’ve spent an increasing amount of time on our devices, looking down and staying in touch with all the latest news and fads. We’re all guilty of it and one of the things that we could be missing out on is appreciating what it around us. If you looked up now, what would you see? A plastic suspension that’s yellowed in age with a tatty lampshade? A light that you’ve lived with for years but no longer like? Or a ceiling light that captivates your attention and satisfies the creativity within your soul? If it’s not the latter, it’s time to look up and change things!


Everything has a beginning, a concept before creation. Lighting is no exception. There’s a structure and method behind all things, a prime example is; well – us! DNA is the basis for the building blocks of life, a defining ladder of information that determines everything about us. In a way our ideas and designs are the DNA of our creations. The flowing structure also creates the feeling of movement which in today’s sedentary world is a captivating concept. Upwardly Mobile will have you looking up in awe.



There’s something both interesting and unobtrusive about objects with transparency. It evokes an airy and honest feel with nothing to hide and with the beauty of filament LED bulbs of today, you’ll be proud to make them part of the display! Make a clear statement with a structural piece.



These are not simply light fittings but also works of art, evoking feelings of infinity, wonder and creation. Whether they’re there to compliment or contrast the surroundings they stand out as feature pieces, much like a statue or artwork structure in a park. They can turn the most simple of rooms into one of observation, drawing the eye to their prized centre piece. Whether they’re made with infinitely curved lines or built to order with straight structured edges movement remains consistently evoked.

So what style appeals to you? Here at the Lighting Company, we pride ourselves on the vast array of lights that we can offer, catering to everyone’s unique sense of style.



Geometric style has been around for a long time and has proved popular with many people adopting the design into their homes.

The Coen copper ceiling pendant brings structure and light to your interior with a beautifully warm metallic finish. Give your dining room table or kitchen island the creative light it deserves.

The Diamond range illuminates your walls with its contemporary, sleek and geometric design. A soft, warm light suitable for any living space.



We’re used to seeing elaborate structures in public places but rarely do we see them in our own homes. Take a look below at some truly awe inspiring pieces that will have you looking up from your phone in no time!

The Broche ceiling chandelier pendant is an extra large sculptural statement piece with a fluid design integrated with LED technology. With an extra long cable this fitting would be well suited to a high ceiling room and is sure to fill any void.



The Orb pendant chandeliers offer a traditional take on the structured theme, a feeling of infinity and motion to illuminate both small and grand interiors.



A contemporary feature light made up of LED ring structures, able to be adjusted at installation for an abstract look this light gives off the aesthetic of the ever moving planetary ring systems. A real eye catcher and must have for the modern enthusiast.


Get mobile with structured statement lights!

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