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Are you looking to revamp a room this year and perplexed with what lighting style you should opt for?

This blog seeks to show you it’s better to simply know the styles that appeal to you rather than copy someone else’s vision.

Explore the world of lighting trends...

At The Lighting Company we seek to spotlight trends and style that resonate with home makers to provide inspiration, we obviously focus on lighting that’s trendy

However with so many influential styles to choose from what is the one style that makes you feel at home?

We’ve got trends coming out of our ears sometimes you’ll find opposing style that are both trendy, we’ve sang the praises of minimalism and the opposing maximalism. Which is best? The one you like the most, but when you look at both you can clearly see both have merits…… confused!

This is the current list of all the trendy trends.

You can see that dramatic darks are trendy but so is clear glass and clarity. One may suit you for a moment whilst the other you could live with for longer.

We’ve devised a surprising good personality test to show you what your true style is. If you just adore the feel of real wood and enjoy the textures you may be what we call a ‘Texturist’. Take this quiz and find out!

Free Personality Quiz to shed Light on your Interior Style!

Your personality is linked to what makes you happy on an emotional level, what you love deep down and you know it but the influences of the world and the styles you see may make you question if your style is right. It is! If you like it; it’s right.

Our quiz will give you the results explaining what you like. It will also give a little advice and insight into how others see your style. Armed with this useful personal insight you’ll be certain to make a style choice that you’ll be happy with not just today but for years and years to come.

What is a texturist? Just one of the possible outcomes but read on you may see yourself in this description?


Someone who has a feel for material sourced from nature.

You hold a deep connection and appreciation for the wonderment of natures patterns.

You’re lucky to have a predisposition to see the value and aesthetic qualities of the natural world.

The beauty you are able to see delights you and will appeal to you, irrespective of price points. Basic clay, linens and wood are as highly prized as granite and marble.

You are masterful with layering nature’s forms with a solid foundation in interior designs. You may also find that your love of nature affects most parts of your life in varying degrees.

Artefacts such as shells, stones and fossils fascinate you and you are able to enjoy the artisan created versions, appreciating the textures and attention to detail; it’s what keeps you enthralled.

You’re not opposed to structure. This structure doesn’t always confirm; you love the effect that time has on an object. You will find that you are drawn to tarnished and aged metals too.

 Your love of botany is clear to see in your garden and throughout your home. You like the natural softness that greenery brings, especially when dappled with sunlight, or wavering in the breeze.

Earthy natural elements bring you a stillness and offer room for contemplation. You may have an affinity with holistic and organic approaches, believing in the value of restorative leisure activities that lead to emotional wellbeing and balance.

 MIDDLEFIELD 5 light distressed wood and rustic iron chandelier

How do people see you?

Your love of natural qualities can easily be seen in you. Honest and calm, you have an air of familiarity that sees you being asked, ‘do I know you from somewhere?’. Instantly people feel comfortable in your company.

You have a strong, rock solid sense of style and your home has an uncompromising quality born from your love of nature’s colours and textures.

Best advice for a Texturist

You may be prone to over-simplify a design, so do be aware of limiting yourself to rustic looks everywhere. Harness nature’s own joy by bringing the vibrancy of a warm Summer’s day; add a pop of yellow or turquoise to cheer and contrast with the earthy tones. If you’re not a fan of bright colour, try enlivening with occasional pops of metallics; copper and brass to bring a warmth and luxury.

The David Hunt Lighting Collection SNAKE bronze wall light complete with almond cream satin shade

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