Lighting the Path to Autumn

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The Clocks Rewind

Let the soft warm light and colours of autumn into your home! Are you ready to hunker into autumn? Is your home your cosy retreat?

Are you ready to hunker into Autumn? Is your home a cosy haven for this autumn?

On the 27th October at 2am, the clocks will go back an hour.

The idea was first suggested by William Willet who spent his days trying to persuade everyone putting the clocks back was a good idea.

No one was convinced at first but it was later adopted by law in 1916.

So how much light are we getting in October?  

The sun provides us with around 11 hours of daylight on average and about 13 hours of darkness. Compared to the heights of summer which can be as much as 16 hours of light a day.

The daylight hours will drop again to lowest levels with an average of just 8 hours in December to an average of 16 hours of darkness per day.

Darkness does not Exist. There is only Light.

When we were researching, we were amazed to discover darkness does not exist at all.

There is only light.

Darkness is just the absence of light. Simply it is a lack of illumination (wiki source).

We’re all familiar with how a dimly lit room can make you feel a little dreary or tired.

By the same token, a bright or ambient room can make you feel more awake or relaxed.

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“Use the Dark Side of the Force”

Literary masters, including Shakespeare himself often used the metaphor of darkness to evoke a sense of fear, characters such as “the prince of darkness” in King Lear.

We’ve all heard about “using the dark side of the force” in Star Wars, evoking the darker side of our emotions.

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We all are familiar with how darkness can make us feel. We understand darkness can affect our mood and stop the brain producing so much serotonin, or “happy chemical”. So, knowing this………

We are on hand to illuminate your homes with light that brings all colour to life. We don’t want you to be afraid of the dark!

Interiors 1900 Large Tiffany Lamp with beautiful hand made colourful stained glass

Autumn is here but rather than be sad about the passing summer why not look on the bright side.

It’s a time to enjoy the simple pleasure of being at home, cosied up and protected. Autumnal times are to treasure.

Hygge Moments

Hygge moments, the simple pleasure of a warm room, protected from the elements, enveloped in ambient soft light and tactile throws.

Many of us are saddened by the darker evening, but we at The Lighting Company prefer to look on the bright side.

The Autumn months with those crisp, cold days with rich colours.

Darker evenings that make you appreciate arriving home to your warm, cosy home. And of course a delightful little lamp light that lifts our spirits is a treat see.

Lighting really is one of the joys of Autumn.

Interiors 1900 Green Dragonfly A little Green Lamp for your homes

Autumn is a perfect time to make your home ready for winter. Getting hunkered in and cosy, surrounded by comfort. Refreshing the appeal of your home.

The clocks going back is the catalyst  for updating your lighting, adding extra lamps and lighting to enhance the home.

Lighting is so important as the nights draw in the evening and mornings transition from a wee bit dull to dark. When you get up and get home in the dark it’s unsurprising it effects your mood.

Bathed in Warm Light

Adding lamps and replacing light bulbs helps to lift the overall illumination levels and in turn can lighten you mood!

We need to be bathed in a warm light to feel comfortable and at ease. Darkness strips the homely feel from our living spaces. Even a smartly styled home can look forlorn in a dismal light.

Darker homes seem to be less welcoming that well lit homes. Why not simply add a touch brightness.

Little spots of glowing light brings home to life. It’s so magical to see light beckoning you home as you walk towards your front door.

New York Lighting Collection TOURNAI Grand Gothic Outdoor Wall Lantern

Aside from this delightful seasonal glow, front door lights are entirely practical.

Being able to see as you get your key into the door for one. Light makes you feel and be safer.

A well lit pathway, steps and entrance lights allows you and your guests to see trip hazards clearly.

A well lit home is also less likely to have criminals approach as they too can been seen clearly. Ner-do-wells stay in the shadows.

“If the Soul is left in Darkness, Sins will be Committed”

Victor Hugo- Les Miserables

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Good lighting makes your home seem welcoming and cosy, a place recharge your batteries, spend longer evenings with the family watching TV or sharing a feel good winter warming super.

Enliven your room by adding small lamps. Even a tiny little lamp can banish the shadows in the corners of rooms.

Back door lights allow you to collect the frozen clothes from the line or allow you to wonder to call the cat in for bedtime.

David Hunt Lighting PEMBROKE round Bulkhead Outdoor Light IP44 Rated in Traditional/Coastal Style

David Hunt Lighting WINCHESTER outdoor Wall Light – Arched panels in Gothic Styling

The Artistry of the Natural World

We can wonder at the seasons, feel humbled by the artistry of the natural world, where rich russet, reds, orange yellow, gold help enliven the grey of the skies.

Autumn, is a time of making ready for the winter season. In plants and trees all energy is used wisely, conserved and stored for winter a time to restore and replenish.

We should take a lead from the natural world.

The tree’s gives a final showstopping visual treat as they turn burnished reds gold and amber before becoming still and dormant.

Animals bulk up and and hoard food and make their home snugly cosy for the winter ahead.

We hope we have inspired you to embrace the warmth of light in your homes this Autumn.

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From all of us at The Lighting Company we wish you a warm and cosy autumn.

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