Lighting Trend 2016: Scandi Sanctuary

The Scandinavian style focuses on natural materials, simplicity and functionality. If you needed an excuse to de-clutter look no further! To implement this trend keep things light and think tactile. If something fails to serve a purpose – remove it. Over accessorising is contradictory to this trend and believe us when we say a clean space brings calm!

A great place to start is the floor, a light wooden floor is iconic of the Scandinavian look and it gives a fresh natural feel which often makes the room feel larger. Quite often you’ll find yourself surprised at how nice the wooden slats beneath your living room carpet are, and with a little work on them you’ll have a Scandi floor to be proud of. Don’t be afraid to show off your wooden surfaces! Wood is a big part of this design trend so any desks, tables, chairs or bookcases that are made of wood need to be on show. Pale coloured wood is the typical look, if needed apply a bit of grey, blue or white paint wash to any wood than has a bit too much of a yellow tone. Cooler colours are key in the Scandinavian look.

gauchoandpyramidroomsetlandscape (1)

There are many products which continue with the wooden feature which are perfect for this interior trend. This look focuses very much so on “outdoor living” and no other material achieves this as much as wood. Consider a wooden floor lamp such as the Easel or a Gaucho pendant to suspend over your dining room table. You could also add to the feel of outdoor living by adding a bit of greenery, staying wary not to over accessorize a plant or two on a shelf or windowsill wouldn’t go amiss. If you’re longing for even more of the outdoors and only have one small window in your room then a great little trick to use is popping a mirror on the opposing wall. We all like to make our rooms feel larger than they really are, and a great way to do this is by adding a mirror or two. Thankfully mirrors are a common feature in the Scandinavian theme, so prop one up in your room to get that illusion of added space and if it’s opposite a window you’ll get the illusion of the outdoors indoors!

We’ve mentioned lighting, this is one element that must never be overlooked in any style room, more so in a Scandinavian inspired room. A light filled fresh scandi look cannot be achieved without light. Even if by day the room is perfectly light and bright by evening time you’re light filled room will be a little dismal without lamps and light fittings.

“What type of light can be described as Scandinavian?”

That’s a really good question, it’s worth looking for a few tell tales signs to help you choose the most suitable lights. Lights in the main tend to be simple practical shapes, pale colours, many have pale wood but crucially every light suits the purpose. Let’s explain this a little further. A pendant light with light directed down over a table, a tall lamp or spotlight lamp at the side of your fave reading chair, a desk lamp at your work station. All of these are required to be there for a reason. You may also find that little clip on spotlights are used on shelves and bedheads.

Always add just one lamp with a little quirk or personality this brings that uniqueness to a room and makes the space friendlier. A faux plant is also a great way to add a bit of personality and colour.

Ellie D’s Top tip:

If lights are clipped on or near other objects use low energy LED bulbs as these are cooler and will stop you scorching fabrics and books. 

Plastics are not an uncommon sight in a Scandi room, often featuring bold lines and simple shapes. Expect to see them feature in various furniture from chairs and tables to the lighting! Just look at the beautiful Thistle pendant below.


Although the architecture of your house may not be something you can alter you can change the layout of furniture for this next one, clean lines. Traditionally Scandinavian interiors display very clean lines in its architecture and furniture. This is another way to keep things uncluttered and purposeful. Arranging things in an orderly and structured fashion is particular to the trend and keeps your room feeling tidy, ideal!

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