Lighting Trend: Technical Lights

Have you ever wanted your lighting to bring you a little more?

Here at the Lighting Company, we’ve got a great selection of lights that are teamed with additional features to offer unrivaled convenience.

Lights that are bringing you a little more than just light… Technical lighting. In our busy lives we’re always seeking convenience, the little things that offer something more to make it all a bit easier.

Technical lighting offers just that, not only do they bring light into our lives but they also function in other ways. From simple storage units to mobile chargers, this multi functional lighting trend is on hand to help.

How about a light that also functions as a side table? Picture additional light and a useful side table next to your living room sofa. With illumination coming from the table structure itself it frees up the surface entirely, no side lamp necessary on this one! The LED light table from our Nordium collection (pictured below) is the perfect bedside/chair side companion.

LED Light Table

Sticking to the subject of storage there are many lights within the technical lighting trend which function as shelves. Take the SHELFIE wall light from our Globen Lighting Collection (pictured below). An airy frame structure perfect for mounting to any wall, being plug in powered also means there’s no need for wall channelling – simply mount, plug into a socket and away you go!

SHELFIE Wall Light

If you have a thirst for creativity then perhaps you find yourself with a desk space that could do with a little more organisation. Desk space is still a priority here so sometimes a pencil pot and a lamp may be a little too much to ask – worry not! The TIDY LED desk lamp (pictured below) is the best of both. A paired back design ready to illuminate and organise your work space.

TIDY LED desk lamp

With a life that has us constantly on the move there’s one such device we’re prone to keep with us at all times… A mobile phone. Sometimes this little extension of our arm fails to remain as charged up as us ourselves, so somewhere else convenient to charge is something we wouldn’t sniff at! We have an ever growing range of lighting, and we’re beginning to see the introduction of built in USB slots and even wireless inductive chargers.

The DARA touch lamp (pictured below) is a simple modern design with an in built USB slot to charge your devices. A 3 stage touch dimmer allowing for ambient lighting, great for a lounge or bedroom.

DARA Touch Lamp

For those with select smart devices; sometimes the convenience of just placing your device down somewhere is better than wiring it up. Look no further than lights with wireless charging! The CHARGED LED table lamp (pictured below) from our Nordium Lighting range has a contemporary slimline design with a rectangular base that features an in built inductive charger. Pop your phone down on the base and voila! The lamp is charging your phone.

What else could Technical Lighting possibly offer? Well other than storage and charging we also see lighting with Bluetooth speakers! The beautiful blend of light and sound. Take the ETA LED wall light (pictured below) from our The Lighting Book collection for example. Featuring a back lit LED as well as an independently switch reading arm it has an integrated Bluetooth speaker. Why not drift off to some of your favourite relaxing music?

You’re sure to find lighting with little extras that benefit you in the Technical Lighting Trend. Browse the full range of technical lighting here: Technical Lighting.

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