New Country Lights: Lighting for today’s lifestyles.

New Country: Lighting for today’s lifestyles.

This trend sees a far more relaxed style of living, so in turn, lighting that sits akin to that has stepped into the spotlight. An effortlessly modern style aesthetic we are calling ‘new country’, this has a familiar feel that draws from the known shapes of traditional light fittings, yet softened with lighter hues. Materials and finishes such as pale painted metals, light wood, china and natural weave fabrics are the style choices for folks with young families.

Some glass jar shaped pendants teamed with copper, brass or grey silvers are also being selected for grown up spaces. You may also see an occasional colour pop of pale blue, green or pink although most examples are neutral, pale, refined and dignified. 

New York Lighting Collection  BRINLEY vintage glass jar ceiling pendant cluster with bronze suspension (6lt)

Derived from country kitchen style such as the ever popular shaker kitchens, lighting has personalised what can end up being quite a standard look. Pendants and lamps can be used to bring the personality to a home, imminently for open space living, it’s perfectly mix and match-able lamps.  Simple styles and the use of quality materials keeps the look more casual and inclusive. Durability of this collection of lamp fixtures is key. The gorgeous looks, the ease of use and function of these light fixtures brings a lasting endurance. They’re easy to keep clean and remain looking good for many years, so it’s no small wonder the lights are naturally found illuminating kitchens and dining rooms.

The Lighting Book  ARVIN 3 light pendant bar in antique chrome with clear glass shades

We’ve noticed of late that there’s a pull and gravitas of old style lamp shapes yet todays lifestyles are not so dull and dowdy as days of old. Things have become nostalgic but without slavishly following the old fashioned country styles, gone is the dark rustic wood. Country style is rather more modern it’s fresher, brighter and lighter. New country has a touch of Scandinavian style, a touch retro and a wee bit industrial. I guess we’d call it contemporary yet is doesn’t quite fit the labels. It’s not so much a type it’s more that feeling of being comfortable with it and in it’s surroundings.

The Lighting Book  BLYTON 3 light rustic wooden floor lamp with shades

Not technical or complex, these lights are easily understood, uncomplicated and very pleasing on the eye. Pendant lamps in easy-to-live-with shapes never go out of fashion. It’s just the same as those domed shaped hanging lamps; you know it’s going to look just right above a table, in a kitchen or dining room.

If you are not a huge fan of the contrived and try to avoid ‘matchy-matchy’, you’ll love the new country style lights and lamps. They are relatable to each other, of a similar ilk, but not the same which means the various styles sit nicely in a room together, complimenting but not competing with other objects. You can design your home to best suit your way of living and your own unique style. Accomplished and refined without shouting about it; that’s new country. I guess that why this collection of lighting is one you can feel at home with straight away. It’s good looking lighting that fits with today’s way of living.

Lighting that suits your lifestyle.

The selection of lights within the trend new country are remarkably resilient, painted metal lamps and pendant lights that cope admirably with family living. The robust light fixtures mean you can finish the look of your home with nice things, (even with rambunctious children!), so you don’t have to go bog standard basic and boring. Simply buy sturdy pendants from the new country selection, hand picked to be ‘of the moment’ yet will remain looking nice for decades.

If you have an open plan rooms you’ll no doubt want some form of zoning. One of the best ways to do this is by arranging lighting to focus the eye in certain area’s within a space. Lighting not only illuminates the area for specific tasks such as food prep or relaxing it also makes sense of the space, almost storytelling what the areas should be used for.

Transitional Lighting

Transitional is a great way of describing what new country is, not only does it sit well with different era’s and styles of properties too numerous to mention but it also works well as you transition from one room to the next. Nothing jars; it all just looks right! If you are looking for a quick refresh in your home but can’t quite stretch to a full room makeover you may want to consider light fitting and lamps from this selection, they look good in any style of decor and with any style of furniture. Absolute winners as far as we are concerned. Explore the full collection of lighting suitable for your lifestyle, new country lighting, hand picked for the way we live.

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