New Year, New Look, Fresh Inspirations.


As we set foot into the new year we are excited to share some of the new inspirational trends, we’ll introduce you to these as the year unfolds. Over the next 12 months we’ll be pledging to show you the pick of the best lighting, the trending colours and latest style inspirations. Those of you who regularly read our blog will know we have our fingers poised on the interior design world pulse. We make it our business to know what’s what and what’s hot, this enables us to provide you with insights to delight the interior fashionista’s and professional interior design architects that we are proud to call customers.



If you’ve just today stumbled onto our blog, welcome! We hope our blogs will give you fresh new inspiration for your home or business. You’ll also find many more articles and tips for home decor in our digital magazine, be sure to sign up for this it’s free for VIP subscribers. All we ask is a name and email address and we’ll periodically send you discounts and early invites to sales and offers along with our colour and image rich magazine. You can unsubscribe anytime you wish or read and enjoy fresh new home styling idea’s for free. We won’t ever charge you for this, we just enjoy sharing good idea’s and tips. The ability to see good design and inspiration we believe is a basic right!


This first quarter of the year we’ll introduce 3 key interior concepts for home and hospitality interiors. We hope you love these as much as we do. We’ve been busy all year ensuring we bring you the best selection of lighting at affordable price points, but more than that we know that lighting is part of an overall decorative theme. For that reason we source more than good value lighting we make sure that it’s what you want, on trend design led beautiful lighting to perfectly light and accessories your home. Lighting is the one element that brings most to the party. Good lighting should be good looking, a style statement, flood a space with light and or make it atmospheric and bathed in ambient light. We take our role as lighting suppliers very seriously, our mission is to bring you choices galore. In our monthly style concepts we aim to edit and tailor the collection for you, we’ll handpick a selection of trending or emerging trends to showcase just a small selection. If we were a restaurant this is your amuse bouche, a bite sized taster of the delights that you discover as the months unfold.


First on the runway for your delectation is… Drum roll please!





This delightful concept puts glass in the spotlight. Be it glass pendant lights, glass boxes, vases, ornaments or picture frames these simple affordable items are curated and grouped to great effect. You’ll see more about this trend in our January Blog.





Everything is coming up Roses. Pretty petal pinks and rose tinted themes for the home. Be it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room you’ll see everything coming up roses. When you choose the pretty perfect pink colour for your home decor opt for nude and naked pinks! Blush! Risque pinks! Call back and read more in February when the romance and scented roses fills the air, perfect timing don’t you think, almost like we planned it so you’ll have a fully submersion experience. Perfect pinks subtly added to the decor brings an unexpected luxurious touch teamed with soft metallic gold, copper, and soft silvers. You’ll be impressed with glorious colour rich images, styling secrets, tips and suggestions. We simply cannot wait to show you more.





A playful style concept where misconceptions and rules are challenged. Expect to see the unexpected, shapes are shifted and scale is mischievously disrespected. With a few key items a simple room can be a punchy powerful stylish statement. Whilst this concept looks great in large open plan spaces and modern homes, you’ll be amazed to find that even in a traditional setting a break from the reverence we normally expect can enhance it bringing a sense of drama. If you’re looking to enliven a traditional decor by bringing a smidgen of modernity or create a visual explosion in a contemporary home you should certainly come back and consider this concept – full story will be on this blog in March.


We hope you’re intrigued by the sneak peaks of what’s to come. There are 9 more to follow these 3 throughout 2017 and we can’t wait to show you all 12 in full detail! Keep an eye on our blog each month to see the latest! Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news, discounts and a free digital magazine below.

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