New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion week has captured our eye this week, in particular the dazzling spectacle of no less than half a million Swarovski crystal embellished garments being sashayed and strutted up the runway.

Crystal certainly adds that touch of luxury that few of us can resist, be it in jewellery, fashion or interior design, everything can be enlivened with a touch of shimmering crystal. Take a peek with us behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. Be inspired by the Swarovski Collective Designers work and gain insights into the inspiration of these beautiful designs.

In their second collaboration of 2016, The Swarovski Collective Designers showcased their stunning AW/16 collections during the New York Fashion Week. The designers received financial support along with the exciting opportunity to experiment with Swarovski’s extraordinary crystal range in their designs. No less than half a million crystals were used in these creations, however a more accurate estimation is somewhere over 556,000, but who’s going to ask for a recount?



Founded in 1999 following Nadja Swarovski’s collaboration with Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, the Swarovski Collective encourages emerging and established designers to explore the creative boundaries of crystal use and craftsmanship. The latest edition of the Swarovski Collective program spans New York, London and Paris fashion weeks, offering the designers year-long financial and crystal product support, plus the chance to win the annual €25,000 Swarovski Collective Prize, the winner of which will be announced in May 2016.



At The Lighting Company, we love to keep our finger on the pulse. Being “In the know” helps us provide our customers with the most creatively inspired Lighting to adorn their homes.

Inspiration can come from a wide and varied number of sources, as anyone who is truly creative will testify. Nature, the environment, a cloud anything can get those juices flowing. It is simply a joy to see a vision evolve into a creation. We’re always captivated by unique design and the inspirations that help shape it.

Why is The Lighting Company interested in fashion you ask? The short answer is (raised shoulders, elbows tucked against my rib cage, palms facing upwards at about shoulder height, a surprised look across my chubby face and 2 little words) “who isn’t?”
I realise this isn’t much of an answer, more of a rhetorical question!

The reason is, what happens in the world of fashion normally happens in the the world of interior design too. It’s important for us to know what is hot, eye-catching and trending within the fashion world and I dare say we’re often ahead of the trends in terms of our lighting ranges. You would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps I am far from a fashionista, as I’m sat here in my oversized jumper and jeans, but I have always had a keen eye for the latest trend!

The Lighting Company sources it’s ranges well in advance and we must ensure we are ahead of global and emerging trends. It’s important for our clients, especially those in the hospitality sectors such as hotels, restaurants, bars to become aware of these new trends ahead of time too. The larger architectural interior design practices need to know what will be fashionable and available the year before and we take pride in being able to give the marketplace the “heads up” a year or more in advance.


Our exclusive digital home interest magazine, ‘INTO the Light’ highlights and showcases many of the current trends for our residential, non trade customers and is a great read for anyone.
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The next blog “New York Fashion Week Takes Centre Stage” will highlight the creative vision behind some of the amazing designs at New York Fashion Week and show you how ahead of the curve we need to be in the wonderful world of lighting:

In the limelight The Swarovski Collective Designers
Tom Coppens.
Creatures of the Wind.
Tanya Taylor.
Dion Lee.
Rosie Assoulin.








Runway Photos by: Dan Lecca

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