Nocturnal – A Captivating Trend Concept for the Hospitality Sector

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Looking for that all important design concept for your bar, restaurant or cafe? To refresh and enliven a scheme, you’ll need that vital yet sometimes elusive ‘spark’ we call inspiration!

If you are on that quest for inspiration, we may have just the answer you are looking for. At the very least we’ll furnish you with some insightful pointers to help you achieve a commercially viable design.

A delightfully atmospheric trend concept, ‘Nocturnal’ brings an ambient sophisticated elegance to any venue. A cleverly created colour pallet that mimics the alluring glow of a perfect sunset.

Punctuated with warm mellow lights that evokes understated luxury, appealing particularly to the hospitality sectors, who open evenings tempting, warm tones, entice and captivate the sophisticated revelers who may be happy to pay a little more for food and beverage when served in a beautiful surrounding. We’ve created what we believe to be an inspirational concept which can be adapted and tweaked to fit perfectly for any evening venue. This core concept can be where the design journey begins; the first meanderings for your own creativity.

Here’s the bare bones of the trend for you to interpret and adapt to better represent your type of hospitality vertical. We’ve made this in a mood board format that we’ve named trend boards to inspire your design starting point. Created for the hospitality sector, but would look equally at ease in your home. We’d love to see how wonderful your nocturnal hotel, bar, restaurant or home design transpires!

Collage of creative ideas for interior design hospitality


Deep, dark midnight blue or dark forest green teamed with rusty, earthy metal, burnished brass, terracotta, dark rich wood and leather provides a deeply rich contrast that provides all important visual cues to evoke informal luxury. Inject an odd orange pop of colour; perhaps a sofa, artwork, orange glass or tee light holders to elevate and accent the whole effect.

Deep dark wood, some salvaged or antique treasures, with soft velour or velvet fabrics; always keeping the colour pallet in mind.

Pools, puddles and pockets of light brings another level of excitement. Lighting must be plentiful, but low level to maintain an ambiance suited to evenings. Enliven with a few quirky finds. A great source of inspiration for hospitality lighting can be found in this section of Lighting Company’s website. Alternatively, ask us about a commissioned bespoke piece if you need a real showstopper of a light fitting.

The use of lighting could be described as a liberal sprinkling, but don’t be concerned about using too many lights, never under estimate what a good lighting scheme brings to the party. Any evening venue needs a good deal of lighting and in this trend it’s crucial for setting the scene and adding ambiance. Imagine if you will, a Christmas tree without lights. Even a shabby tree would look glorious in the dim evening light when dressed with lights.

Large Globe Lantern Light Fitting

Globe lanterns with low level bulbs brings charm for traditional styled venues

Monaghan Light fitting. Black Light again midnight blue wall.

This black Light with gold inner is incredibly atmospheric and dramatic.

Praia Cage Pendant Cluster

Praia Cage Pendant Cluster cage pendant light fitting a stylish addition to hospitality venues.

Box Table Lamps

Why not add a quirky table lamp in alcoves and booths to bring a magical ambiance.

Graypants_SultDenmark02 copy

Lighting adds that magical element to an evenings socialising.

Glass Globe pendant Light

Make an impact with your interior design. Dark colours and plenty of small pendant lights. Lighting for hospitality and contract applications.

Leather detail and vintage style bulbs makes this a charming addition to a bar or restaurant.

Delightful Little Lamp from

Add a small lamp to old furniture to create attractive little focal point.

This simply delightful concept has been suggested as an up and coming trend prediction from our buying team, whose roles depend on early recognition to meet the market’s demands. Based on a number of factors along with trend prediction certainties, you can assured that this trend has a place in your hospitality arena, and will certainly help to attract the social moths to the flame!

Let’s explain why here at The Lighting Company, we are so certain this will be a worthy concept for your consideration.
The shift towards authentic, artisan products mixed with a touch of the exotic is no doubt a trend the culinary minded are aware of already. The same is true in the beverage industry, therefore we all must do more to trump the huge display on offer at supermarkets. We must offer an experience of something new, something presented in a unique or clever way.
Where the magic happens is when a feeling is provoked; a memory awoken, a story told, or a window to a world we may never experience.
Designing a bar, restaurant, or cafe interior without the help of a designer may seem daunting, or perhaps an insurmountable task to some, but what’s most important is all about finding that inspiration or relevance for your brand. Even going along for a first meeting with an interior designer can be a challenge to some, especially if you – like many, feel that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you may still need a design brief. Taking the bare bones of a concept will help your designer, who along with you, will help to choose the best option for you.

Regardless if it’s a DIY makeover, your family business, a new venture, or you are the CEO of a multi-national, the aim of great interiors is to entice footfall to your bar, restaurant, hotel or coffee shop and to keep relevant and interesting to your loyal audience of regulars. This takes skill and judgement; if you are investing in a makeover it’s got to delight, be on trend, have longevity and be on budget.

As the saying goes; “if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly”. Most interiors experts and designers will trawl through a huge range of product to find the most unique, the best price and the latest innovations. You could visit trade and fashion shows and events galore to find that little gem of inspiration to see what technical changes their market wants. It’s worth bearing in mind that it could all be a bit of a risk if your finger is not truly on the pulse of your collective audience.

Partnering with style savvy brands will no doubt help designers spend less time looking for products and more time impressing their clients along with the clients’ clients in turn. When looking for a supplier of product it’s worth remembering your time is valuable so choose a supplier who wants to help you get a great result; they’ll try to save you time whilst thinking ahead to your timescales; making sure things stay on track and hassle free.

Here’s your lighting supplier tick list. Also see the below video for a walk through of this list.

  • A huge selection of lighting.
  • Price points to suit all budgets
  • The skills to produce bespoke pieces
  • Can handle large orders/quantities
  • Awareness and understanding of your industry
  • Provides clear, concise product information
  • Can inspire and accurately interpret your brief.
  • Easy to use systems, websites etc.
  • Aftercare and support
  • ‘Can-do’ attitude
  • Extended Warranties
  • Trade terms

Lighting Company suppliers of on trend lighting

The Lighting Company a great choice lighting supplier.

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