Puppeteers of Light

Light fixtures on strings are becoming more available to domestic consumers. Previously, larger adaptable light fittings have been the domain of larger commercial customers who install lighting features in hotel foyers and grand installations in shopping centres. You know; the light fittings that evoke an audible ‘wow’!

The large lights are configured much like a puppet on strings. Wires can be shortened or lengthened to create an individual looking light fittings. The suspended lights like marionettes taking on characters distinctly different with the subtlety of a slight adjustment.

It stands to reason that this same creativity can be utilised for any house too. Providing you have a tall ceiling in a stairwell void, atrium or vaulted space a large suspended light fitting will allow a bespoke or customised installation.

Artistry with light, can be achieved easily. With the right light fitting you can configure a unique statement light for the space you have.

If you’ve looked longingly at a modern installation in a hotel or if you’re creative, you may be interested in becoming a puppeteer of light! You could be pulling the strings and creating a look that’s perfect for your high ceilings.

These are not a little row of cutesy string lights with butterflies.

These are the large statement lights, modern contemporary lighting that are suspended in free space.


Linspiration Lighting HOOPLA Ultra Modern LED Pendant Light in Matt White


Lokuko Lighting ORBIT tiered crystal hoops LED ceiling pendant light

CONNECTS (click on the image below to watch the video – WOW!)

Modular lighting solutions form our Lokuko Lighting range. Explore the limitless possibilities of Connects and Links to fit your design choices.


KEPLER 65 adjustable LED lens ceiling pendant light


Icarus Lighting FLIGHT Ceiling Pendant Cluster Chrome


Innermost BRIXTON CLUSTER ceiling pendant in copper with black cable


ETERNAL 5 light LED cluster ceiling pendant in copper and crystal finish

Need a Light for a large space or high vaulted room?

Want a feature light? Something impressive, but you’re not a lighting designer what can you choose and not ready to take charge of crafting your own light fitting? Worry not! LightingCompany.co.uk have thought of that too! There’s a raft of lighting styles to suit every budget.

Check out these light clusters. Lighting clusters are great feature lights that are easy to fit and very trendy.


Linspiration Lighting RYLEE Globe Cluster Ceiling Pendant Antique Copper Metal, Opal and Copper Glass


The Lighting Book AURELIA 15 light cluster pendant in copper, dark copper and black


Linspiration Lighting CUSTOM 9 Light Adjustable Arms Ceiling Pendant 9 x 4W LED Dimmable 3000K 2250lm Black/Satin Copper


Icarus Lighting CARNIVAL Cluster Pendant Light Multi-colour Balloons

Lights for high ceilings with bags of personality... View the whole range here!

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