The Festival of Lights; lighting camaraderie

A celebratory look at mood lighting. Creating the right mood regardless of the festivity.

Many world religions celebrate during the Winter months by dedicating a period of time that symbolises the “victory of light over darkness”.

One example of this is Diwali, which brings joy to all, including onlookers. The lights that twinkle against the dark backdrop of Autumn and Winter are truly beautiful and fervently welcomed. Diwali coincides with the shortest day and the darkest night which is always the summit of the celebrations.

Diwali (sometimes referred to as Deepavali) is a Sanskrit word that translates to “rows of lighted lamps”. In Northern India, this row of lamps lit the way for King Rama to return home after defeating his foes, hence why the light is at the centre of the conviviality.

Eclectic Burnished Copper Metal Pendant

The spirit of Diwali is all about inclusivity, kindness, joy and light. During the celebration, the celebrants will adorn themselves in their finest outfits and enter with gregarious spirit into the tradition of sharing gifts and sweets.

Family feasts are shared, with an intense sense of kinship and joy bearing to all. Homes are illuminated brightly, both the interior and the exterior, in the aid to banish the darkness. We could not agree with that sentiment more; banish darkness! That could be our mantra.

Whether you’re religious or not, light spreads joy. So, we support celebrations of light. We have a clear affinity to those who are passionate about lighting. Of course, we would; we’re The Lighting Company, however, it’s not just us who adore light. Think ahead to the Christmas period, can you imagine it without any lights?

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At this time of year, we also see our customers start to reevaluate their current lights, days are shorter and a little darker, so extra lighting is needed. You may be wondering if you should invest in new lights that are brighter for practical reasons. That is simple; just add a task lamp or extra lighting into the room. However, there are some fabulous lamps that bring a seasonal sparkle. A veritable festival of lights!

So, how can you celebrate your own lighting?

Make your home a welcoming and joyful place to rest and recharge. Illumination can greatly affect the aesthetics in a room; after all, ambience IS light, with the effects that it can produce. Little pops of illumination enliven dark corners and add another dimension to rooms. Light gives our interiors its own sense of celebratory joy, a personality, a style, a relaxing atmosphere or welcoming feel.

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There are so many ways that lighting can improve your home to have a more positive impact on your everyday life, we’ve written about circadian rhythm and how important light is to your wellbeing. The effect light has on our mood is undeniable. Show your home some light filled love! By taking the time to get the perfect lighting now will not only enhance your home over the winter months, it will spread joy for years to come.

Seasonal additions.

Moroccan style lamps mimic the spirit of Diwali and are so pretty at Christmas or as a Christmas gift. We adore little peek a boo glimpses of light in these tiny lamps bedecked with intricate patterns stags, birds or butterflies.

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If you need a little extra light in your home, look here for our top picks for task lamps.

Mother and child types, task lamps, reading lights.

Top picks for moods lighting. Cheap boho lights with holes in.

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