Vintage style lighting,Painted pendants and factory Lights.

Vintage style lights, salvaged and ‘up cycled’ lights are now very desirable. The influences stem from a revival of ‘make do and mend’, we’ve become nostalgic! The unfussy utilitarian lights have an honesty of design. Vintage style factory lights, industrial lights, utilitarian painted metal lights all evoke a memory of the simple life. Finding affordable and cheap industrial pendants can be difficult, lets face it- restored version are hugely expensive. Even if you find something in a sorry state, they are still pricy. That being said some people can restore things to a former glory. While many of us would like to we may not have the time energy inclination or skill for that matter. Better in most cases to buy an industrial pendant that is replicated with modern components and wiring is safer by far. Restoring salvaged pendants in to a condition you would display in your home can test the skill and patience of the most ardent ‘do it yourself enthusiast. To be honest, there are only so many lights to be found and fewer still that are worth recycling. Many salvaged lights are just too tatty or problematic to restore and often they don’t have the exact look you envisaged anyway. If you simply don’t have the time to lavish on vintage or salvage factory lights, worry not! ‘The Lighting Company’ has an array of authentic replica factory lights and industrial pendant lights. Replica vintage, industrial and factory style pendants are often more affordable and equally beautiful. Let’s face it a new light rather than a re-worked light is safer, cleaner and easier to install as there are no missing parts. Buying a replica also means you can buy multiples to hang in groups or a row above an island or breakfast bar.

Industrial lights- let us enlighten you. Industrial lighting is a hot trend for 2014 that’s set to stay. Simple functional lighting can be a wow-the exciting textures, the simple quality, Downton Abbey and the like! Yep we’ve seen a glimpse of yesteryear on TV and we like it!

Who would have guessed- old fashioned is fashionable!

If you fancy using Vintage and Industrial style lighting in your home read on, ‘The Lighting Company’ give some idea’s of how to use industrial pendants to best effect in your decor.

Lighting Idea’s!

  • Add your own twist by hanging groups of Vintage style pendant lights together, hanging lights en-masse make a fabulous statement.
  • Using vintage and factory group similar styles of pendants together, look for similar shapes or colours to add greater impact. Small details such as contrasting inners or cable detail can add to the appeal.
  • Hang pendants at staggered heights creates an interest and allows individual pendants some space allowing the beauty of each pendant design  a chance to take the limelight.
  • Consider the size of space you have, if you have a larger spaces afford yourself the luxury of larger pendants, or larger groups  of smaller pendants. Whilst those of us with smaller rooms have smaller pendants and possibly smaller groups. If your space is very small, don’t shy away from one single large pendant.
  • When hanging groups of industrial or vintage lights together, use groups of 3, 5, 7 or 9. Odd numbers look best, for random groupings. Avoid even numbers when hanging pendants as this gives to much of a formal regimented feel and detracts from the collated curated feel that vintage style lights demand. The only exception should be over kitchen islands where a straight line of pendants always looks perfect.
  • If you have lower ceiling heights, hang lights in corners.
  • Vintage and Industrial sits best with brick, wood, metal and stone interiors.
  • We think vintage industrial and factory lights look fabulous in kitchens, open plan rooms, lofts, converted buildings, who am I kidding industrial looks great in most places.
  • If using vintage or factory style lighting in a bathroom think about using exterior lighting -it’s safer! All exterior lights are made to withstand the best of our British weather so should be able to cope with your bathroom too!
  • If you really want the industrial look but cannot face getting an electrician in or if you’re renting perhaps try adding a table lamp or floor lamp.
Pendant lights, metal pendants hung at different heights.

Metal pendants hung en-masse for impact.

Dome shaped factory style pendant lights

Industrial Lights against a brick wall

Industrial pendants Lights

Pendants Lights above a kitchen island or bar


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Row of Desk lamps Nexus @ The Lighting Company

Desk lamps ideal for hotels switch is viable making use simple easy for guests to use.


Pharmacy style pendant light fitting.

Pharmacy Style, industrial box light ‘Zenia’ fabulous kitchen light fitting.












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