What’s Hot in Interiors 2021

A new year beckons. What are the key interior looks for 2021?

2021 interiors are set to become the best reflection of ourselves. Our homes have become to mean so much more to us over recent months. Most rooms have had to adapt to a multi-functional purpose that we didn’t plan for at the beginning of the year!

It’s time to grab control back. We’ve learnt lessons about how adaptable our homes can be. We can embrace this and have a more permanent way of utilising our space which resonates with our personality and requirements, more than ever before.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what lighting looks are hot for 2021:

What Interior Looks are ‘IN’ for 2021:

What Interior Looks are ‘OUT’ for 2021:


Mix and Match

Individualism sums this up. It’s not about conformity, it’s about what you like melding together. Clashing colours show a bold choice! Use what you have and accentuate it with what you love.

chandelier in yellow, red, white and blue

Top Tip for Mix and Match Interiors: Choose timeless pieces and furniture that keep a consistent material and shape. Then don’t be afraid to accessorise!

Statement Pieces

“Go Big or Go Home”; we say “Go Big IN your Home”! This look is all about balance. Statement ceiling lights and showstopping chandeliers teamed with colourful rugs and runners help to delineate and zone spaces, especially in open plan homes.

Top Tip for Interiors with Statement Pieces: Measure carefully! Going big is bold, but going too big is impractical. Ensure that the statement pieces you choose don’t dwarf your room setting (or make you bang your head!).

Rectangular 10 Light Island Chandelier Polished Chrome Crystal

Vintage Bathrooms

Quality ‘me’ time. Bathrooms are increasingly being seen as a place of sanctuary. In recent times, carving out quiet time has been more important than ever. We’re therefore seeing bathrooms incorporating more of a living room theme.

Top Tip for Vintage Style Bathrooms: Cosy up your bathroom space with vintage accents, such as an ornate mirror or upholstered occasional chair.

Bathroom modern crystal 8lt ceiling pendant

Agrarian du jour

Home Comforts. This is a real crowd pleaser, incorporating a harmonious blend of old and new with a cosy cottage feel. Nostalgic and simple but with additions of luxury on a background of nature’s palette.

Top Tip for Agrarian du jour Style Rooms: Use reclaimed woods with gingham, tartan checks and floral prints. Accent with tinted glass and flowers.

rustic 10 light antler ceiling pendant in bleached finish


The Olympics has an impact on our interior designs. This year, they’re being held in Tokyo and we will see a fusion of East meets West in a Scandinavian theme with a Japanese twist. Simple, functional designs with colour schemes from the Orient.

Top Tip for Japanavian Style Rooms: Follow the Scandinavian principles of clean lined, clutter free living, warmed up with vibrant pinks and oranges.

pink and cream easy fit ceiling pendant shade

Monochrome Pops

A perfect partner for those in rented homes or people who want to regularly switch up their look. Blacks, whites and grey backgrounds with colourful collections of bright coloured accessories.

Top Tip for Monochrome Pop Style Rooms: Be as colourful and creative as you wish! Keep it fresh, swap up your colour choices for a quick and easy restyle whenever suits you.

frosted glass globe ceiling pendant light


Like warm rays on a Summer’s day. Warm ochre and mustard tones of yellow instantly lift a space for a cosy fresh feeling that maintains a perfect balance of relaxation and vitality.

Top Tip for Illuminating Rooms: This look works brilliantly with a dark grey or blue backdrop. Use lots of lights and lamps with this look, so you can create the ideal ambience with ease.

ANTLER rustic bleached table and floor lamp


Shabby Chic

Whilst we want our interiors to be relaxing, deliberately worn furniture and lighting has given way to careworn sincerity. Genuine antiques and furniture filled with fond memories are now the look.

Grey with Grey

Greys have been the neutral of choice through most of the “teensies” (2010-2019). This has not gone away, but was has, is to have an entirely grey themed room. It still has a vital part to play in our interiors continuing into the ’20’s, but with bold, punchy colours as an accent.

Traditional Industrial

Industrial style has been around for a long while now, so it’s no surprise that we’re growing tired of it now. Again, this will still be around, but more like a deconstructed version, with elements of luxury metals and softer accessories.

So, here’s to the next stage of the twenties! What will you choose for your interiors for 2021 and beyond?

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