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Adding personality to your home with new homewares and gifts!

2020 was the year for home renovations and now is the time to decorate. Now that we are all spending more time at home, we want our décor to represent our personality and add a refreshing order to our lives. With the launch of our new Homewares and Gifts section on our website we thought it might help to bring your attention to new home décor trends to brighten your home living experience.

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Candles and Candle Holders

Candles and Candle Holders

The invention of candles has been a much-discussed topic between historians. Most believe that they were brought to prominence by the Romans to light their homes and to aid in night-time travels. However, candles were an incredibly important factor in enhancing the experience of religious ceremonies. Although candles have evolved over the years (adding scents and colours) they still hold true to their original use; to create atmosphere and ambience.

Home Candles

Despite no longer being used as one’s primary source of light, the candle has never been more in-trend due to the aesthetic value and beautiful scents filling homes around the country. The best candles add a traditional elegance to any setting and serve to enhance the mood of your home – casting a warm and comfortable glow for all to enjoy.

Here at The Lighting Company, we embrace both the past and present with our excellent collection of scented candles and home fragranced reed diffusers, perfect for special occasions or to simply add a bit of modern tradition to your home.

Luxury Feather Filled Cushions


Luxurious cushions are one of the most important home décor accessories in today’s homes and are certainly one to get right. With many different feather filled cushions to chose from, there is an endless mix of patterned or plain cushions to suit your personality and style.

So how do we know which cushions are right for you? Well, as we are spending more time at home than ever before, it is important that we feel comfortable and relaxed. A soft and fluffy cushion can add a sense of serenity, but it is important that the cushions fit your style.

House of Hickin Cushions

There are many different styles of cushions and it can become confusing when deciding which one you think would fit your sofa. Let us look at a few different aspects that will help you determine what cushion is best for you.

It is all about what makes you feel comfortable, and as strange as it sounds, sometimes with contrast comes comfort. Try matching your armchair or sofa with accent cushions of contrasting colours or experiment with patterned cushions; creams with blues, yellows with greys, plains with stripes, the world is your oyster, and it is always great to experiment.

Luxury Cushions

Material matters! We take pride in our homes and value our aesthetic touch, making homewares and soft furnishings a vital part of our personality. Whether you are someone who enjoys the finer things, with a luxury display of silk, or you might prefer a more rustic aesthetic approach with contrasting sofa-cushion materials. It is all a part of your character and, with our brilliant range of cushions, you can be sure to make the right decision.

Dining and Bar Accessories

Dining and bar

The global pandemic has meant that many of us have not used our dining rooms for their desired purpose as much as we would have liked, as they became home offices and schools. However, we can use this time to look to our future dinner parties and celebrations. For obvious reasons we are learning to spend more time at home and not eating at restaurants, so why not create the restaurant feel in your home? A vintage champagne bucket and matching set of champagne flutes or coups can immediately add character to your dining room setting.

Dining homeware

Enhance your dining experience with decorative plates, bowls and cutlery to give you and your family the fine dining experience, or add some beautiful glassware to your collection and create a bar-like atmosphere, ready for entertaining guests

Faux Flowers and House Plants

Faux flowers & Plants

If we learnt anything in 2020 it was that we enjoy our freedom. We used our spare time going on walks and explored our local areas with a fresh perspective. We enjoyed the beauty of nature and learnt to appreciate the finer things in life, and it is becoming more and more popular to try and capture that sense of escapism by introducing faux flowers, house plants and foliage into our homes.

Artificial flowers

A room can be instantly brightened with a bouquet of colourful flowers, adding a rejuvenating new look to your home, and people are quickly jumping on the faux flower trend to freshen up their home décor. Unrestricted by seasonal blooms, faux flowers offer an excellent alternative, allowing you to decorate your home with your favourite flowers with no hassle.

Faux house plants

Here at The Lighting Company, we are constantly monitoring new trends and styles to bring you the most up-to-date products. Our minimalist glass lightbulb with succulent is a personal favourite, connecting home accessories with our wonderful range of lighting.

On Trend Furniture


As we go through changes in our lives, so too, should our furniture. I want you to look at the furniture in your home as a personified version of yourself; what does the furniture say about you? The fixtures and cabinetry we display in our homes expresses our unique style whilst providing us with comfort and clarity day in, day out. Furniture is very personal, but it is always important to keep an eye on current trends for furniture inspiration. Here are a few 2021 trends for you to take a look at:

Furniture UK

Textured furniture. Texture is an important part of our interaction with our homes, so, in 2020 we saw a lot of new textured pieces enter our homes through wallpaper and wooden wall fittings. In 2021 we turn to furniture to bring that aesthetic. This does not mean we say goodbye to our smooth and simple mirrors and drawers but upgrading to something with a bit more personality could improve our perceptions of our homes. By incorporating a textured console table in your hallway or lounge, you bring attention to an object that was previously a background piece.

Tables and Chairs UK

Urbanism. The popular industrial look has evolved over the last decade into a mix of Mid-Century and retro that we call Urbanism. The urban look gained popularity from TV shows such as ‘Tiny House Living’ on Netflix which features renovation experts who assist families in building their dream ‘tiny home.’ Viewers were amazed that such small spaces could look so desirable when designed with a minimalist urban touch. Sometimes described as ‘loft living’, the urban style uses open space in an unconventional way where everything is on display. Whilst it is true that the urban look commonly features deep and natural colours, this theme does not have to be void of vibrancy. In fact adding a touch of colour can create a desirable abstract effect. For example, a rattan mirror or coffee table with a minimalist touch could seriously improve your homes style.

Console tables and furniture

At one with nature. Bring nature into your home with deep wooden furniture and pair it with potted plants to create a fashionable jungle theme that blends with complimentary colours and textures. Alternatively, create a rustic aesthetic with natural-looking wood, rattan elements and a flurry of faux hanging plants.

Sustainable furniture UK

In 2020 we saw a big rise in people upcycling, repairing and personalising their home accessories, so much so that companies in the design and furniture industries began following the trend. In 2021 we expect to see a push to create more sustainable and eco-friendly furniture with innovative new ways; using materials such as banana fibre and recycled plastic. Eco-consciousness is gaining momentum so it is an important factor to bear in mind when deciding on furniture. Mango wood furniture has gained popularity due to its quick growing capability and, once the fruit production has slowed down, is easily replaced. Mango wood makes a wonderfully sustainable option whilst providing the desirable wood aesthetic.

Ornamental Fruits

Ornamental fruits

A modern interior trend that is taking storm throughout kitchens nationwide. Synonymous with health and nature, fruit has been a prominent focal point in artwork throughout history due to the organic shapes, varying textures, contrasting colours and symbolic connotations. We now have the opportunity to add a third dimensionality to this age-old artform by creating arrangements in our own homes.

Ornamental fruit

A full bowl of mixed ornamental fruit creates a colourful and clean look; however, a modern trend has been singling out one fruit for show. A batch of peaches or lemons displayed in matching (or contrasting) bowls can create a rural and authentic charm.

Cosy Throws


Throws are perfect for injecting character into any home with a range of contemporary or traditional styles to pick from. Much like cushions, throws for sofas can alter the style of your home drastically, so it is important that you match your throws with your desired style. The name “throw” is believed to originally relate to the action of someone ‘throwing’ the product over their shoulders to keep warm – much like a shawl. However, in modern times, a luxury throw is much more of a decorative piece of houseware and is primarily used to bring a colour scheme together.

Luxury throws

A colourful throw can add a warm dynamic to any room and when placed over a sofa or chair, creates a comfortable and homely style. Obviously, we all want our throws to match our settings, but it is always important to appreciate the throws function; to keep us warm on those frosty nights, or to fill us with comfort on the days we do not feel too well.

Where to use a throw. Make sure you place your throw somewhere close to where you will need it to maximise its primary use. There is no surprise that the most popular place for a throw is on a sofa; not only does it add colour and style, but it is also easy to grab when you need it.

Vases and Planters

Vases and Pots

A vase is more useful than simply providing water for your flowers, in fact, a quality vase can enhance the character of your floral arrangements and compliment their beauty. With many different styles to choose from, it is important to make the most out of your home décor by picking a vase or plant container that suits your individual style and interior arrangement.

There are many different aspects to consider when deciding which flower vase or planter is right for your home, so we have chosen the most important factors to help with your search.

Vases and pots

Size. A bit of an obvious one that can often get overlooked. The rule of thumb for traditional arrangements is that the length of the flower stems should be no more than one and a half to two times the height of the vase in order to create a natural, free-flowing look to your display. When you look at your lounge or conservatory, look at what space you have available when deciding whether you want a large statement vase or a small and subtle collection.

House plant pots

Material and finish. Modern trends suggest that a subtle, glass vase or natural planter style compliments floral arrangements perfectly. From rugged ceramics or stone to clean, sleek, porcelain and glass, the options are endless and offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your designer instincts. A popular rustic trend is great when matching the colour of a jardiniere with your favourite flowers to enhance the colour combination.

Vases and pots

Shape. The traditional vase shape has evolved and brought life to a previously uninspired accessory. With hundreds of different weird and wonderful shapes it has never been easier to match your personality with the perfect vase. An upcoming trend of asymmetrical and original designs has made vases a stand-alone decorative piece, with or without flowers. Whether you decide a tall vase is right for you, or a quaint plant pot to spruce up your home, our range of vases and pots is the perfect place to find your match.

Wall Hangings and Art

Wall hangings and Art

Bring your walls to life with wall hangings and art. An extremely popular interior trend for 2021 in grandmillennial or ‘granny chic’ that seeks to create a sense of comfort and nostalgia through retro patterns and materials. However, many have been pairing this style with modern wall art or wall hangings to create a sleek and contrasting interior.

With the rise of online shops, where independent creators can sell their own designs or creations, comes endless possibilities to stylise your walls. What was once a cliché in offices, inspirational wall art is becoming a big trend for these sites and thus an ever-present in homes, to motivate and add a personal touch. Abstract line art and maps are also being used due to their minimalist, sophisticated look, creating a connection between you and your home.

Wall hangings and art

As previously mentioned in the ‘Furniture’ section; texture is making a huge impact on people’s homes in recent years. Adding a textured frame, mirror or piece of art can add personality to your home whilst creating an aesthetic charm. Whether you want your wall hanging piece to be the focal point of your room, or to enhance a piece of furniture, textured wall hangings have an amazing ability to add depth to your room and dictate tone.

Gifts and Ornaments

Gifts & Ornaments

Except for a few days over the Christmas period, we haven’t had much time to celebrate with our loved ones. Many of us missed the excitement of handing a present to your friend or family member; watching as they open your thoughtful gift. In 2021, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is time to start planning birthdays and other special occasions. When purchasing a homeware gift, you want to ensure that it will bring them joy for years to come, and remind them of your thoughtful nature.

Homeware gifts and ornaments

A gift for him or a gift for her, a home ornament that represents their personality or interests can be a wonderful gift that they can be proud to display in their homes. From antique elephants to golden heart jewellery holders, the Lighting Company offers a large range of gifting options to pick from.

The Lighting Company

For over 30 years we have been committed to selling the best lighting products to homes and businesses around the UK, and now we are evolving to help you create your perfect home by introducing our Homewares and Gifts section. From luxury throws and pillows to potted house plants and home luxuries we have a great range of products to choose from.

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