Ceiling Fans with Lights – 4 Ways They Can Benefit Your Home

Here at the Lighting Company, we consider ourselves specialists in all things lighting. From decorative ceiling pendants to outdoor wall lights, we pride ourselves on the knowledge that we can share with our customers. We are always looking to expand our expertise and this is why we are excited to stock a brand new collection of ceiling fans with lights.

Modern ceiling fans with lights

Ceiling fans with lights have many different benefits when considering updating your home decor. With our new and exciting range of ceiling fans with lights now available, let’s take a look at 5 ways that a luxury ceiling fan with a light can help enhance your design scheme and create a better home environment.

1. Energy saving all year round

It is more cost effective to use a ceiling fan to provide cool and warm air in the winter and summer months. Using a stylish ceiling fan in the summer when the temperature is generally higher can reduce your air conditioning bill by as much as 40%. Many of our contemporary ceiling fan lights come complete with a remote control that can alter the speed of the fan, meaning you can keep your home cool throughout the day.

How to create cool and warm air with a ceiling fan

New ceiling fans can also save your heating costs in the winter months. A selection of our ceiling fans can be automatically reversed to spread the warm air upwards, heating up your home in the process. 

Contemporary ceiling fan

2. Decorative with many different styles

You want to make sure that the ceiling fan with light will suit your home’s interior decor appropriately. We stock a large range of modern ceiling fans with lights that will enhance most interior trends. With many different shapes and sizes to pick from, we are sure that you will find the right luxury ceiling fan with light for you. The size of your ceiling fan is just as important as style, so make sure you measure your room correctly.

How big should my ceiling fan be?

Previously, ceiling fans were used to provide a function. Now, they are used as statement pieces. A ceiling fan light can bring a room to life, and create the similar spectacle of a standard ceiling pendant.

LED ceiling fan lights

3. Improved health benefits

It may sound silly, but ceiling fans for bedrooms can actually help improve your quality of sleep. The calming motion and ambient white noise can neutralise the surrounding disturbances, creating a relaxing environment and helping you to doze off.

The inclusion of a modern ceiling fan can also help reduce fatigue due to overexposed heat. It can take a lot of energy for our bodies to regulate our heat and, during a hot spell, this can lead to fatigue and sometimes heat rash. A ceiling fan with light can cool the room down to a more appropriate temperature, reducing the chance of fatigue and leaving you with more energy.

Stylish ceiling fan with lights UK

4. Smart lighting options for ease of use

The majority of our ceiling fans with lights come complete with a convenient remote control that can alter the speed of the fan. Other functions include light temperature, brightness and colour, allowing for the perfect ambience. This smart-lighting technology can make it easy to create a relaxing environment in your home.

LED light with fan

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