Ceiling Pendant Lights; 7 steps to finding your perfect pendant!

We have identified seven points to consider about Ceiling Pendant Lights before you purchase.

If you are considering buying a new pendant light for your home, the 7 tips will enlighten your buying decision. Hats off to you – you are choosing a great type of ceiling light; pendant lights are a great choice offering oodles of style, flexibility and are ‘so on trend!’

Choosing the right ceiling pendant can be tricky, as you can make the wrong choice if you don’t have your checklist in order. It’s all too easy to be taken in by good looks, but if you are investing in a key piece for your home it will need to deliver more and be more than just pretty.

We don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money buying light fittings if they are not going to do the right job for you.

We understand choosing the right light can be time consuming, especially when there is so much choice. It’s easy to become drawn to a particular look, like the proverbial moth to the light bulb, you simply can’t look away! It’s here that we need to maintain focus. Turn the spotlight to what’s important to you. Theses 7 questions will help you stay on track:

In addition to this article, we have written a full, comprehensive guide to ceiling pendants. If you still have questions after reading this advice, why not check it out?

Lighting Company UK: Pendant Lights suitable for every room in the home

Which room is it for?

Not all pendants are right for every situation, rule out fabric if you are hanging lights in a kitchen – it will become dirty and a bit smelly with cooking smells and greases. Check out our pendant Lights for kitchens; these styles will all be great in any kitchen. But your kitchen is not just any kitchen, so read on to discover tips to get the most perfect pendant light for YOUR kitchen.

Lighting Company UK | The Lighting Book Vol: 2 DARA 3 light mid century ceiling bar pendant in brass

A point to note is that bathroom pendants are not the same as living room pendants. Of course, you can use a bathroom fitting in a living room, but for lights to be used in bathrooms, shower rooms, en-suites or wet rooms, these pendants need to have an ingress protection rating. Just the same as outdoor lights, they need protecting against water getting into the fitting. If you are installing lights in a bathroom, there all lots of beautiful lights to consider but you’ll need to know more about bathroom lighting before making your final choice.

Monaghan Lighting HYDRA polished brass bathroom ceiling pendant (large) by Lighting Company UK

Is the Light supplementary to other lights?

If the light you are considering buying is going to be the only light in the room, will you get enough brightness? If it’s a small room maybe but larger spaces will require more than one light bulb. Have a look at our video guide to lumens and getting the right amount of light for your size of room.

View here to help you understand a bit more about Lumens!

In addition, why not consider multiple hanging lights, such as ceiling pendant clusters, chandeliers or rows of pendants? These may be options you haven’t yet considered.

We have written a guide on how to layer light, which helps to create a balanced, harmonious lighting scheme that delivers tips to add atmosphere to your home.

How short or how long does it need to be?

Most ceiling pendants can be made shorter. However, there is no such thing as a standard amount of cable that comes with a ceiling pendant. This can vary between 50cm to 4 metres – some lights can even be bespoke made to be as long as you need! What can’t be altered however, is whether it can be as short as you need. Obviously, the height of the actual fitting will vary and there will still need to be room for a little hanging space, so we’d recommend that you check the specifications as this will tell you the shortest and the longest the light can be.

Below, we have made a handy guide to show an approximation of what type of ceiling light you need for your ceiling height:

Chart of length of ceiling lights for your ceiling height

How wide does it have to be?

Take a look at the chart to obtain the optimum size of ceiling light for your sized room:

Take a look at the chart to obtain the optimum size of ceiling light for your sized room

If you are looking to install a row of ceiling pendants, for example, to be hung next to another one over a table, then you’ll need to look at the width. You don’t want the lights to clang together or look unbalanced. This little guide will help you establish how many lights you should or could put in a row above a table or island, and what spacing would work best for your size of table.

Pendant Lights suitable for every room in the home

If you have a big space, you may find a single lone pendant light looks lost. Some compensate by having lots of small pendant lights instead of one large. This is a good idea if you want to rid yourself of the recessed spots lights replace with something more decorative. If this is the aim, please keep in mind that you’ll be left with a hole in the ceiling and the pendant lights will still need fixing to something solid. A ceiling rose bigger than the hole is a start, but you may need to patch the hole.

Bigger size pendant lights can be accommodated in larger spaces but also over dining tables you can afford to go larger providing the light doesn’t end up being bigger than the table.

The right size of ceiling pendants over a rectangle dining table:

The right size of ceiling pendants over a square dining table:

The right size of ceiling pendants over a square dining table:

The right size of ceiling pendants over a round dining table:

The right size of ceiling pendants over a round dining table:

Do you want your ceiling pendant to be dimmable?

Most ceiling pendant lights are dimmable dependent on a couple of factors. You will need to ensure that your bulb is dimmable, as LED light bulbs are available both in dimmable and non-dimmable versions.

There’s no doubt about the benefits that dimming lights can have on the ambience and aesthetics of the room as the image below shows. Lights for day and lights for night!

Dimmable Ceiling Pendants

If the light has built in electronics, as in the case of integrated LED pendant lights, the power goes through what is known as a driver (sometimes mistakenly called a transformer, although in terms of dimming they can be treated as the same). Not all LED drivers are dimmable, so you must check if the driver or transformer are dimmable. LightingCompany.co.uk will detail this in the technical specification on the website, but don’t presume all are dimmable.

Old fashioned bulbs, such as fluorescent lighting is not normally dimmable, this includes the old style ‘curly’ energy saving bulbs. If you have an old style light bulb (the ones that take a while to come on and reach full brightness), why not switch up to newer LED light bulbs? Not only do they have a calmer aesthetic, they are also far more energy efficient.

Which styles grabs your attention? 

Maybe you know exactly what size, colour and function of light you need but just can’t find THE one that grabs your attention. Try looking through the lighting trends!

Explore the world of lighting trends | Lighting Company UK

Or why not go novel and do a personality test? We love this; in just a few questions, hey presto! You’ve got your match. We’ll show you a narrowed down selection of lights handpicked by our very own stylists.

Free Personality Quiz to shed Light on your Interior Style! | Lighting Company UK

Can you get power to it?

For a pendant light to shine, you’ll need to have an electric point or power to it. If not, explore cluster pendant lights, which offer a good solution if you power is away from where you’d like you light to be, or the swag the cables which looks great! Your electrician may also be able to offer suggestions on getting the power in the right place, but don’t let the sparky choose your lighting.

Lighting Company UK  Pendant Clusters | Multi Grouped Pendant Lights

Undoubtedly, it will work perfectly but they are not interior designers! Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule, many would rather you buy the same thing the last customer had because they only have limited supply chains.

We are proud to offer a vast selection of ceiling pendant lights. Check them all out here; don’t forget to use the handy filters to narrow your search down!

Pendant Lights suitable for every room in the home

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