Lightening Up – The Annual Spring Clean

How to light bright, fresh interiors. What are the best glass lights to showcase your spring clean?

The evenings are getting lighter by the day and Spring is almost here. This means the infamous tidy up known as the “Spring Clean” is approaching. So get out your dusters, ready those bin bags and look for some fresh home furnishings!

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With the lighter days and evenings comes a new, renewed source of energy. It gives us the feeling of having much more time and focus to get our homes looking anew.

Our favourite lighting look for Spring interiors are glass lights. It’s effortlessly timeless meaning that the changes you make this spring only need a quick clean to create the same effect for next Spring.

Each era of interior design takes their cues from the social landscapes of the time. The roaring twenties bought us decadent deco, the sixties evoked a boho vibe, lighting for the 2020’s takes into account responsibility and sustainability.

Glass is a fully recyclable material and is therefore a really smart choice for lighting. Not only can it easily be recycled again and again, it also helps to save energy throughout the recycling process as it melts at a lower temperature than other raw materials.

Glass teamed with bright metalwork is a triumph. So what are the best rooms to utilise glass lighting?

Glass Lighting for Bedrooms

Bedrooms are our sanctuary. From the time we were children, even if you shared a bedroom with a sibling, personal space was respected like in no other room.

Project: Lighting INFINITY 6 light iridescent glass ceiling pendant chandelier

We retire to this comfortable space when we’re tired and are seeking restorative rest and relaxation. It’s therefore a great place to treat yourself to a little makeover.

Take a look below at all of our favourite lights for the bedroom.

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Glass Lighting for Living Rooms

We all aim to get our living rooms feeling fresh and aerated by removing clutter and introducing some foliage and lighter tones of colour. So start by clearing out unnecessary or less than desired items. This doesn’t mean to say you must throw them out, if there is a more appropriate space for them then just move them.

Gone is the need to have cosy throws; we still want our creature comforts but with an emphasis on reflecting the new lease of life which is happening outside our windows. Nature’s very own Spring clean.

GRACE 10 light polished brass chandelier

We often think that if you aim for a more minimalist look, with the purpose to see clean dust free surfaces with less items on show. It’s a great time to spruce up interiors by bringing a bit of the outside in by adding a plant or two to add a bit of greenery. With this sense of clarity in mind there is no better material to incorporate into this cleanse to team with foliage than glass.

Bring in new light with some stunning glass lamps and pendant lights. The unobstructive nature of glass makes it a perfect choice for the fresh minimalist look. Available in a range of colours these can add a subtle drop or natures colour palette whilst maintaining that clean appearance.

Project: Lighting CLOONEY 4 light smoke cut glass and grey ceiling pendant

Keeping those curtains and (weather permitting) windows open will let natural light and fresh air fill your home throughout the day. Your stunning new choice of glass lighting will illuminate your home both in the day when reflecting natural light and in the evening.

Vienna glass table lamps with shades. Perfect for fresh elegant illumination.

Futura mouth blown glass ceiling pendant lights in various colours. Add a subtle touch of Spring colour to your home interior.

If you find the room feeling a little lacking in colour then introduce a few more pastel colours into the mix. Avoid too many vibrant hues or you’ll have the place looking busy again. Our range of Jenny Worrall lamps are a perfect consideration for bringing that Spring time feel to your home.

They feature hand painted designs on a glass base and come complete with a fabric shade. Jenny has taken inspiration from the great outdoors with the designs of these lamps, so will have your home blending in seamlessly with the beauty of the outdoors.

The Fig lamp features an ivory and taupe painted glass base with beautifully hand painted fig and plum artwork. Topped with a silk pleat shade this lamp would be perfect for any living space.

The Hellebore lamp brings a hint of floral colour in hues of pink, purple and white. Featured on an off white cream background with distressed gold finish the light comes complete with a bleated silk shade.

Glass Dining Room Lights

Dining rooms are a valuable space. Not only are they where we all come together to share meals with family and friends, they are also perfectly adaptable to the changing needs of our family. A place to work from home or do homework, a place to find solitude to do your life admin or a centre for buffet food at a party.

Dining Room Lighting Barely There Colour

The lighting therefore, needs to be up to the job! We have a comprehensive guide on getting lighting right over dining tables; have a read!

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Glass Lighting for Kitchens

Kitchens will always be the heart of the home. They offer an informality that we don’t get with other rooms in the home. Slouching over cereal with a strong coffee goes as much as the havoc wreaked by the preparation of the Sunday roast…

Kitchen and Utility Room Lights Barely There Colour

HYDE 1 Light Pendant Chrome complete with Arctic White Metal Shade

Finally, create the welcome that you’ve always dreamed of!

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Enjoy refreshing your home! There’s nothing better than a home that feels anew.

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