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From Plug in Wall Lights, Plug in Pendants, Easy Fit Ceiling Shades and Freestanding Lamps, We’ll Light up Your Style!

Wall Mounted Plug in Lights

We all live fast paced lives. We work hard to pay for the things we need and want. This has given us a sense of independence of getting things done for ourselves.

Traditionally, we’d have to rely on electricians for the simplest of lighting installations, with the exception of lamps that we could simply plug in.

Here at The Lighting Company, we know that whilst the mainstay of UK lighting trends may need the support of qualified electricians, there’s a range of lights for us independent souls who would rather do it alone.

POP modern retro style wall light in light green (plug in and switched)

Our favourite, and largely undiscovered source of easy to fix lights has to be the plug in wall light. With the fashion favouring swags of cable, an honesty of the electric source, these wall lights are right at home! They come with a plug and switch so you can simply fix to the wall, add a bulb, plug in and you’re up and running!

NEXUS LED wall light with plug and switch

They’re ideal at a bedside, as they free up valuable space for your magazines, books and cuppas. They also help to offer a clutter free aesthetic to our homes – much easier when we need to flick round with the duster!

WALTHER wall light in brass with pink shade

You can put them wherever you need the light – no longer are you tied to the place that the electrician decided to put the electrical points in your walls (if they ever did!). Some people can think of wall lights as being antiquated, we personally believe that is due to the positioning of them. It’s far more on trend to have a more haphazard approach to positioning wall lights now; symmetry has it’s place, but not at the expense of having the right lights in the right place for you.

PURE modern white and oiled walnut wall light with plug and switch

Going slightly off topic, if you have wall light points in the wall, you can get ceiling pendants with longer than average cable that you can ‘swag’ on to the ceiling. It works so well with mini pendants spread to the corner of the room, or using it as a main light. Especially helpful when you have extended a room, or the ceiling rose is off centre.

CAIRO 3 Arm Contemporary Chandelier in Powder Coated Matte Black

Back on topic now; you’ll of course remember how bedside pendants became popular? We’re now seeing this trend follow through into other rooms. Wall mounted pendants over side tables, behind corner positioned TV screens and hanging over sofas for a softer main light to the room are creeping on to the scene – and with good reason.


Plug in wall lights with a long arm are a perfect alternative to ceiling pendants. If you’re not able to position a ceiling pendant for any reason, check out out plug in wall pendants.

WILLOW Double Wall Hanger White

We have over-arching floor lamps which will also help you to achieve this look. It’s a delicious blend of contemporary styling, fused with a hint of nostalgic retro style that it’s a look that will be on trend for eons.

Project: Lighting OTTO Floor Lamp | Satin Brushed Gold Effect Plate & Gloss Opal Glass

So… it’s own up time. Do you still have a white plastic suspension in your home somewhere? I’m sure many of us do… What’s even worse, is when we’ve not even teamed it with a nice ceiling shade.

Easy fit ceiling shades will fit on to your existing ceiling suspension. Most come with a shade reducer ring which enables them to fit on bayonet caps, or you can use them without one on a standard Edison screw cap.

There’s no excuse – there is such a vast array of easy fit ceiling shades to choose from nowadays; there is definitely one in our range that will suit your interior. It will lift the look of your room more than you can ever imagine! Go on, try it!

Easy to Fit Non Electric Ceiling Lights, No Wiring Required

Of course, you’ll do far worse than to overlook our old faithfuls, the table lamp and the floor standing lamp. With lighting designers rising to the challenge of keeping lamps up to date with all eras of interior, these are a great way to add light where it’s needed. And you still don’t have to rely on anyone else fitting them for you!

So feel empowered! Can you get the lighting look you crave without relying on someone else to fit them? Of course you can!!!

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