Home Interiors 2020

The key home interior looks featuring in 2020.

There is an inordinate amount of styles to consider but in today’s blog, we’ll explore 2 interior trends that are gaining momentum.

So, what are the style of home interiors for 2020?

First interior trend is ‘Nordic Noir’

BROMPTON anthracite glass ceiling pendant light large Lighting Company UK

A darker, monochromatic moody look which has evolved from the Nordic pale colours to the saturated, dark matt tonal themes.

The dramatic dark interiors first made popular by Abigail Ahern have grown to an array of muted tones.

Blue, green, grey, ochre and rust are popular. It’s almost polar opposite to the pale, white crispness of mid-century. This is a grown-up luxury look.

It’s a great style easily adapting scandi looks and morphing them into a new refreshed style. Introducing darker colours is almost turning day to night. Darker colours are going above us on ceilings and nuanced colours bring definition, oh so subtly.

ARTIST 40 modern LED ceiling pendant in grey finish Lighting Company UK

Often when you look to change up your home, you’d need to swap out some furniture but this trends utilises any – and all mid-century, scandi or traditional furniture. A great way of using what you have yet re-imagining the space.

The Lighting Book Vol: 2 ENSIO Table Lamp Matt Mid Century style Black & Opal Glass

For those who are thinking of going dark and moody, our advice is go dark on the ceiling too, a shade or two lighter than you choose for the walls. The consequence of this is the room will actually be darker, so when you bring in brighter lamps, reflective glass and warmer toned bare bulbs, you create the magical ambience needed to enhance the darker colours.

The Lighting Book NANTUCKET retro putty coloured ceiling pendant light

Second interior trend is ‘You be You’

To sum up the look is near impossible, go your own way! What does that actually mean?

Yes, the best way to be ‘in’ style with your home decor is by being ‘out of’ style! Break free from what’s gone before.

It doesn’t mean anything goes. You can’t just say this is the trend and that the unmade bed becomes a fashionable interior, so the you-be-you trend may not be as simple as it sounds.

It’s all well and good if you are creative and know exactly how fabulous the end result of your living room will be. But in order to make it a success, you need to pinpoint the essence of how you live and work to make the family favourites somehow stylish.

This style is choosing anything you like; something that is authentically you. If you love plants, go over the top with foliage. If you love colour – splash it!

Barely There Colour by Copenhagen Glass Collection

If you’re an arty type, choose framed artwork and make it a feature of the room.

Light the things you love.

You may bring in small elements of whimsy to add personality.

If you love order have rectangle, geometric and modular pieces. If you’re more spirited and less conformist, boho elements may feel more your pace.

Patterns speak volumes about your style. Normally people can be cautious about choosing more than one pattern, but you can mix various styles provided you stick loosely to a colour.

Copenhagen Glass Collection HORIZON IP44 iridescent glass flush bathroom ceiling/wall light with silver detailing (medium)

Avoid a feature wall as this is ‘so last year’, feature ceilings are far more in vogue. If this is a step too far for you, you can layer your look with rugs and cushions as a simpler way to incorporate.

If you rent, don’t settle for the basic magnolia! Bring in plug and play wall lights, feature lamps and large groups of plants. Choose items that you can take with you if it’s not a long-term rental. Flourish your home with things that make you smile and your home with smile with you.

Both trend topics today have a strong commonality that may not be completely obvious. Both centre on breaking away from the norm. Be that full-on designs for your own imagination or a departure from the mainstream looks we’ve grown accustomed to.

Creating your own unique look is where we are all heading. We are owning our individuality; we are developing our own personal brand. As we live our lives increasingly online, it’s human nature to compare our homes with others. We want to set ourselves apart from the recurring nature of everyone else’s ideas of fashionable interiors. Our lifestyle should be reflected in our own home; a balance of style that is not a thrown together look, nor contrived – just authentically ‘us’.

We’ll dive deeper into the essence of the looks later but for now I think we’ll all agree some people have flair, whilst others…. Well, perhaps not so much!

For those who are slightly terrified about choosing a style and it not working out, make sure that you establish what you know about your style personality before you spend a penny.

The Lighting Company has designed a personality test which matches your personality with some elements that could be incorporated in a new look for your home interior. It’s fun – and surprisingly accurate! You’ll be amazed how answering 10 questions (which are not at all personal!) can provide a personal style match and much needed insight.

Free Personality Quiz to shed Light on your Interior Style!

Determined to show how lighting can be a statement to reflect your style, we have also set up an Instagram hashtag and are encouraging shoppers to post their own makeovers using the #mylightstory

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