Lighting the way to traditional homes

What lights are best to light the outside of a period home, or a traditional garden?

Traditional Garden Lights, Outdooor Lanterns & Lamp Posts

With the wintry weather still battering at our doors, our exterior lighting comes under immense strain.

Designed to be tough, it may be years before you need to replace your faithful outside light.

Maintaining the character of traditional homes can be a challenge, as replica light can vary dramatically in quality.

Don’t be fooled into buying something that will ‘do’. Make the investment to treat your home to the best outdoor light, to keep your exteriors shining brightly night after night.

Elstead Lighting EDINBURGH traditional porch hanging lantern

For thousands of years, we rose with the sun and rested when the sun set. Venturing outside was only done by the very brave, or out of sheer necessity.

Fire was the only form of light we encountered for centuries, but the use outside with wind and rain could be problematic.

Exterior lanterns were created, to keep the candles burning when the winds and rains battered through the air. Framed in metal, glass panels allowed the light to shine through.

Early documentation of an outdoor lantern dates back to the 4th Century!!

WILMSLOW traditional outdoor lamp post in black finish

London was the first city to adopt street lighting in 1417, creating the profession of the lamplighter who was responsible for lighting them at dusk. They did become dirty very easily, so a later adaptation introducing a vent allowed the smoke from the candle to seep out and therefore keep the glass cleaner for longer.

Fast forwarding to the start of the 19th Century, candles were beginning to be ousted in favour for new-fangled oil lamps.

These energy efficient lamps increased the use and popularity of street lighting which spread through Europe with all of the velocity expected with a clever new idea.

Somerset Lighting WINSFORD Multi Coloured Square Outdoor Wall Lantern

Paris was nicknamed the City of Light as they were quick to adopt this new method of lighting their city. This influence added some of the more ornate style lanterns that we see today.

Cities and towns that opted to install gas lighting proffered opportunity for major economic booms. Businesses could stay open longer, increasing workers output, especially during the long winter months.

WINCHCOMBE black and silver outdoor wall lantern

When electricity first came along, many were reluctant to change from the glory and modernity associated with gas lighting.

Throughout the changes of the source of light, the traditional styling of the lanterns has largely remained the same. Why mess with perfection?!

New York Lighting Collection HALLERON Victorian style outdoor globe hanging lantern

As such, they perfectly compliment any era of traditional home; they even get away with adding a nostalgic edge to more contemporary homes.

Replacing your old traditional outside lanterns needn’t be so daunting after all. Choose a timeless design that has proved itself worthy of gracing homes of all ages.

Utilising modern technology, our favourite outside lanterns paired with traditional style LED filament bulbs, will continue to light our way; as they have for centuries.

New York Lighting Collection VENETIAN RAIN decorative outdoor wall lantern in bronze with rain effect glass (large)

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BATON ROUGE traditional outdoor lanterns

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