How to Create the Perfect Lighting for a Victorian Style Home

As part of our new blog series we will be looking at how to create the perfect lighting concepts for a range of different home styles. Each home is different but we’ve put together the tips you need to really get the most out of your space and still retain the original charm and features.

First up is the classic Victorian style home, if you’re lucky enough to have a Victorian style house with its classic features, we’ve got the perfect lighting products that will ensure that it looks its best.


How to define a Victorian property

Apart from originating from this era, Victorian homes carry certain classic charms that are typical of the time. Sash windows, large feature fireplaces, ornate tiles and statement dado rails and skirting boards were all common features of Victorian properties. If you are looking to recreate the colour schemes of the time, opt for dark, lavish shades of purple or red and take a look to see if you’re lucky enough to have the original pine flooring that was prevalent in its day.


How to light a Victorian property

The Victorian era was the time of ornate detail and eclectic style so it is worth keeping this in mind when trying to recreate a lighting concept that will really illuminate your home.


At the time, Victorian lighting took on four distinct forms; candles, gas, oil lamps and electricity, therefore the lighting concepts were incredibly unique and distinctive. Fast forward to modern day and although we are lucky enough to have passed the candle lighting stage, we can recreate these bespoke looks using a mixture of lighting styles. Here are our top tips, and products for getting the most out of your Victorian home.


  1. Illuminate any recesses in the property with a vintage style table lamp, stick to brass finishes for a really authentic look and combine both standard table lamps with lanterns to give it that extra unique touch.
Lantern Table Lamp

Lantern Table Lamp

Bailey Chandelier

Bailey Chandelier

  1. Dining rooms will benefit from a statement piece, and what better way to make a statement that with a stunning chandelier. Not only do chandeliers look spectacular, they will create a warm lighting focal point in one of the most used rooms in the home. If space is an issue or you prefer something a little more subtle, why not look for a drop ceiling light that will create a similar effect?


  1. One of the best things about modern lighting technologies is that you can recreate the look of a past era, without having the pitfalls of the technology of the time. Candle light is extremely desirable in the home however if you want to fake the look whilst still enjoying that soft glow. Lanterns or candle effect features also have the benefit of drawing people’s eyes to them, making it the perfect choice when you’re looking to illuminate key areas or feature points in your home.

Let’s give a few more examples of Victorian styled lights to grace any period property, take a look at the full range of Victorian Style Lighting


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