Top Lighting Trends (Part 3) – Industrial


Industrial is closely followed by “functional”, the lowdown of industrial lighting is something that is basic and suited to its purpose. Quite often the materials used are metal and or glass. However, although this all sounds very workshop it’s actually a trend appearing in homes for 2015/2016!


Kitchens and dining rooms are first and foremost the easiest rooms to accommodate this trend, this is due to their specific lighting requirements. You’ll need to see clearly on a kitchen worktop or island and will need adequate lighting over any tables. A plain metal ceiling pendant may be perfect for your kitchen, however this doesn’t have to be the case and it can be far more appealing and suited to your home decor.

If you have a rustic kitchen or dining area then a metallic dome pendant would be perfect for the utilitarian look. There are plenty of designs each fitting within the industrial theme but can quite easily cater to your colour scheme and design. The great thing about industrial is that it can incorporate things from other trends, for example retro and vintage light fittings often fall within the industrial category due to their functionality. This opens things up making the industrial trend able to be incorporated in both rustic and modern homes. There are also some pendants in this style which can be painted to your requirements, these can certainly be made more homely this way and make for a great option to use in a bedroom or lounge. Of course industrial isn’t just about pendants and also offers semi flush lights, spotlights, table lamps and floor lamps with a range of different looks but in keeping with an urban look.

There are many desk lamps which fit this trend perfectly, angle adjustable lamps particularly in a metal finish are spot on. There are also great floor lamp options with hanging lanterns or directors flood light designs, like most these come in varying price brackets. You can opt for a lower priced but good quality replicated look or instead opt for a unique bespoke service with an original piece that would be delivered and installed at your home.

Directors Lamp

Directors Lamp


Semi flush and spotlights also have industrial options, usually using traditional shapes and standard materials and colours. These are suitable for any room in the house. On top of this however what else can you do to bring the industrial theme into your home? Think about the materials on show, wood, brick and galvanized metal are great representations of the industrial look. A great idea for a worktop could be a metal desk with a chipboard surface and brickwork backdrop. However if using chipboard it may be worth considering the use of a sealant as it is porous and rough. For shelving ideas racking could be an option giving that sense of warehouse functionality. Where possible things should be kept “unpolished” and spacious. By unpolished it’s best to show natural raw metals rather than fine finished ones as this adds to the whole prospect of well used furnishings. Pop a worktop desk lamp on it or suspend a pendant over it to complete the look.

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With lounges and bedrooms you may want to use something less metallic and raw and instead opt for something with a bit of colour, this is where painted pendants such as the Reclamation would be good. This is because they keep the honest, simple and functional look but are a little more accommodating for the average living space. You could also choose spotlight cluster if you do not have room for a pendant, these are also available in different colours to accommodate different colour schemes.

Retro ceiling pendant with bespoke colour options.

Reclamation Pendant



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