How Do You Light a Bathroom that has no Windows?


What is the best way to light a bathroom that has no windows?

Having a dark dismal bathroom or en-suite is not rare. Older homes may have carved a small bathroom space from a larger bedroom, flats often have windowless bathrooms and some north facing bathrooms with windows can be equally as dull. Worry not there are some quick fixes to brighten the smallest room in the home.



  1. Brighter Output: Install a brighter light fitting, keeping in mind bathroom lights are special lights sealed to stop water ingress.
  2. Illuminated Mirror: Use a well lit mirror, again a bathroom rated illuminated mirror or IP44 Bathroom wall light either side or above the mirror. This will reflect light around the room too!
  3. Pale Colours: Paint walls in pale colours, as lighter colours reflect light better than darker colours.
  4. Light Coloured Floor: Keep floors light too, especially if the light points downwards, for the same reasons – light colours are best for windowless rooms.
  5. Glazed Panelling: Install a glazed panel above the door, if the hall or room beyond is well light this allows some borrowed light in affect it’s an internal window.


More information can be found for bathroom lighting on the bathroom Lighting blogs at the Lighting Company Blog. There is also a video explaining bathroom zones and IP rated Lights.



Looking on the bright side if you do have a bathroom without a window, you may have a little extra wall space. If so, use it! Install bright but low energy lights, the perfect choice is one that uses led lights. Led or LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are super low energy and that is what you’ll need as for you the lights will be lit day and night.

What are the best bathroom wall lights?

  • Firstly all bathroom lights must be safe.
  • If lights are installed anywhere near a water source they should be IP44 and the closer to the water source the higher protection they’ll need.
  • No matter how safe the light is, it will only remain that way if installed correctly. Consult an electrical contractor.
  • Finally the best light, presuming that they are bathroom safe and fitted correctly, are they lights you like best.



There are lots of styles and choices available

Modern Bathroom Wall Lights
Traditional Bathroom Wall Lights
Bathroom Mirror Lights
Bathroom Mirrors with Lights
Lights with Shaver socket fitted

What you choose depends on the space available to you and the style you wish to achieve in the bathroom. Then there’s of course colour, should your bathroom lights be Chrome or Brass? Should they match the ceiling light?



Talking of ceiling lights for bathrooms and remembering that bathroom ceiling lights still need those IPXX ratings (the XX represents the ingress protection rating I mentioned earlier, the higher the end number the better the protection). Wherever steam and or water may ingress or ‘get into’ the internal electrical parts of a light great care should be taken, selecting the most appropriate light for the position or zone you’ll be fitting the light is essential. Often people feel that a light fitted high in a bathroom can be any light – but this is not the case.

We hope this brief explanation and key tips helps but if this leaves you wanting more you’ll find plenty of hint tips and expertise available at The bathroom lighting topic can get overly complicated and wordy, I think visually it’s slightly easier to understand rather than reading lengthy text, if you prefer to see video or graphic depictions then your’re in luck – we have a fantastic blog and vlog (which is a video style blog) presented by our very own cartoon animation character called Ellie D. The role of Ellie is to present difficult to understand lighting topics in an easy to understand way. Take a look at Ellie D advice for lighting a bathroom, it’s fun!

Just want to dive in and look at the bathroom Lights? Head on over to the online shop and browse. You can also chat to us via email or chat, we are keen to help you select the best lights for your bathroom. We also have another bathroom related blog found here if you require any further information: Bathroom Enlightenment.


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