Top Lighting Trends (Part 5) – Geometric

Geometric Lighting that looks great from every angle!

  • Eye-catching designs with bold lines and repeated patterns
  • Easy to work in to all settings from traditional to contemporary
  • Look great in all materials to match in with your home
  • Mix and match for an eclectic style
  • Ideal for adding a modern twist
  • Many are open to showcase beautiful filament bulbs

The geometric designs which are appearing in many light fittings today are becoming increasingly popular and can fit seamlessly into both modern and traditional settings. This trend is easier to implement into a more contemporary environment, however there are also options for those of you with a more established surrounding.

Geometry is of course to do with angles and shapes, and this trend is no different. Angles and shapes are the inspiration behind the geometric trend and it is displayed in fittings by the general structure of the light. So shape up your home with this emerging trend!

New York Lighting Collection CITY LIGHTS modern geometric 7lt linear chandelier in pewter with squared opal glass shades

You have many options you can choose from within this trend. Spotting something in this trend is simple, if you see repeated shapes, patterns or an angular or curved structure then it’s at home in this category. There are plenty of lights which utilize the geometric trend, this is either by using shapes in the shade or having them clearly defined within the structure. Ranging from ceiling pendants to table lamps, finding something geometric for any home is simple. Let’s take a look at a few options for lighting your home with this trend.

Click here to view our range of Geometric Ceiling Lights. You’ll find options here for use in almost any room of the house, pendants are ideal for lighting over kitchen islands or dining room tables whilst flush and semi-flush fittings are great for living rooms and bedrooms. Of course pendants can also be used in these rooms too with the vast majority of them able to be shortened accordingly at installation. Remember, if you’re looking for bathroom lights then these must be IP44 rated or higher. To view bathroom lights click here: Bathroom Lighting.

Diamond Geometric Ceiling LightKeep that idea of bold lines or repeated patterns close and sticking to the trend wont be an issue. Don’t be afraid of mixing shapes, they all come under the same trend and pair up well. It’s worth noting that bold shapes can come in bold colours, so deciding how stand out you want to make it is up to you.  Accompany your ceiling light with some geometric shaped wall lights and or a table or floor lamp to complete the look. You could team this with geometric patterned wall paper or bed sheets, the options are vast with this trend offering many combinations.

For a quick geometric make over in the home consider the use of non electric shades to use on existing suspensions, for example the Needle is a great option for this. There are also low cost single pendants which are great for a geometric home make over, such as the Geometric.

The Lighting Book NEEDLE decorative copper wire work non electric pendant

There are some great options of long island pendants sticking to the geometric theme, these are perfect for kitchens and dining rooms and will add a real classy hotel style look to the room. Take the Roswell or City Lights pendants as examples.

Roswell Lighting Range

New York Lighting Collection CITY LIGHTS modern geometric 7lt linear chandelier in pewter with squared opal glass shades

On the subject of hotels this theme is perfect for not only the home but also for contract lighting in restaurants and hotels. Larger lights in this theme are ideal for long drop stairwells and hotel foyers, the gyroscope design Orb is a great option for hotels with a slightly more traditional decor whilst fittings such as the Hotel would be more suited to the contemporary style.

David Hunt ORB Collection

HOTEL decorative modern ceiling light in polished nickel with wooden accents

Whether you’re bringing a new trend into your home or providing a hotel with a new makeover the geometric trend offers a wide variety of combinations for both modern and traditional settings.

If you’re looking for a truly contemporary statement, you could look at this range of ceiling pendants! Big Brother producers certainly fell in love with this as they used the black and yellow version in Summer 2016. It is also available in black and silver and black and copper.

GEOMETRIC contemporary ceiling pendant with black outer and yellow inner

GEOMETRIC contemporary ceiling pendant with black outer and yellow inner

GEOMETRIC contemporary ceiling pendant with black outer and silver inner

GEOMETRIC contemporary ceiling pendant with black outer and copper inner

If all these bright colours are too much for your taste, you can still enjoy the trend and look of geometric lighting with a neutral colour scheme. We have an excellent range of lights made in translucent bone china which feature delightful geometric detailing which offers a delicate play of shadows and light, ensuring these are a joy to behold whether they are lit or not.

Original BTC Hatton Range

So, it’s time to get floor lamp savvy in your home! Browse our full selection of floor lamps to find your perfect match.

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