The Floor Show! Floor lamps worthy of a standing ovation

The Floor Show! Floor lamps worthy of a standing ovation.

  • Easy floor lamps to position, plug and play!
  • LED floor lamps to make a contemporary statement
  • Floor lamps complete with a table attachment for a clutter free look
  • Mother and Child floor lamps to have the best of ambient and reading light in one lamp
  • Overhanging statement floor lamps for an instant injection of sumptuous glamour
  • Trendy tripod floor lamps to make a style statement
  • Retro and Traditional floor lamps for a timeless style and effortless fit
  • Sculptural floor lamps to add a ‘wow’ whether on or off

Thinking of adding some extra light into your home? The simplest way is by the addition of a lamp! All you need to do is buy it, get it and plug it in – it’s that easy! There are hundreds of styles available, so you could well spend a long time deliberating. Floor lamps have always been very popular; at one time no self-respecting family would consider showing anyone into the best room without a standard lamp on display. Recalling standard lamps, you’ll no doubt picture a traditional chintzy, vintage shade on a mahogany base, straight from a childhood memory; but oh – how things have changed!

Whilst these ‘standard’ lamps have had a modern makeover and can now stand tall bedecked with fancy silk shades of an assortment of colours, there are now so many different designs of floor lamps for you to choose from. From here on in I’m referring to the ‘new breed’ of floor standing lamps, simply as ‘Floor Lamps’, as standard lamps is an old fashioned phrase, worthy of matching that dusty old chintz shade.

So, what change prompted this revelation, or should I say revolution? No… it’s an evolution; it’s LED! LED stands for light emitting diodes and these light sources are very low energy, cool to the touch and crucially very small which allows a diverse amount of design potential and my – how this has elevated the look of the standard lamp… ahem; sorry, floor lamp – take a bow!

Did you know that a bright freestanding lamp, be it table or floor lamp can often bring more light to a room than a ceiling light? In the depth of winter months adding a lamp is a quick stylish fix; it’s really the most speedy and sensible option when your home looks gloomy.

What choice is there in floor lamps? The short answer is there’s a huge choice, so many in fact we have added some filters to our website allowing you to select lamps by colour such as Chrome Table and Floor Lamps, Brass table and Floor lamps and so on. I won’t list every colour option but do dive in to the website and browse the full range of colours. But first, let’s give some of the showstoppers worth of a little limelight. We’ll start with the most modern of the floor lamps, those with integrated LEDs.

Smart Light NEVIS LED floor lamp in textured gold finish

This is a sleek LED floor lamp in an on-trend textured gold finish. The curved structure is mirrored by a smaller version which houses the LEDs which then reflects from the back plate for a subtle, glare free illumination. It is also available in a silver finish to match in with more cool and crisp colour schemes.

Design For The People PATTON modern functional style floor lamp in white

The Patton floor lamp is an excellent fusion of modern technology, contemporary styling with elements of comforting, traditional shapes seeing this add charm to modern and contemporary homes.

Smart Light POLINA contemporary LED floor lamp in brushed steel

The Polina floor lamp is a shining example of the design benefits that LED technology has permitted. Intricate braided style structure which uses only 28 watts but offering over 2000 lumens (the equivalent of TWO old 100 watt bulbs!!!).

Depending on the bulb the lamp requires, some can be fitted with Smart Bulbs that work with apps or remote controls, allowing you to set scenes, dim, select your whites, change colours and so much more. We’ve produced some fantastic video blogs on the subject so we’d highly recommend that you take a look at these to inspire and amuse (we hope!). Feel free to forward the link to any tech geek you may know they’ll love the ability of control that these lights offer but are sure to be interested in our animated video blog too. We’ve made this content for sharing, so please do.

Back to LED Floor Lamps, I mentioned earlier the shapes using integrated LED allows designer to achieve is breathtaking. If you are short of space, we have a novel solution with a floor lamp which comes with a table attached. There are some super stylish standing lamps here are 6 of the best most unusual of the range.

JAMES Floor Lamp with Table Attached

Talk about ideal space saving! The James floor lamps come with a shelf that is height adjustable, so it’s ideal at the end of a sofa or in a tight corner where you just can’t quite fit both a table and a floor lamp. Available in the three finishes above, maron oiled wood (left), black cherry (centre) and white oak (right).

WYCOMBE wooden floor lamp with rest and cotton shade

The Wycombe floor lamp enjoys a similar design, with a hint at another trend; tripod floor lamps. Effortlessly simple, what a great alternative to a bedside table!

If you enjoy reading, then the Mother and child lighting range will be ideal for you! Featuring a main light, they also feature a reading light that you can adjust to best suit your book, magazine or newspaper, or it would be ideal for crafts, such as sewing and knitting. Below you will see our standard mother and Child but allow me to compare this to the lamp that is sure to supersede the best seller. LED versions afford you all the benefits of a more traditionally lit lamp, however they require only a small amount of electricity to power the light, so these lights will help you reduce your electricity bill. Want to know more about saving money with your lighting?

MONTANA mother and child floor lamp reading light

One of our most popular mother and child lamps, the Montana features dual dimmer switches to ensure that you always achieve the perfect light levels through both the main and the adjustable reading light. Shown here in a polished brass finish, it is also available in other finishes, gloss white, antique brass, polished chrome, satin chrome and black chrome.

Smart Light Q-VIDAL RGB LED colour change mother and child floor lamp

The Q-Vidal is an LED mother and child floor lamp, where you are able to change the colour of the light! The remote control that is included, allows you to select from red, blue and green and will also allow you to dim the light according to your needs. The reading light is adjustable, ensuring an accurate focus of light directly on the task in hand.

Architectural Floor Lamps; There’s nothing better than giant arching lamps that grab attention are great in large open plan spaces.

Grok HOOP large overhanging floor lamp in white with shade

A glamorous floor lamp featuring a large curved structure in a white finish with a matching shade. Ideal to light over a table, or as a statement piece in a modern living room.

Lighting Catalogue ARCS curved chrome floor lamp with black shade

Adding a touch of drama to your room is a breeze with this overhanging floor lamp in polished chrome. The black drum shade with its silver inner adds a touch of decadence to any living room.

For out and out fashion statement you can do no better than buy a Tripod Floor lamp:

EASEL white gloss tripod floor lamp with chrome detail and drum shade

Contemporary tripod floor lamp in a white gloss finish which is height adjustable for the perfect fit in your home. Also comes in a dark wood and mid wood finish.

VITA Copenhagen VITA white tripod floor lamp base

A picture speaks a thousand words… This tripod base is teamed with a feather lamp shade and it really transforms this space from being cold and a little dull to being a enviable scene deserving of a magazine.

Retro Style Floor Lamps:

SPENCER retro angle adjustable LED floor lamp in dark bronze finish

If you’re after a more traditional or retro vibe, the Spencer floor lamp highlights that you don’t have to change everything in your home to be uber-contemporary. This would fit seamlessly into modern and traditional rooms and has the benefit of being adjustable too! It’s also available in a brushed nickel finish.

BELLE Tiffany floor lamp with bronze base and lush green decorative Tiffany shade

Striving for a more traditional, vintage look? We have a whole range of beautiful Tiffany glass floor lamps which add a decadent and quality statement to any traditional or period home.

Sculptural floor lamps that offer an ornamental statement to your home whether they’re lit or not are perfect to add a sense of contemporary style. Just take a look at the Bosquet –a floor lamp that is a contemporary masterpiece in its own right, in an on-trend matte black finish.

Grok BOSQUET modern spiral design matte black floor lamp

So, it’s time to get floor lamp savvy in your home! Browse our full selection of floor lamps to find your perfect match.

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