Illuminating Ultimate Grey; Pantone colours of the year 2021

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Lighting and home accessories in contemporary yellow and grey.

We unlock the tips to lighting up illuminating and grey tones for contemporary interiors for 2021.

Pantone announce a colour or pair of colours each and every year which set the colour palettes for chic interiors for that year and beyond.

This year, we have an amazing and vibrant yellow that is teamed with a mid-grey tone, epitomising a positive outlook with a cool, urban modernity.

We absolutely love this colourway, and not just because it matches our brand colours! Grey has been a mainstay of modern interiors through the twenty-teens so it is a fresh, new twist that we can add to our homes with ease.

Adding Yellow to your Interiors


Yellow tones represent an aspirational appeal. A pop of vitality is introduced, and you can choose your favourite tones of yellow. Whilst sunshine yellow is a bit reminiscent of the 70’s, this can still work for a modern look against the grey. 

How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.

Vincent Van Gough

For this look, however, we favour the more natural yellow tones of lemon, mustard, or ochre. We have a variety of lighting that is perfect to refresh to this trend.

For further accent pops of colour, look to deepen the aesthetic with patterned pillows, soft throws and natural faux plants.

Adding Grey to your Interiors


Grey is a solid colour that represents fortitude, neutrality, and balance. Whilst used alone, the effects of it could become dampening and a bit depressing, it makes accent colours come alive and really pulls the colour scheme of the room together.

Intellectual and diplomatic, greys add a sense of grounding to a room. Take a look at our top 10 grey lights to get your imagination flowing.

We also have a selection of classic, refined homewares in this grey.

Get your interiors balancing in perfect harmony; positivity with the benefit of wisdom.

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