Lighting up your Spring Refresh

Refresh your home in Spring with our range of great lights and homewares.

Spring is finally here! With the year that we’ve all had to tolerate, we’re finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s the perfect time to create a spring-like vibe in your home. Bring the outside in with a fresh offering to your rooms. We’ve all spent more time in them than we would have chosen to over recent months, so creating a fresh vibe will offer a welcome break for our minds.

As this is about room refreshing, we’re going to talk about easy wins to creating a new look in your home.

You are in control; you can choose and install all of the following lights!

Easy fit ceiling shades

These are a great addition for a room refresh. If you have an existing ceiling suspension, you can simply swap one shade for another.

Take a look at our top ten ceiling shades for 2021:

Plug in wall lights

Wall lights are often under-utilised. They provide great ambient light, or task lighting (depending on the style that you choose). Where we can sometimes fall down, however, is when we don’t want to disturb the décor in our room. We don’t want to make life any harder for ourselves by chasing out cables and re-plastering! We simply want our homes to look the very best versions of themselves – and rightly so.

Here, at the Lighting Company, we have a great selection of wall lights that you can simply plug in and attach to the wall. Hey presto – a perfectly functioning wall light that brings style and function to your home.

Take a look at our top six plug in wall lights:

Table and floor lamps

Always a great addition to the home, they bring character and illumination to perfectly enhance your space. We love the look of glass table lamps for the easygoing look of Springtime.

Take a look at our top eight glass table lamps:

Faux botanicals

If you’ve missed that these faux flowers and houseplants are the on-trend look of now – rest assured that you’ve now caught up!

These embellishments to our homes are everywhere at the moment – and with good reason. Bringing the outside in, they freshen up the vibe of the space and bring a refreshing vibrancy.

Take a look at the popular designs of houseplants and foliage:


Cushions are a perfect way to bring harmony to any design. We have reversible cushions which have two different patterns or colours, turn one way for Winter and another for Summer! A complete new look with only a quick spin in the washing machine.

I always remember my Grandparents having a ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ set of soft furnishings, curtains, and bedding and this is a trend which is coming back. Whilst we cosy up in Winter, we don’t want throws and comforts on hot Summer days. Instead, we look to airiness and light!

Open your windows on the warmer days as you’re cleaning. You’ll be able to see those pesky little dust particles deftly dance out of your windows.

Keep things light and fresh to bring spring into your home. If you favour darker colours, pop some mirrors on the walls to bounce the light around the space.

But most importantly, enjoy refreshing your room. Choose items that you love; don’t settle. Play with patterns and colours to create your perfect, and personalised look.

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